Generally, Orbeez guns are smaller in shape, and the beads are round and made from water-absorbing polymers. The use of the bead could be numerous, like a stress reliever, decorating stuff, and watering the plant. 

OBeez guns are also Called Water bead guns, Water Ball Guns, Water Pellet guns, Water blaster gun, Water gell guns, Gel blasters, Soft Bullet guns, and Much more.

When did Orbeez guns come out? The Orbeez gun comes out during the time of the pandemic. It was invented when people were inside their homes and the world was in complete lockdown. It was a fun activity during the massive lockdown. 

The following article will tell you about the Orbeez and the Orbeez guns, how and when Orbeez came out, and how they manufactured guns it for fun and exploration. 

When Did Orbeez Guns Come Out?

The Orbeez:

In 2009, Maya Toys brought Orbeez to life and hid them behind every creativity within the toy market. They wanted to create an eco-friendly product for the kids, which should be safe and fun to play with.

Popularity of Orbeez:

Orbeez, which takes part in manufacturing Orbeez guns, is nothing more than simple beads for decorating vases, bowls, and other boxes and containers. They are also useful for the production of jewelry and other stuff. They come in multiple colors, which include pink, purple, clear, and green. 

In early 2000, the first Orbeez came out, and until 2006, Orbeez stayed hidden, but after 2006, it gained popularity among creativity creators. Now, the Orbeez is most popular among kids, adults, and in the toy market and is used for the fun and creativity of kids especially. 

Uses of Orbeez:

These days, children consider Orbeez a great source of exploration and entertainment. They use it for multiple purposes, like sandboxes and bathtubs, and whenever you place Orbeez, it will only bring fun and creativity. Among all uses, Orbeez is now used in making Orbeez guns, the most popular use of Orbeez. It has become very common in the United States, and the Orbeez guns are also known as toy guns. 

Uses of Orbeez:


When Did Orbeez Guns Come Out?

In 2020, when the covid-19 was at its peak, and the world was completely shut down, to help the kids and bring more fun into their lives, it was necessary to introduce them to certain activities. 

The Orbeez gun is a device with a battery in it for the shooting of Orbeez balls. In no time, the Orbeez gun was everywhere in the toy market, and people were very excited. It is a great source of guns for the kids and for the adults as well. You can play it indoors and provide good quality time with the family. 

Balls of Orbeez Gun:

The Orbeez guns are small-handed guns to shoot the Orbeez beads. They come in multiple colors and are filled with water. The balls are soft and squishy in material, jelly-like balls that, if they hit your skin, you won’t get hurt. You will feel the little tiny squishy ball. 

Orbeez guns are available on Amazon now. Many major markets also have Orbeez guns, like Walmart and other toy stores, from where you can easily do online shopping for the toys. 

Balls of Orbeez Gun:


The first discovery of Orbeez was to decorate and design cups and other vessels and boxes. But now they have come up with the Orbeez gun. And it all came into being when the covid-19 was at its peak. Hopefully, the following article has answered your question about when Orbeez’s gun came out. And now let’s see, in the future, what else we hear of it.