Orbeez guns are a fun way to pass the time doing something different with your friends and family. Orbeez guns rush adrenaline, and you want to take on the battle. However, all the fun stops when the battery of your Orbeez gun drains. Then you have to wait for an hour or more to get charged. In the meantime, it might make you lose some points in the game.

different types of Batteries used on Orbeez gun

To save yourself from this inconvenience, buying the best Orbeez gun battery is better. A good battery will save you from the hassle of charging repeatedly. Once you spend money on a good battery, it will last longer. Let’s go through the essential features of a good Orbeez gun battery and a list of the top five best batteries in the market for 2024. 

Best Orbeez Gun Battery List of 2023

Being an Orbeez gun enthusiast is the basic knowledge you must have. Several features make an Orbeez gun battery good and stand out from others. 

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There are options available in the market for Orbeez gun batteries, but they are not good or worth buying. So, before you plan to buy an Orbeez gun battery, look for these features in it:

First of all, check what kind of battery your Orbeez gun uses. Usually, Orbeez guns have rechargeable batteries, while some old models also use standard AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are money savers and have a long life. 

Once you buy them, they will work well for years, and you do not need to buy them every other week, like non-rechargeable batteries. 

Features of Good Orbeez Gun Battery: battery type

This is another point you must consider while buying a rechargeable Orbeez gun battery. Check the time it takes to charge fully. These days’ advanced batteries can charge within 45 minutes with a fast charging source. Shorter charging time benefits kids because they are always eager to use their toys. 

Buy a battery that goes with the power and range of Orbeez guns. Advanced Orbeez guns use heavy batteries that aid them to shoot at their full speed, so if you use a battery with less power, it will affect the overall performance of the Orbeez gun. 

Look for batteries that have safety features mentioned on their packaging. They must be protected against overheating, overcharging, and fluctuation in current. Good material also plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of batteries.

The following important feature is battery life, which will not let your Orbeez gun die during battle. Always check the battery life on the product packaging and look for one with more battery life. The longer the battery life is, the longer will be uninterrupted playtime.

Features of Good Orbeez Gun Battery: battery life

Some good quality batteries come with other accessories which are helpful for you. Like charging cables or extensions, these complete sets will help you to charge batteries quickly anywhere and everywhere. 

Budget is essential; sometimes, you have limited resources to buy a product. Check for the price and feature comparison in the market. Check out different sellers and try to buy the best-featured battery at a moderate price.

If you are new in the Orbeez gun field and buying accessories for it, do not forget to look for brand reviews from people. User reviews will help you make a better decision by reading real-time excellent and bad product points. 

Features of Good Orbeez Gun Battery: Brand Reviews and Reputation

Now that I have described the features necessary for the Orbeez gun battery, it’s time for shopping. Based on these features, I have prepared a list of the best batteries that you can buy. Let’s go through these in detail and make your decision.

Product NameFeatures
Blomiky Li-Ion Battery– 7.4V voltage- 600mAh capacity- SM-4P discharge plug- Polarity indication for easy connection- Compatible with water blaster toys and some other models- Suitable for 7.4V 2S SM-4P 600mAh Li-ion- Limited to water blaster guns- Comes with charging cable and instructions
OooSure Batteries– 7.4V voltage (2S)- 2000mAh high capacity- Compatibility with various water blaster models- Long-lasting battery life- Complete package with two batteries, charging cable,transfer connector, and instruction card- 30-day return/exchange policy through Amazon
VICMILE Airsoft Battery– 11.1V voltage- 2000mAh capacity- 1121818mm dimensions- 30C discharge rate- SM-2P discharge plug with Mini Tamiya conversion cable- Compatibility with Airsoft Gel Water Bead Blasters andsome other models- Long battery life with quick charging- Package includes two batteries, Tamiya conversion cable,11.1V USB battery charger and one-year warranty
Tansar Gel Balls Blaster Gun Battery– Suitable for water blaster guns- 4-Pin connector for compatibility with various models- Extended playtime after a full charge- Non-explosive and safe to use- Comes with gel gun battery, 4-pin connector, chargingcable, and USB adapter- 3-hour charging time
URGENEX Li-ion Battery– 7.4V voltage (2S)- 2000mAh high capacity- 703719mm dimensions- 15C discharge rate- SM 2P discharge plug with high compatibility- 300 recharging cycles with a one-year warranty- Quick charging and non-memory effect for convenience

