Over the years after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orbeez guns have had a great fan following and use; everyone is playing and enjoying the Orbeez guns. The gun is a toy gun and is also known for water blasters and squishy balls. 

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Are Orbeez guns legal in NSW? Yes, technically, they are entirely legal, but there are some legal obligations regarding certain toys that are impermissible to us in Australia that we will discuss later. The use of Orbeez guns should be under the supervision of an adult at least.

The following article will talk about the Orbeez guns and their legality and how to use them safely, and we will discuss the situation where the Orbeez guns are impermissible. 

Are Orbeez Guns Legal In NSW?

The Orbeez Guns:

The toy gun is a type of water blaster, and it is designed in a way that shoots up to 20 feet away. A reservoir is attached to it; usually, the material is a plastic gun. When you play with the Orbeez guns, you pump the gun to propel a stream of water into the reservoir.

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You have to be very mindful and know that you cannot use any solid material for shooting, and your gun doesn’t meet with the air gun or any actual riffle. The gun with the solid pellets is also very dangerous and not legal in the vicinity of NSW. 

Are Orbeez Guns Legal in New South Wales?

Yes, the use of Orbeez guns in NSW is entirely legal. Whereas, the NSW firearms and the Weapon Policy and Advisory Council that is FWPAC have some guidelines regarding the use of water blasters, and they classified these toys as CERTAIN TOYS, especially those that have soft substances and water to shoot.

Although they don’t come under the category of air guns, these are those toy guns that can still cause harm to other people. The use of these guns in public is very restricted; you have to be very careful while using any toy gun and be very mindful of the laws and the rules of that particular state. 

How to use the Orbeez gun under the law?

There are the following tips to remember while using the Orbeez guns. Yes, there is no doubt that guns are completely legal, but to use them, especially in public, there are specific tips and guidance to follow, which are as under:

Safely Aiming the Target:

Never point out the gun to the other person, especially when you are in public, it might be an offensive act, and you may get a penalty for it, Be mindful of the people around you always. 

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Follow the Directions:

When you want to play with the toy gun, it is essential to know the instructions regarding the use of guns and follow the safety precautions given by the manufacturer for the Orbeez guns. 

How to use the Orbeez gun under the law?


Adult supervision is necessary while using the toy gun, and younger kids can’t use the toy gun without adult supervision. 

Know the Possible Injury: 

Even though the Orbeez guns don’t come under the category of air guns they ultimately aren’t firearms. If you think using an Orbeez gun can harm anyone before the use of the Orbeez gun, harm yourself. And immediately take action. 

How to use the Orbeez gun under the law?


Are Orbeez guns legal in NSW? Yes, they are legal and can easily use in Australia. However, it is essential to know the safety precautions of the gun and avoid any injury. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and kids can only use it under the supervision of the riffle.