Best Orbeez Guns for blaster of gel balls which are made from water beads

Looking for the ultimate water play experience? Look no further than the Best Orbeez gun! This innovative toy combines the fun of a water gun with the soothing sensation of Orbeez beads for a truly unique and satisfying playtime. With the Orbeez gun, you can quickly shoot streams of Orbeez beads at your friends or targets. And when you’re done, refill the gun and start again. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat and stay entertained all summer.

But the Orbeez gun isn’t just for play – it also has several benefits. The Orbeez beads are great for stress relief, as the tactile sensation can help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. They’re also non-toxic and biodegradable, making them a safe and eco-friendly choice.

So why wait? Get the Best Orbeez gun today and enjoy hours of fun, stress-relieving play. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

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Top 7 Best Orbeez Guns

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best Orbeez guns for water activities;

1: Anstoy Electric with Gel Ball Blaster AEG AKM-47

Anstoy Electric with Gel Ball Blaster AEG AKM-47 Splatter Ball Blaster for Outdoor Activities-Fighting Shooting Team Game(Red)

As a seasoned gel blaster enthusiast, I was excited to get my hands on the Anstoy electric gel blaster. To my surprise, the outcome exceeded my expectations. From the moment I unboxed it, it was evident the blaster was well-built and high-quality. The ABS material used in its construction makes it durable, drop-resistant, and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, the hard gears and improved motor stability ensure that the gell ball blaster will last for many years.

Furthermore, the fire rate of this Orbeez gun is also exceptional so that no opponent stands a chance against you. The blaster can shoot up to 300 gel balls in a minute, ranging from 65 to 70 feet. Besides this extraordinary functionality, the safety features of this gun are also top-notch. The balls are 100% non-toxic, with a major component of water. Not only are they safe for human health, but they’re environmentally friendly as well.

This splatter ball blaster also comes with a reusable battery, USB cable, safety goggles, 20,000 gel balls, and 2 hoppers. You can also replace it within six months if there are any technical issues.


  • Color: red
  • Size: 7-8mm
  • Theme: Gift
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds


  • Long-lasting motor and gears
  • ABS construction
  • Long battery life, fast charging
  • 180 FPS long-range shooting
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly and safe


  • Insufficient range and speed for indoor use
  • Weighty blaster.

Bottom Line:

So, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line gel blaster built to last and packed with features, look no further than the Anstoy Electric Gel Blaster AEG AKM-47. With its exceptional fire rate, durable construction, and safety features, you’ll be able to dominate the battlefield and come out victorious every time. Don’t wait; order yours today and experience the ultimate in gel blaster technology!

2: SplatRBall SRB400 Gell Ball Blaster

SPLATRBALL SRB400 Rechargeable Battery Powered Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster Kit. Splat R Ball Electric Water Ball Blaster able to Shoot up to 200fps!

Gear up to dominate the battlefield with this high-performance SplatRBall gel bead blaster. Moreover, it is 100% automatic, letting you shoot almost eight rounds of 400 balls in one second. With this Orbeez gun, you can shoot balls that fly almost 200 feet per second, which makes it perfect for outdoor fun. The blaster is made of high-quality ABS and nylon composite material to ensure durability.

One of the best parts about buying this gun is that you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up the mess after the fun. The water gel beads break after touching anything solid and disappear entirely, making cleanup a breeze. Besides being a blast to use for yourself, you can also gift it to your loved ones on any occasion.

This Orbeez blaster kit includes a pair of safety glasses for 100% security while on the battlefield. However, no one below 14 years old should use it, and you must wear eye protection.


  • Color: Orange/Grey
  • Theme: Sports
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2 Kilograms


  • 100% automatic fire rate.
  • A nylon/ABS composite.
  • Eye protection included.


  • Ages 14+
  • Eye protection is essential.

Bottom Line:

You can dominate the battlefield with the high-performance SplatRBall SRB400 Gel Ball Blaster, which features 100% automatic firing, a 200-foot flying range, and easy cleanup. Grab a pair of safety glasses for added protection!

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3: NLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster

NLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster Toys,Eco-Friendly Splatter Ball Blaster with 60000+ Water Beads,Automatic Outdoor Games Toys for Activities Team Game,for Adults and Kids Ages 12+(Blue)

Join the battleground, equipped with the NLFGUW gel ball blaster to take down everyone coming your way. This gun is 100% safe to use with non-toxic and biodegradable Orbeez. The balls will burst instantly on hitting any object, leaving no stain for you to clean. The electric gel ball blaster offers a smoother and close-to-reality experience with an upgraded gearbox and gear.

Moreover, this Orbeez gun comes packed with 60,000 gel balls, so you never run out of your unharmful bullets. The shooting range is almost 66 feet, enough to target opponents far from you. So get ready to boost your stamina with this shooting toy, which brings fun and many health benefits.