The first on the list is the Blomiky Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, which comes with an SM-4P connector plug. It has a blue and red cable that identifies positive polarity and a black and white cable to identify negative polarity. So, it makes it easier for even a kid to connect the battery according to the polarity of the gun.

Blomiky 2 Pack 7.4V 2S 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Blomiky 2 Pack 7.4V 2S 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The voltage is 7.4V, and the 600 mAh lithium-ion battery can go with almost all electric blaster toys. You can also use it with MSUNEC Electric Gel Water Splatter Blasters. 

Its 7.4V and 7.4V 2S SM-4P 600mAh Li-ion voltage rating makes it ideal for Bababiu water foam ball Blasters. However, matching connector type is essential for the compatibility of the battery. Besides these blaster ball guns, it is good to go with GALEVER Electric, water bead ball Blaster, SIARINT Electric water foam ball Blaster toys, and DQFF Water blasters toys.

This battery is designed for water blaster toys and is incompatible with other toys. The reason is the change of polarity. So always check about the toy requirements.

Blomiky 2 Pack 7.4V 2S 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy polarity indication
  • Compatible with all water blaster guns
  • Suitable capacity of 600 mAh
  • Safe and Charge fast 
  • It comes with a charging cable and instructions 
  • Connector specific SM-4P
  • Limited to Water blaster guns

The second on the list is OooSure Batteries, which includes two batteries, one charging cable, one transfer connector, and an instruction card. It will save buying the hassle of extra cable for charging and the fuss of the right cable.

OooSure Batteries
OooSure Batteries
OooSure Batteries

The battery dimensions are 1301818 mm ( inches), with a voltage of 7.4V/2S. Manufacturers have made sure to make batteries compatible with a range of devices. You can use it with airsoft Guns, SRB1200, SRB400, SRB400-SUB, MP5K, M4, and M110 Water Bead Blasters.

Its long-lasting capacity allows you hours of playtime. So, get rid of those batteries interrupting your playtime, demanding charging repeatedly. Moreover, Ooosure batteries have customer service as their priority. You can easily exchange or replace them through Amazon’s Return Window within 30 days.

OooSure Batteries
  • A complete package with charging, connector & instruction card
  • High voltage of 7.4V/2S
  • Compatible with various water blaster models
  • Long battery life with one charge
  • Sometimes, it trips while charging.
  • The difficult learning curve for new users

The third on the list is the Vicmile Airsoft battery that will give you extreme uninterrupted power and playtime of hours. This Li-ion battery has the power of 2000 mAh and 11.1V, one of the most powerful batteries available for Orbeez or water blaster guns.

VICMILE Airsoft Battery
VICMILE Airsoft Battery

This battery has dimensions of 11218mm (4.40.7 inches) with a discharge plug of SM-2P (Equipped with a Mini Tamiya conversion cable). The discharge rate of this battery is 30C, which will make its play timing longer than other batteries. Vicmil has an XH-4P white charging plug. 

These batteries are best for Airsoft Gel Water Bead Blasters, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. However, ensure that its voltage, dimensions, and plug type align with your Orbeez gun. Its advanced technology allows you to charge quickly and recycle it 300 times.

This package will give you 2 Vicmile batteries, 1 Tamiya Conversion cable, 1 11.1V USB battery charger, and a one-year warranty card. Vicmile puts its customers first. You can always reach out to them for any complaints.

