The Orbeez guns aren’t harmful and dangerous if children play under the supervision of their adults and parents especially. Yes, there are certain laws and some differences in the legality of the gun in some states of America.

Are Orbeez guns illegal in NJ? No, they are not specifically targeted, and no verdict makes them illegal in NJ. But there are certain conditions and situations in which other laws apply that can come regarding the Orbeez guns.

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The following article unfolds all the information an individual should have, especially a parent, regarding Orbeez guns and their legality. 

What are Orbeez Guns?

An Orbeez gun is a toy weapon that is useful for shooting sponge balls. The shapes and sizes of the balls are different, and there is a bit of similarity between the firearms, like rifles. The color of the balls is either blue or yellow. And they form a splash when they hit.

The Legality of Orbeez Gun:

There are states where Orbeez guns aren’t directly targeted to set rules, but they may fall under some restrictions due to certain situations. Safety is very important for each one of the states of America. 

Public places have certain rules and legal obligations, and any toy gun shouldn’t look like a real rifle. Moreover, you should know the legal rules of every state where you plan to visit while carrying a toy gun. 

Be careful during the use of Orbeez guns in public places where there might be some rules for toy guns to guarantee legal concerns. You can further clarify the legal rules and regulations of New Jersey to get advice from legal experts. 

Are Orbeez Guns Legal in New Jersey?

Yes, they are legal in New Jersey. You can use the gun and own it as well. But there is some restriction on how and when they can use it. 

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New Jersey Restrictions on Orbeez Guns:

For the complete surety and safety of the people of America, there are certain restrictions on the usage of Orbeez guns in NJ. There are the following things to consider:

  • The Orbeez gun should look like a toy, not a real rifle. If they don’t look like the toy, the manufacturers must make it look like the firearms. Because they look alike, the rifle will let it play by the kids.
  • The kids are under the supervision of their parents while dealing with the Orbeez guns. They can play as long as they want, but they shouldn’t hit any sensitive area under adult supervision, especially in public places with too many people. 
  • They can’t use it in churches or schools.
  • Let your child know about the safety of using the Orbeez gun and teach them to care for people around them while playing with the Orbeez gun. 


Orbeez gun is a matter of discussion among the several states of America. It is quite debatable. It completely depends on the following rules and regulations by the kids and the kids. Although toy guns are normally acceptable for safety, the laws are very strict about that, so make sure not to get hurt. So, get complete rules and regulations about are Orbeez guns illegal in NJ and follow them properly.