In addition to the blaster, a battery, a USB charger, water beads, a practice target, and safety glasses are included in the package. It comes with a three-month warranty, and the company guarantees quick replacements if any issues arise.


  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 1.74 pounds


  • Safe and biodegradable orbeez
  • Easy clean-up
  • Realistic gear upgrade
  • Shot range: 66 feet


  • Location-specific
  • Needs investment
  • Installation required

This powerful NLFGUW Electric Gel Ball Blaster has 66 feet of shooting range, non-toxic orbs, and upgraded gear. You’ll never run out of ammo with 60,000 gel balls and get accessories like batteries, chargers, and safety glasses. All of this comes with a three-month warranty.

4:   Anstoy Gen 4 AKM Gel Ball Blaster

Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster- Splatter Ball Blaster Shoots Gel Ball- Backyard Fun and Outdoor Games for Boys and Girls Ages 9+ (1087)

Unlock a burst of fun with safe and exciting gel ball blasters shot by the Anstoy Gen 4 AKM. Be it, kids or adults, everyone can indulge in a fun-filled battlefield with this gun and enjoy summer evenings together. 

While the fun factor is obvious, the build quality of this Orbeez gun also doesn’t fail to impress. It has an upgraded motor with hardened gears that ensure solid stability. Moreover, the use of ABS material in constructing the blaster makes it one of the most durable toys. It’s drop-resistant and can easily handle higher temperatures as well.

Another standout feature of this toy is its long battery life and quick charging rate. You won’t have to give up on the battlefield just because the battery ran out. This Orbeez shooter can fire up to 300 balls in a single round with a potential range of up to 70 feet. Overall, it’s a high-quality and safe option if you’re looking for an interactive toy.


  • Theme: Heroes
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds


  • Family-friendly blaster
  • High-performance motor and gears
  • Durable and drop-resistant design
  • A fast-charging battery
  • Shoots fast and ranges up to 70 feet.


  • Inadvisable for younger children
  • Costly gel balls
  • Suitable for outdoor use only

Bottom Line:

You’ll have a blast with the Anstoy Gen 4 AKM Gel Ball Blaster. The motor and gears are upgraded for better stability, and the ABS material is durable. You can shoot 300 balls in a single round with a range of up to 70 feet. Ideal for kids and adults. Long battery life and quick charging.

5: Tansar Gel Ball Splatter Blaster

Tansar Gel Ball Splatter Blaster Toy Kit, Automatic Splat Launcher with Everything, Shooting Team Game for Adults and Age 14+, GBN01

Embark on a thrilling and epic Orbeez battle with the Tansar gel water bead blaster. It’s the perfect gear to add fun to your kids’ outdoor adventure. This Orbeez gun’s long battery life and quick charging time provide hours of entertainment for adults and kids alike.

In addition, thanks to its high-performance design, it can shoot up to 8 drops of beads in one second. You will get a 400-round magazine, 5,000 orbs, a battery, and safety glasses in the kit. The build quality of everything included in the package is top-notch, making it a long-term investment.

Whether you want to have fun with your loved ones or want to gift someone on a special occasion, this gel ball blaster is ideal for both purposes. So gather your friends, put on your goggles, and prepare for an action-packed battle.


  • Age Rang:10 years old and up
  • Theme: Christmas
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.26 pounds


  • Fast battery charging
  • Rapid-firing design
  • Large magazine
  • Safevision included


  • Young children can’t handle beads
  • Beads can create a mess indoors.

Bottom Line:

Don’t miss out on the ultimate water battle experience with the Tansar gel water bead blaster. Get yours today and get ready for hours of fun. It’s got a high-performance design and long battery life, so you don’t want to put it down. With the 400-round magazine and safety glasses included in the kit, you’ll be ready for a battle.

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6: HGOC Gel Ball Blaster

Get ready for a high-speed shootout in the splattering orbs field with the HGOC Orbeez gun. To begin with, it is 100% safe, even if you hand them to your little ones. This gun may make you unable to resist showcasing your shooting skills on the battlefield.

Moreover, the HGOC Orbeez gun is safe to use as the balls hit smoothly, causing no harm to the other person. Further, it comes with a pair of safety goggles to ensure further protection. The orbs evaporate into the air as soon as they come in contact with any solid thing, saving much of your cleanup time. It doesn’t even make the clothes dirty.

With 60,000 balls in the package, you will surely get days of entertainment-filled battles with your family members. The 1400mAh battery also ensures you stay on the field until the end without giving up because the battery decided to die.

The upgraded transmission allows you to fire up to 480 rounds per minute at high speed. With a range of 82 feet, you can also target opponents hiding far away with this Orbeez gun blaster.


