Gel blasters and Orbeez guns are popular toys. It’s essential to note How these guns do their work and create fun for advanced gamers. However, these guns are exclusive sort of water firearm that utilizes small, colorful beads that expand on soaking in water. 

We’ve brought convenient information for kids on how these guns work appropriately. How are these becoming more entertaining for gamers?

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What are the Orbeez guns?

As its name represents, the toys that shoot Orbeez on firing. Usually, these firearms work because of a pump mechanism that compresses the air pressures and ejects the high-speed Orbeez.

Thus, you may know that these Orbeez will be encased in the specific containers that are settling into the back side of guns.

While you work by hand pumping your gun, this act inserts the air pressure on that container, and Orbeez are ejected.

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How Does an Orbeez Gun Work?

What are the types of Orbeez Guns?

Once you know about Orbeez guns, the next phase is the main types of guns. So, from intense shooting to entertaining gameplay, you can select your desired gel ball gun. Hence, these guns comprise the three major sorts:

  • Manual gel baster
  • Electric Gel Ball Gun
  • Gas-powered gel gun

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Manual Gel Blasters:

These are often considered budget-friendly options that work with the help of a spring-piston by-pump mechanism. You can move a slide op upper side and pull its trigger for each manual shot loading.

However, it’s suitable for beginners or those looking to practice shooting skills. Meanwhile, these guns are less common.

Manual Gel Blasters:

Manual Gel Blasters:

These gel guns are popular with enthusiasts. They work by utilizing their internal motor and battery. This aspect offers ease of use, a powerful shooting experience, and generous ammo capacity. 

Electric guns usually feature multiple firing modes (Single shot, Semi-automatic, and Automatic firing). These three modes make them versatile for players of all skills and age levels. However, they tend to be more worthy than manual guns.

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Manual Gel Blasters:

Gas-Powered Gel Guns:

You must choose gas-powered guns for a more realistic gel-blasting experience. These guns propel the balls with compressed gas (green gas or CO2). They are more powerful than the other two types and are suitable for outdoor play. It’s because these are not affected by battery dependence or cold weather.

Meanwhile, they are durable and less involved in jamming, and they can be expensive to maintain. In some regions, like Queen’s Land, they are popular for gel blaster tournaments. Meanwhile, in the United States, their higher FPS can make them unsuitable for backyard fun or use by kids and families.

Gas-Powered Gel Guns:

How do the Orbeez Guns work?

The bright beads(Orbeez) may expand their side in water by using the pump mechanism. These beads contain a superabsorbent polymer that allows them to absorb a significant amount of water. However, these beads are sold in packs with up to 50,000 pellets. You should keep them soaked for almost eight hours because they require at least 8 hours to reach their full size (roughly a marble size).

Gel blasters and Orbeez guns resemble paintball markers and feature as a tank or reservoir for holding the gel balls. You can load the tank with these balls and fire them either by using an electric trigger mechanism or pulling backward a spring loader. Some larger Orbeez guns even have hose attachments for easier filling.

Hence, these gel balls are gentle on the skin and softer; that’s why they are safe for adults and kids. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable since they are made of water. If you’re seeking a fun and environmentally conscious toy, an Orbeez gun is an ideal choice for you.

How do the Orbeez Guns work?

What powers the Orbeez Guns?

Built-in lithium-ion batteries usually power these. These batteries are easily replaceable over time, similar to phone batteries. These batteries typically come in voltages of 6V, 7.4V, and 11.1V, with higher voltages to offer additional power to the Orbeez firearms. 

Some gamers like to switch to higher voltage batteries to increase the rate of fire or, to a limited extent. Ultimately, their target is to obtain the enhanced velocity of the Orbeez. However, this approach can potentially damage the internal electronics of their gun.

Therefore, you must ensure uninterrupted play. We recommend you have spare batteries on hand so you can swap them out when one needs recharging.

Additionally, some models of Orbeez guns are manually powered. These models often require a similar motion to prime the internal spring or pump action. Any of this action propels the gel ball when you pull the trigger.

What is the advantage of owning your Orbeez Gel Firearm?

These toys bring endless entertainment and benefits for all ages. Their major benefits are:

  • Versatile to use in outdoor and indoor games
  • Entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience 
  • Orbeez toys are alternative forms of water guns
  • Eco-friendly toys
  • Suitable for a wide age range
  • Safe to use; not hazardous to health

Extra tips while working by Orbeez Guns:

If you’re willing to spend a safe and enjoyable time with your Orbeez gun, please observe these safety recommendations:

  • Do not target delicate or easily breakable objects with Orbeez pellets
  • Avoid aiming Orbeez pellets at individuals’ eyes or faces 
  • Avoid shooting Orbeez pellets at animals or pets
  • After each use, make sure to clean your Orbeez gun thoroughly and store it in a dry, secure place.
Extra tips while working by Orbeez Guns:

Final Verdict

Orbeez guns offer hours of fun for adults and kids, with a growing popularity as a recreational activity. These gel ball guns provide unique and safe outdoor entertainment when used carefully and under adult supervision.

Hence, the whole guide on how these guns work is quite an exciting twist on water gun fights. These entertaining toys depend on soft and squishy Orbeez pellets. Whether for target practice or friendly competition, Orbeez guns promise hours of enjoyable entertainment.