Orbeez guns are a fun toy for kids that shoots colorful water-absorbent beads. They’re great for imaginative play and sensory fun. The Orbeez market is revolved around cool models in 2023. With many options on the market, we’ve brought the best Orbeez guns after our keen research. 

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CORIARDO Gel Blaster (M4A1 orbeez rifle)

What is the most Powerful Orbeez Gun? CORIARDO Gel Blaster (M4A1 orbeez rifle)
Weight2.84 Pounds
Range80 feet
Rate of Fire10 gels per second
Dimension3.46 x 10.39 x 16.42 inches
Shootings12-Precise shooting

Suppose you’re looking for long-range and precision shooting in your games. The CORIARDO is a standout performer that brings the perfect shooting range and smooth performance. This M4A1 Orbeez rifle may come with a slightly higher price tag, but its exceptional performance justifies your investment.

Let’s look at its remarkable features: 

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Shooting Modes:

The CORIARDO blaster offers both burst and single-fire modes. We minor an issue where it didn’t discharge Orbeez despite a full charge. However, after analyzing the manufacturer’s instructions, we found that this was due to having both Orbeez containers attached beneath the blaster. 

Its solution is simple: we hold down the trigger for a few seconds until it fires smoothly. Suppose you encounter a similar problem; we strongly recommend this process for trouble-free operation.

Fire Rate:

This upgraded launcher offers a stable fire rate. It deliberately moderates to prolong gameplay without rapid ammo depletion.


This blaster exceeds the players’ expectations. Its shooting Orbeez range is up to 85 feet in the whole burst mode. Hence, it allows the confident long-distance gameplay coverage.

What is the most Powerful Orbeez Gun? CORIARDO Gel Blaster (M4A1 orbeez rifle)


There are two magazines, drum and vertical, in the M4A1 rifle. Remember, their combined capacity falls short of the top-mounted hopper. It requires frequent 15-second refills, which is considered the only drawback.


This gun is manufactured with an appropriately balanced scope. So, this gel gun enhances precision and elevates your overall aiming and gaming experience as well. 


It comprises an easily rechargeable battery. This battery provides 90 minutes in burst mode and 3 hours of single-fire mode.


It is crafted with robust materials and provides durability. It features an adjustable stock that is comfortable to use by taller individuals.

What is the most Powerful Orbeez Gun? CORIARDO Gel Blaster (M4A1 orbeez rifle)

Selling Points

  • Long shooting range
  • Orbeez rifle gun
  • The perfectly balanced scope

Why CORIARDO Gel Blaster is essential to purchase?

  • Durable material
  • Impressive shooting range
  • Foldable gun stock
  • Shoots accurately

Drawback: Less Orbeez holding capacity

However, the CORIARDO M4A1 Orbeez rifle is taken as powerful and made of robust plastic. It provides precise long-range shooting capabilities. Despite its lower price point, it delivers an impressive shooting range than other gel blasters. Similar to other M4A1 gel blasters, this model fires Orbeez at high speeds and is easily customizable.

Why CORIARDO Gel Blaster is essential to purchase? : CORIARDO M4A1 Orbeez rifle

What is the Additional best Orbeez Gun?

EquipmentInformationRank-able facts
SplatRball SRB1200Weight: 2.11 KgBrand: SplatterballFPS: 210fpsPowerful & Durable Gun with Hardest Shooting
Gel Blaster
Surge XL
Weight: 4.84 poundsBrand: Gel BlasterFPS: 170 -250Fastest speed Gun with the Farthest Shooting ability
Cyberpunk Stats Quasar Orbeez gunShooting range: 15-20mRate of fire: 12 RPSFPS: 220-240Cool fiction outlook with Hard nylon body; comprises two colors (tan and blue)
CS006 M1911 Graffiti GunShooting range: 10-12mRate of fire: 15 RPSFPS: 130Lightweight Graffiti skin with higher firing rates
UZI Orbeez Splatter Ball GunFPS:  150Shooting range: 15-20mRate of fire: 10 RPSFoldable butt Mag prime Stock with 2pcs 7.4v lipo batteries
CS0966 M4 Orbeez GunBrand: Biu BlasterFPS: 130-150Shooting Range: 15-20 metersFantastic Drum Mag M4 Design with 15 RPS Battery
X5 Orbeez GunFPS: 140-150Shooting range: 15-20mRate of fire: 12 RPSElectric blowback with long, short, and drum mags
Tansar GBN01 GelBlasterWeight:1.5 PoundsBrand: TansarFPS: 180-200Worthy start-up blaster alternative to Splatterball
UnlocX Gel Ball BlastersFPS: 200Blaster Pistol: V1, V2Blasting shoot: 11 rounds per secondThe most powerful gel ball blaster
Akvinch M416 Orbeez Gun RifleWeight: 2.99 Pounds
Brand: AkvinchFPS: 185
Best Orbeez Gun Rifle

What are the Orbeez Gun Selection Criteria?

  • Brands
  • Rating and user’s feedback
  • Components’ qualities

How can I test the most Powerful gel Gun? 

Although you’ve checked the shooting range and velocity perspective, you can also analyze the brightness, color, size, and design when selecting these guns. Though you can perform these tests:

  • Velocity Evaluation
  • Weather test
  • Distance Assessment
  • Pain Examination
  • Mechanical Performance
How can I test the most Powerful gel Gun?  CORIARDO Gel Blaster (M4A1 orbeez rifle)


What is the Orbeez guns’ price?

The gel gun price range is $20-$150.

What’s the longest range of the Orbeez Gel gun?

The Gel Blaster has the longest range, firing up to 80 feet for outdoor fun.

Are Gel Blasters secured for kids?

The most powerful guns are entirely secure for children, but caution is advised regarding ingestion, especially for your pets and kids under 10.

Final Thoughts

Orbeez guns are versatile toys suitable for all ages and promote improved active play and hand-eye coordination. They’re also ideal for parties and group activities. If you’re seeking a fun and sporty toy, you may consider the powerful M4A1 Orbeez rifle and UnlocX Gel Ball Blasters.