VICMILE Airsoft Battery
VICMILE Airsoft Battery
  • A complete package with batteries, charger, and connector cables.
  • Upto 300 recycles
  • Long battery drainage time
  • Fast charging
  • 11.1V with 2000 mAh power
  • Cannot exceed voltage 4.25V
  • Can have polarity issues

The next on the list is the Tansar blaster gun battery, specially designed for water blaster guns with enhanced power and wonderful performance. It can go for days once you charge it fully, and you will experience uninterrupted shooting fun. 

TANSAR Gel Balls Blaster Gun Battery
TANSAR Gel Balls Blaster Gun Battery

One of the most considerable flexes of this battery is that it comes with a 4-pin connector, which is compatible with several gel blaster gun models. What’s better than getting a seamless and stress-free connected battery?

Tansar has always worked on the safety of its products. So, this battery is genuinely an art piece of their dedication to ensuring the safety of their customers and their devices. The material is non-explosive and does not get heated even if it overcharges. The company has many certifications of safety under its belt.

It comes in a complete package, including one gel gun battery, one 4-pin connector, one charging cable, and a USB adapter, which you can use easily. This battery charges up to its total capacity for 3 hours and then goes for days without draining. 

TANSAR Gel Balls Blaster Gun Battery
TANSAR Gel Balls Blaster Gun Battery
  • Full package offer
  • Quick charging and less drainage 
  • 4-pin compatible connector type 
  • Safety of the product
  • Not compatible with old models
  • Some might find a 3-hour charge long

I want to end my list with URGENEX 2000mAh high-capacity Li-ion batteries designed to be ultimately compatible with a range of toys. That includes advanced gel blasters H101, H103, and H105 remote control RC boats equipped with the SM 2P Plug.

URGENEX Li-ion Battery
URGENEX Li-ion Battery

It has dimensions of 703719mm (2.751.450.74 inches) and a powerful battery capacity of 2000 mAh. This battery has a discharge rate of 15C, which is pretty good and provides extensive usage time. It comes with an SM 2P plug, so it is only for water blasters with this specific plug type.

URGENEX offers a one-year warranty with 300 cycles of charging per battery. Moderate usage can go up to two years, saving you from the panic of repeatedly buying. This is proof of its sturdy performance and power boost that do not let you stop during your water gun fights.

The battery’s edge-cutting technology allows you to charge it quickly and at any time. You do not need it to drain or use it fully before recharging. So, Whenever you are not playing, you can charge it and prepare it for upcoming activity. 

URGENEX Li-ion Battery
  • Fast charging and less draining
  • Power of 7.4V/ 2000 mAh
  • Discharge rate of 15C
  • 300 recharging cycles
  • Customer service and a one-year warranty 
  • Limited compatibility with SM 2P
  • Not for old Orbeez gun models

How long does the SRB1200 battery last?

It is one of the high-capacity battery gel ball guns. You can shoot 5000 shots per charge after charging it for 4 hours. It also has a complete kit and charging cable, so you can charge it without facing problems.

What battery does the SRB1200 use?

The SRB1200 uses The SplatRBall 7.4V 1800 mAh rechargeable battery, an official battery type that comes with the gun. Suppose your original battery is non-functional. Then, buy this exact model for the proper functioning of the gun.

How long do 9v2 batteries last?

The life of batteries depends on several factors, like the time and frequency of usage. On a moderate usage recommended by the manufacturers, 9V batteries can last up to 5 years on average. 

With this complete guide and list, no one can stop you from owning the best Orbeez gun battery. Remember that a battery with good charging speed and life will be your best companion in Orbeez gun battles. You can play for a long time without getting tension for battery drainage and lagging behind your friends.

In my usage, I have found that the Blomiky Li-ion Rechargeable Battery is the best. It comes in two batteries with charging cords, so you don’t have to worry about the charging process. It has an enormous capacity of 600 mAh battery compatible with almost every Orbeez gun. It has a long life, so you can use it for years without the fuss of replacing it every other day.