To play with Orbeez or use it anywhere, you must complete the growing process and let it soak for a while, which takes time. 

Now the question arises how long to soak Orbeez for a gun? Usually, it takes almost 4 to 5 hours to reach the size of 7 to 8mm in diameter. For the gun, it’s better to choose the right size for the Orbeez. The Orbeez are usually gel beads that need to soak in water to grow. It is helpful for the kids’ toys.

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The following article will help determine how much time it takes to grow Orbeez for the gun and the whole soaking process. 

How Long to Soak Orbeez for Gun?

How Long Does Orbeez Take Time to Grow?

As the Orbeez is multi-purpose and can be used for multiple activities, the soaking time of the Orbeez depends upon the activity you will perform with the Orbeez.  If you plan to have a diameter of 7 to 8 mm, you need to soak the Orbeez for almost 4 to 5 hours. 

In case of other activities, like using it at some party or in the bathtub, you might need the bigger size, which may result in soaking overnight. Soaking for 36 hours gives a much bigger size. 

Other than the activities, the quality of the ball is essential in the growing or soaking period. It’s better to use the manufacturer labels present on the packet.

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Factors Affecting the Soaking Time:

How long to soak Orbeez for Gun? The above data point out two factors: the soaking activity and the brand of the gel balls. That is why the instructions are always there by the manufacturer. The environmental factors, such as temperature and adding some solutes into the water, also tell how long Orbeez takes to grow.

Factors Affecting the Soaking Time:

You have to soak the balls in the water, so the ratio of the ball and the water also matters. Have a look at the ratio of the balls and the water. 

The Ratio of Gel Balls to Water:

Usually, for a packet of water beads, it takes almost 1.5 cups of clean water, and for a packet having a different number of water beads requires 3 cups of water for one teaspoon of gel beads, which is a thumb rule.

The Size of the Orbeez:

The size of the Orbeez depends on the soaking time of the gel balls. Usually, the balls grow up to 100 to 150 times the original size. If you keep the ball in a large container of distilled hot water for a more extended period, the ball will grow up to 14 to 16mm. 

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The interesting fact is the saturation point of the Orbeez. They will grow up to a point where they have the maximum capacity to absorb water. Once they attain the saturation point, no matter how long you keep them in water, they won’t grow. Instead, they might get damaged. 

Why doesn’t Orbeez Grow?

If they don’t grow up to the point they usually grow, the water is insufficient for the Orbeez, or the time limit wasn’t enough for them to grow. And if they don’t grow after reaching a specific size, they have reached the saturation point. 

What Happens When Soak Orbeez in Salt or Sugar Solution?

It is also interesting that putting these balls into the salt or sugar solution will grow very slowly. The water molecules moved from a lower to a higher concentration, which is Orbeez to water. That is why don’t soak balls in salt or sugar solutions. 

What Happens When Soak Orbeez in Salt or Sugar Solution?


How long to soak Orbeez for a gun? The actual time depends on the activity you plan to perform with the Orbeez balls. But soaking Orbeez for 2 to 3 hours will give you the actual size of the Orbeez people usually demand. Kids are so fond of Orbeez and can’t wait to play with it. But it’s better to have the Orbeez up to 7 to 8mm for the gun.

Most of the guns and the Orbeez manufacturer already mentioned the size of the Orbeez needed for the toy gun and the safety measures they say in it. Other than that, some factors also impact the water beads.