Gel blaster toys are generally prohibited throughout Australia, except in Queensland. In this state, Queensland, you can own this gel blaster without a license or permit. A license is required to have such toys in Australia due to their weapons or firearm nature. 

However, carrying a gel blaster openly in public is still illegal unless you have a valid reason. Here, you’re going to know whether this toy gun is legal to utilize in Victoria or not.

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What are the Gel Blasters?

A gel blaster is a battery-operated toy gun that uses spring power to release gas stored in a container through cap holes. This pressure propels the soft gel projectiles toward a target at speeds of around 250 feet per second.

Unlike airsoft guns, gel blasters are lighter, have an uneven, spherical shape, and use larger gel beads. These guns are relatively safer than other airsoft and BB guns. They are also known as gelsoft guns, gel guns, or hydro blasters and use 6-8mm superabsorbent polymer water beads.

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Are Gel Blasters Legal in Victoria?

Is it allowed to own the Gel Guns in New South Wales?

Under NSW’s legislation, gel blasters come under the category of ‘firearms.’ That’s why these toys are banned for usage without a valid permit or license. If you are willing to purchase and play with these toys in NSW, Australia, you must consider the specific terms and prerequisites.

The NSW Commissioner of Police must issue these terms to obtain such a license. Suppose you possess this gun without proper authorization; you’ve to pay the potential penalties of $ 5,500 up and five years in prison.

Is the use of Gel Blasters legal in Victoria?

Absolutely not; the gel-blaster guns are illegitimate in Victoria. The supply or ownership of this gun can lead to a maximum penalty of 2-10 years in prison. This penalty is maximum for those who have a criminal history. 

This law was legislated due to people’s involvement in various crimes, such as armed robberies, home invasions, and assaults. In January 2021, a notable incident happened in Melbourne. A real firearm that was similar to a gel blaster led to a lockdown at Southern Cross Station.

Due to such reasons, gel blasters usually seem like real firearms (discharge water beads) and are classified as imitation firearms under Victorian law. However, their ownership is unlawful in the Victorian state.

What are the Regulations for Gel Blaster in Victoria?

In Victorian states, gel blasters are considered firearms, and you must possess a valid firearms license to own them. However, lack of license in Victoria ends with penalties, including a 2-10 year imprisonment in the Local Magistrates Court for firearm offenses. However, further severe penalties on firearm toy usage are handled in higher courts. 

On account of Firearms Act 1996 (Vic) section 3, firearms laws of Victoria define a firearm as equipment that’s designed to discharge projectiles. These projectiles can be bullets, shots, or other missiles. These bullets are fired through the expansion of gases ignited by highly compressed air or other gases. These gases can be stored within the guns in pressurized containers or may also be mechanically generated within the device. So, the same regulations are applicable to gel guns within Melbourne.

What are the Regulations for Gel Blaster in Victoria?

Shops of Gel Blaster

In NSW, there are strict regulations for gel guns selling under the Firearms Act. So, a licensed firearm dealer is capable of supplying and selling these gun toys. To purchase them, you should also need to possess a legal license for such equipment. These are officially legal stores for such guns selling and purchasing:

  • X-Force Tactical
  • Bankstown Gun Shop
  • Gelsoft Australia
  • Tactoys Gel Blaster
  • Gel Blasters Direct
  • Tactical Edge Hobbies

Therefore, outside South Australia and Queensland, having gel blasters is illegal without your license. These toys are firearms, and the license is essential for such entertaining gaming equipment. 

How to purchase the Gel Blaster in Victoria?

Gel guns are similar to operational firearms and are classified as imitation firearms under the Control of Weapons Act 1990. So, you must obtain a Chief Commissioner’s Banned Weapons Approval to purchase this toy in Victoria. 

Furthermore, the License and Regulation Division does not allow for gel blasters due to a lack of official reason for their ownership. However, LRD has issued penalties on possession of purchasing ball blasters.

However, the staff of the Governor in Council Exemption or Chief Commissioner’s Weapons Approval has the authority to offer the Gel Blasters sale in Victoria.

How to purchase the Gel Blaster in Victoria?

Final Verdict

Gel blasters use 6 to 8-mm superabsorbent polymer gel or water beads as projectiles and are similar to firearms. If you’re willing to possess these Blasters in Victoria, you must consult your local law enforcement for this toy activity. This consultation is essential because there are restrictions on having such sort of firearm or weapons toys.

Meanwhile, in Queensland, gel blasters are legal and not considered weapons under the Firearms Act, unlike Victoria and NSW. Besides this, it’s illegal to wear them in public without a reasonable excuse, like being a club gamer or member of a replica weapons team.