Orbeez has multiple purposes; you can use an Orbeez gun separately as a stress reliever etc., which leads to using the Orbeez for multiple other toys like splatrball guns. It’s more like exploring the use of Orbeez by experimenting with it in different toys. 

Can You Use Orbeez in A Splatrball Gun? Yes, you can use the Orbeez in a splat ball gun in a way, but it is suitable and best for specially-designed ammo for splat balls. So, you can use it, but you have to be careful enough to use it with utter precaution and safety.

The following article will give you an insight into the usage of Orbeez in spitball guns. 

Can You Use Orbeez in A Splatrball Gun?

The Use of Orbeez for Splat R Ball Gun:

Using Orbeez in a spitball is helpful and is an alternative as ammo for a spitball gun. But make sure to use the Orbeez safely and soundly so the spitball gun won’t get damaged.

So, you must be careful while using the Orbeez in a spitball gun. Here are the following tips to consider and remember before using the Orbeez in a spitball gun. 

Don’t Use Large Orbeez For Splatrball Gun:

The small Orbeez are the perfect fit for the spitball gun because they will fit easily through the barrel. The spitball gun can get easily damaged, or the hole can block if you use the larger size of the Orbeez.

If it somehow gets through the gun, the enormous size of the Orbeez will cause injury to the other player. 

Don’t Use More Space For The Orbeez Than The Original Capacity:

Please don’t violate the original capacity of the spitball gun because it will ruin the chamber of the Orbeez holder. Moreover, it can cause malfunction or even explode.

In such cases, when you are not using the accepted ammo for the spitball gun, read the guideline given by the toy manufacturer. Never attempt to modify any toy just to fit the idea of your perfection. 

The Use of Orbeez for Splat R Ball Gun:

Always Go For Testing Before Applying:

Before loading the Orbeez in a spitball gun, ensure to test the gun by packing a few Orbeez in it, it will let you confidently use the Orbeez in the gun, and if, in any case, you find out problem or issue related to the Orbeez, then it would be easier for you take it all out at once. 

Clean the Splat Gun Thoroughly After Use:

The main issue after using the Orbeez gun is the residue that remains inside the gun. It’s usually the tiny bits of gel. It remains in the gun’s barrel and blocks the gun.

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Make sure to avoid such blockage from happening by using. Make sure the gun is thoroughly shot and get cleaned after use. 

The Warranty of the Splatrball Gun:

Generally, the writer doesn’t recommend using the Orbeez in a spitball gun because it will void the warranty of the blaster.

Moreover, using non-certified ammo may lead to the dis-satisfactory performance of the gun and safety.


In conclusion, it is essential to know that using the products designed for the toys and advisable by the manufacturer. Can you use the Orbeez in the spitball gun? It is the question most explorers ask, and there is no harm in it because Orbeez is for multiple purposes, but the matter isn’t about the Orbeez; it’s about the spitball gun. 

The manufacturer of the spitball gun doesn’t recommend using the Orbeez in the gun because it usually causes damage to the spitball gun. So, you can use the Orbeez and no doubt that it is fun and bring extra joy to the game and that is only for temporary enjoyment and won’t live long.