Talking about gaming areas or amusement parks, shooting games have been an important part of these places. People of all ages and groups enjoy shooting games; whether to win some plushies or show their exemplary skills, the thrill of shooting is the same. Different kinds of guns are present on these shooting stalls, which are different.

Usually, you will encounter three types of guns: Orbeez guns, airsoft guns, and gel blasters. Gel blasters are the more recent and advanced invention. Orbeez gun vs airsoft gun vs gel blaster all have some similarities and differences in them. 

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster

Stay with me till the end of this article so you have a clear picture of all three to prepare for the next shooting challenge.

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster: Definition

Let’s start with the basic introduction of all three recreational gun types you will most likely encounter at any shooting stall. 

FeatureOrbeez GunAirsoft GunGel Blaster
AmmunitionWater-absorbent gel balls (Orbeez)Small plastic pelletsGel balls similar to Orbeez
SafetyGenerally safe for children with supervisionEye protection is needed, it more suitable for older usersSafe with supervision, similar safety requirements as Orbeez Gun
PurposeRecreational playTactical games, simulationRecreational play, similar to Orbeez Gun
RangeShortLonger range, more precisionShort to medium
ImpactLow-impact hitsHigher impact than Orbeez and Gel BlastersLow to medium impact
RealismLess realistic, more playful designRealistic design and feelVaries, can be realistic or playful
PopularityPopular among younger usersPopular in tactical sports communitiesGaining popularity, especially in areas where Airsoft is restricted
Legal StatusGenerally legal and less regulatedSubject to more regulations, not legal in some placesLegal status varies, often less regulated than Airsoft

Orbeez Guns

Among all three, the Orbeez gun has the lowest impact; it also goes by another name, the water bead gun. They are children-friendly and safe to use in indoor activities. These are light in weight compared to the other two options in the question.

Orbeez Guns

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are replicas of real-life firearms; at first glimpse, you might be unable to tell the difference if it’s real. It uses small BB pellets, which have a powerful impact. That’s why they are perfect for recreational shooting and competitive gameplay. 

Airsoft guns come in many models and variations that resemble real-life firearms. They are non-lethal and considered to deliver a smooth shooting experience. 

Airsoft Guns

Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are the most recent invention among the three and also go by gel ball blasters. These use water-absorbent balls, which are soft but impactful when shot with high power. Gel blasters fall between the spectrum of Orbeez guns and airsoft guns, as they have a mid-impact. 

Gel Blasters

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster: Similarities

Their list of similarities has several characteristics compared to their differences; let’s see what they are.

Non-Lethal Ammunition

All three guns- Orbeez guns, airsoft guns, and gel blasters, have non-lethal ammunition. This characteristic makes them safe to use for recreational play without causing any harm. Orbeez guns use soft water beads; airsoft guns contain BB pallets and gel blasters with water-absorbent balls. 

Recreational Use

The primary agenda of these guns is to be used for recreational play. They are not for self-defense or other illegal applications. 

Eye Protection

No matter which type of gun you are using, eye protection is a must. The eyes are the most delicate part of your body that can get hurt by little impact. Even Orbeez guns are less severe than airsoft guns or gel blasters, but eye protection is necessary. 

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster: Similarities: eye protection

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster: Differences

There are many differences among the three gun types, including ammunition type to power and range to all; let’s check them.

Ammunition Type

The primary difference between the Orbeez gun, airsoft gun, and gel blaster is the type of ammunition. Orbeez guns have smooth water beads, while airsoft guns have BB plates and gel blasters using water-based absorbent gel balls. All of these do not harm a person’s safety during the play. 

Power and Range

Among all three, Airsoft offers higher velocities of 60 to 125 m/s (200 to 410 ft/s). On the other hand, Orbeez guns have a velocity of 100-200 ft. per second, and gel blasters can shoot up to 250 ft per second.

Orbeez Gun Vs. Airsoft Gun Vs. Gel Blaster: Differences : power and range

Environmental Impact

Gel blasters seal the deal of being more environmentally friendly than the other two. It uses biodegradable gel balls that are not harmful to the environment. Orbeez water beads are also biodegradable to an extent but not explicitly customized for environmental safety. 

Airsoft guns use BB pallets, which are pure plastic and are not biodegradable. They cause adverse environmental impacts, so it is essential to dispose of them using the correct procedure. 

Legal Regulations

The legal procedure or statements for using these guns depend on the area in which you live. Airsoft guns are mainly banned as they look like real-arm weapons, and the user may be charged with heavy charges and can go to jail for using them. 


Is a gel blaster the same thing as an Orbeez gun?

The Orbeez gun very much resembles gel blasters, but they are different. Although both use water-absorbent beads, gel blasters shoot them faster than the Orbeez guns. 

Is a gel blaster an airsoft gun?

No, airsoft guns are different from gel blasters in terms of ammunition. Airsoft guns use plastic BB pellets, while gel blasters use water absorbents or beads. An Airsoft gun launches pallets with a higher impact than an airsoft gun.

Do gel blasters hurt less than airsoft?

Gel blasters are low impact, so if their beads come in contact with skin, they cause a light sting. On the other hand, airsoft guns are high-impact and form welts on the skin. 


Orbeez gun vs airsoft gun vs gel blaster have some similarities and differences in them; select according to your age and skill level. Orbeez guns are low impact and safe to use in indoor activities, while airsoft guns are high impact and need precautionary use. Check-in with local authorities for proper usage protocols and rules is essential for unharmed use.

Share your thoughts on which gun is most suitable for you: Orbeez, airsoft, or gel blasters, and why?