Have you ever considered giving your child realistic-looking guns? Do you still wonder whether the gel blaster is legal or not? Or, as a parent, are you concerned that can I shoot a gel blaster in my backyard even if it’s legal? Is it safe to use at home while playing? All answers to the above-mentioned questions will be clearly explained in the article. There are several risks associated with the improper use of realistic-looking toys. The gel blaster is widely popular among teens and has created great controversy over its short lifespan. Its popularity has sparked significant concern in the legal community.

It is definitely a revolutionary toy that is exceptionally designed, but it is prohibited in many areas of the US and UK. Learn about the facts and realities of using gel blasters.

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Complete guide to Gel Blaster

What is a Gel Blaster? Can I shoot a Gel Blaster in my Backyard?

A gel blaster is a gun-like toy that is uniquely designed to shoot gel pellets. The gel pellets are soaked for some time in the water. Gel blaster guns use rechargeable batteries to short the pellets and work similarly to airsoft. However, the gel pellets usually burst upon impact. It is being said that these are safe to use as compared to airsoft and paintball guns, but the question arises: that it is safe enough so can I shoot gel blaster in my backyard?

Gel-blaster guns do not need a license or any sort of permit. But it needs to be used according to the laws and relevant requirements.

Why do kids love Gel Blasters?

Gel blaster guns are the all-time kid’s favorite toy. Shooting toys, like water guns or gel blasters, never get boring, and their amazing versions on the market continue to captivate children. Gel blasters are widely popular with their great features and designs. It enables kids to play by creating imaginary scenarios and be wild. Moreover, it develops hand-eye coordination very well.

Can I Shoot a Gel Blaster in My Backyard?

How do gel blasters work?

Gel blasters are equipped with a tank or reservoir on the gun. The top tank makes it look like a paintball marker. The top tank is filled with gel balls, which are then fired using a spring loader. Moreover, the gel balls can also be fired by pulling the trigger.

Gel balls, often known as water beads, come in different packaging, up to 50,000 in one pack. They are soaked in water for up to 8 hours so they can expand fully and grow to the size of a marble.

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Are the gel balls safe to use?

Gel balls are made up of superabsorbent polymer. They are gentle and soft on the skin. These little gel balls are made of water, biodegradable, and also environmental friendly. However, the gel blaster proves to be a perfect choice because of its eco-friendliness.

Can I shoot a gel blaster in my backyard?

Yes, you may short a gel blaster in the backyard only if it is legal to own the toy in your country. The pellets are safe to use and do not hurt anyone.

Do gel blaster pallets hurt?

The gel blaster pallets do not hurt much and cause no pain. They leave no stains and is easy to clean because of being water-filled. It comprises of 90% water and safe to use, causing no harm to objects or peoples.

For what age gel blaster is suitable?

The toy is suitable for children of 5 years or up. It is reliable to give it to the children with the good sense to avoid any misuse.

How far can the gel blaster go?

Gel blaster pallets go up to 65 to 70 feet. Its range is 20 meters, with a shooting speed of 180 FPS. Its rate of firing is fast and goes to a long range. It is fun to shoot at long-distance targets.

Can gel blasters be used on a commercial level?

Gel blasters can be used for commercial purposes unless the activity is for indoor recreation or sport. Indoor means it can be used for leisure, sport, or recreation purposes, but council approval is required for indoor activity at a commercial level.

Are gel blasters illegal?

Are gel blasters illegal?

Gel blasters are illegal in most states, such as Victoria, NSW, and Australia. To have a gel blaster, it is necessary to have a license or written permit. Without a permit or license, having a gel blaster is considered a serious crime, with an imprisonment of 4 to 7 years.

Signing off

If any child wants to play with the Gel blaster, it is highly recommended that they need to be responsible. Every activity associated with such toys must be under supervision. Can I shoot a gel blaster in my backyard? Is it safe to use or not? Does the gel blaster need a permit? All of the answers are given above comprehensively. Make sure not to hurt anyone and play safely.

So, if you are also a fan of a gel blaster, make sure to be cautious while playing with it. Remember playing with a gel blaster brings a lot of fun and family time. It allows you to bond with your children while having fun. 

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