These days, the word “Orbeez” is everywhere; from the realms of real media to gaming arenas, Orbeez is a hot topic. Especially after the groundbreaking “Tiktok Orbeez Challenge“, you might have been curious about what is an Orby gun or what are Orbeez and why people are so crazy about it.

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New inventions are launched every day in the toy world and manufacturers include new, exciting features to give their customers something new. The orby gun is a such addition that allows users to shoot projectiles with high velocity.  

What is an Orby Gun?

Let’s learn more about Orby guns, their structure, mechanism, the type of ammunition they use, and what makes them more attractive than other toys.

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Orby guns, known as Orbeez guns or gel blasters, have a straightforward yet ingenious design. Let’s break down its key components to learn in-depth about Orby guns:

The barrel is the central part, a chamber where Orbeez is loaded like a gun. The orby barrel is also for loading ammunition that is colorful Orbeez beads. Usually, Orby guns have one barrel, but they also come with multiple barrels to increase firing capacity.

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The reservoir is a storage room where Orbeez are stored before loading into the barrel. This reservoir is spacious enough to hold a large number of Orbeez. It helps you play for a longer time without thinking about loading them repeatedly. 

The Structure of Orby Gun

The air pump is the heart of the Orby gun; it generates the pressure needed to propel the Orbeez out of the barrel. When you pull the trigger, the air pump compresses and releases air into the barrel, creating pressure that forces out Orbeez with force.

The trigger is where it all starts; the simple, user-friendly interface activates the pump. When you pull it, it releases the air, which propels the Orbeez forward. 

The Structure of Orby Gun

Now that you know about the structure, let’s move on to the mechanism of the Orby gun. Here is the simplest form of the firing process of an Orby gun:

First of all, you will need hydrated Orbeez to use the Orby gun. They should be fully grown in size; load them in the reservoir of the Orby gun, filling it.

Once you pull the trigger, it will activate the air pump. The air pump will compress the air inside the chamber, resulting in the pressure. 

The resulting pressurized air will be released into the barrel when the air pump is activated. The rapid strike of pressured air propels the hydrated Orbeez out of the barrel with a satisfying “pop.”

The Mechanism of Orby Gun

The Orbeez then flew, parting the air with full impact, reaching the intended target. Choose your target wisely, and refrain from pointing at fragile objects, animals, birds, or other people.

Although Orby guns or gel blasters are used in fun activities during kids’ playtime. However, they come with potential risks which you must keep in mind:

Orbeez beads are tiny, colorful structures; kids might misunderstand them as candies. Swallowing Orbeez can result in choking or shortness of breath. You must not hand Orby guns or Orbeez to kids under seven.

Although Orbeez does not cause any harm to the skin, eyes are the most sensitive part. If by any mishap Orbeez strikes the eye, it can potentially cause severe eye damage. Always wear eye protection goggles while playing Orbeez.

It is hard to clean once the place is littered with Orbeez after the kids’ playtime. While playing, some Orbeez might be shattered, resulting in a mess. Slipping Hazard

Orbeez has a lot of water, so the surface will have water spilled during the play. Water-splattered surfaces might make kids slip if they are not careful enough.

What does an Orbeez gun do?

Orbeez guns are toys that shoot water-absorbent colorful beads with full force. The Orbeez gun pulls water, producing high-pressure air that pushes the Orbeez out of a barrel.

Is an Orbeez gun safe?

If you follow devised safety rules while using an Orbeez gun, it is safe. These shoot projectiles at high speeds, which has a risk of causing injury if they hit the human body or any other living thing.

What happens if you get hit in the eye with an Orbeez gun?

It is incredibly harmful if you get hit in the eye. Orbeez will damage the eye tissue on impact, causing glaucoma or cataracts. 

Wrapping the discussion about what is an Orby gun, well, it’s a toy that shoots projectiles, “Orbeez beads”, with high velocity. It consists of gun parts like the barrel, reservoir, air pump, and trigger mechanism. You must load water-soaked Orbeez into it and pull the trigger to see the magic of bursting colorful Orbeez.