  • Age Range: 12+
  • Theme: Outdoor Shooting Game
  • Material: Nylon, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds


  • Kids-safe
  • Protective goggles
  • Simple cleanup
  • Large ammo included
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High speed and range.


  • Space-intensive gameplay
  • Costly
  • Frequent refilling needed

Bottom Line:

With the HGOC Gel Ball Blaster, you’ll never be bored. It’s safe for all ages and comes with safety goggles, so it’s perfect for family battles. It comes with 60,000 balls, a 1400mAh battery, and a range of 82 feet to take on opponents from afar. Get the HGOC Gel Ball Blaster today and upgrade your shooting skills!

7:  NIKAHOO New Upgraded Electric Gel Ball Blaster

2022 New Upgraded Electric Gel Ball Blaster - Splatter Ball Blaster Automatic Orbeez Gun with Gel Blaster Ammo & Goggles - Splatter Ball Gun for Outdoor...

Now is the time to take your shooting game to the next level in the orbs combat by purchasing the NIKAHOO gel blaster gun. This electric blaster now has enhanced stability, thanks to the upgraded gearbox. Due to this upgrade, the overall performance of this gun has also gotten better than the previous models.

Furthermore, the automatic fire rate, as supported by this Orbeez gun, is almost four rounds in a second. Likewise, its magazine can hold 1000 such rounds, so you never run out of the orbs in mid of a fight. At the same time, the lithium-ion battery also supports the idea of never-ending fun.

Aside from that, it’s rechargeable, so you can quickly get back to playing again in no time. Not just this, but you can also gift this toy gun to the kids in your family. It’s one of the few things that little ones would love the most.


  • Color: Blue
  • Theme: Outdoor Shooting Games
  • Weight: 2.27 Pound


  • Upgraded gearbox for improved stability
  • High fire rate of 4 rounds/sec
  • Large magazine capacity of 1000 rounds
  • Non-stop fun with a Lithium-ion battery
  • Quick and easy rechargeability
  • Suitable for kids and family entertainment.


  • Costly for some
  • Not suitable for indoor use

Bottom Line:

You’ll dominate the Orbs battles with this newly upgraded electric gel ball blaster from NIKAHOO! With an automatic fire rate of four rounds per second and a magazine capacity of 1000 rounds, you’ll never run out of ammo in the middle of a battle. Get yours today! Plus, it’s rechargeable, so you’ll get hours of fun.

Buying Guide for Best Orbeez Gun

Looking to add some water-blasting fun to your arsenal? An Orbeez gun might be just what you need. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one? Here’s a buying guide to help you out.

  • Capacity

Consider how much water you want your Orbeez gun to hold. A few models have smaller reservoirs, while others can hold more. Decide how long you want to be able to play before having to refill and choose a gun accordingly.

  • Range

How far do you want your Orbeez to shoot? Some guns have longer ranges, while others are more compact and have shorter distances. Think about where you’ll use your Orbeez gun and choose one that fits your needs.

  • Durability

You don’t want your Orbeez gun breaking mid-battle, so make sure you choose a model that’s built to last. Look for guns made with sturdy materials and good reviews from other users.

  • Orbeez type

Not all Orbeez are created equal. The size and softness of some are greater, while others are smaller and firmer. Pick the type that works best for your Orbeez gun.

  • Price

Orbeez guns come in various price ranges, from budget-friendly options to more expensive models. Set a budget and choose a gun within it.


What is the best Orbeez gun on the market?

In my opinion, the Anstoy electric gel blaster is currently the best Orbeez gun on the market. Its high-quality construction, durable materials, improved motor stability, and exceptional fire rate make it a top choice for gel blaster enthusiasts.

The added safety features, including non-toxic and environmentally friendly gel balls, a reusable battery, and included accessories, make it a practical and safe choice for all ages. The fact that it also comes with a six-month replacement warranty makes it a great investment for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line Orbeez gun.

Are Orbeez guns safe for kids?

Yes, Orbeez guns are generally safe for kids to use. The Orbeez balls are made of soft, water-absorbing material, so they won’t cause any harm if they hit someone. However, it’s always important to supervise children using toys and ensure they responsibly use the gun.

How do I clean and maintain my Orbeez gun?

 To clean your Orbeez gun, fill the water tank with warm water and mild detergent. Shake the gun gently to loosen any dirt or debris, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

Allow the gun to dry completely before storing it away. It’s also a good idea to periodically check the gun for any damage or wear and replace parts as needed to ensure optimal performance.


A unique and fun toy, the Best Orbeez gun combines the thrill of a water gun with the calming sensation of Orbeez beads. It is perfect for summertime play and has the benefits of being non-toxic and biodegradable.