Orbeez guns are highly effective combat toy guns for thrilling activities, including battlefields and Nerf wars. However, adult players prefer to choose the pump-to-pressurize Orbeez gun with maximum water projection. 

They find the guns with harder shooting capabilities, longer coverage, and fast speed rather than the size and weight of water beads. The gun that accomplishes their goal of the longest distance for water dispersion is convenient for their routine games. 

Hence, the advanced Orbeez rifles offer enhanced durability and higher accuracy due to their hardness and strong grip on shooting the beads. These guns bring their work efficiency according to the gel beads that you’re using. Regarding this, you must acquire the high-quality beads.

Water Beads Specifications

TypeHeavy beads / Extra hard on expansion
Biologically degradableYes
ColorMultiple colors
Size (dry)2mm
Amount of beads10.000 pieces per pack
Size (wet)7-7.5mm

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You may fill the bucket with clear water to soak your gel beads for almost 5-7 hours. When these beads reach 7-8mm size or any relevant size according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Now, ensure that your gun’s magazine is entirely dry before you load it with freshly expanded beads.


When you’ve prepared your beads, you can store them in a plastic bottle or any airtight container. This approach may prevent your bead’s shrinkage. It’s important to ensure that your beads’ expanded form is the main element in the hardest shooting performance. 


Orbeez Guns based on water beads that are biodegradable and burstable on target’s impact. So, these beads can naturally dissolve and clean up your environment. These guns bring minimal environmental impact and more playtime.

How to enhance the power of Gel Blaster?

There are vital aspects by which you can enhance your gun’s authority. 

  • Shooting Accuracy: Once you select the enhanced blaster. It can provide precise long-range and hardest shots and cover more ground with accuracy.
  • Improved Reliability: By upgrading your blaster’s reliability, you’re proficient in ensuring it’s consistent performance.
  • Increased Range: Your more powerful blasters bring you closer to targets and increase the marks of your shot hits. 
  • Proper Ammo: You must prevent the use of expired or hardest beads in your perfectly designed guns. This ammo can damage the gun barrel, so it must prevent such beads.it improves your gameplay’s longevity.
  • Solid Build: If your gun is excellently constructed, it possesses durability and perfect handling. This sturdy approach may give you an edge in the game.

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What are the ideal orbeez Guns that can shoot harder?

GunsRange Magazine CapacityBatteryGun Material
Gel Blaster SurgePer shot 100 feet800-10,000 balls bearingRechargeable (4 hours working time)Plastic
Double-Barreled Gel Blaster75 FeetDouble Drum Mags1 X RechargeableNo flammable premium plastic
M416 Gel Gun80 feet2 Bullet Drums1 X 7.4v rechargeable 
M4 Gel Gun65 Feet1500 Gel Balls7.4V RechargeableEco-friendly plastic
M4A1 Gel Blaster70 Feet1 x Clip & Drum Magazine (extra large)Powerful and RechargeableHigh-quality Plastic
JM-X2 Gel Splatter75Ft1,500+ gel BeadsRechargeableDurable Powerful Plastic
Glock Orbeez Gun60-120 ftDrum Magazine1 x Rechargeable No-flammable Plastic
AKM47 Gel Blaster65-70 Feet600-700 Gel Balls1 x RechargeablePlastic; Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Orbeez Gel Blaster MP1770 feetHigh Capacity1X 7.4v RechargeablePlastic
BK-2 AEG Soft Bullet Gun15-20m1200 Beads1 x 7.4v ABS Plastic
M249 Splatter Ball Gunlong-range (20 meter)800 Gel Beads7.4VLong-Lasting Plastic, Colorful

What are key upgrades for the powerful shoot of your Gel Blasters?

  • Thicker Spring: If you’re willing to enhance shooting power, let’s upgrade your gun with a thicker spring instead of a loose one.
  • Battery Replacement: You may swap out your old batteries with the optimal powered ones.
  • New Orbeez Gun Components: Replace broken or damaged parts of your gun for it’s longevity.
  • Motor Upgrade: Improve shooting performance with a better motor
  • Aluminum Barrel: Orbeez Gun’s players can enhance performance and accuracy with an aluminum barrel.
  • Cylinder Rod and Head: You must consider the metal parts for durability
  • Nylon Plate with Tappets: It can maintain your single gel’s consistency
  • Gear Set Enhancement: It can boost the firing rate with upgraded gears.

Why it’s essential to upgrade your Orbeez guns?

If you’re interested in performing the hardest shots, upgrading your guns is quite an effective approach. It’s because, with time, your blasters lose their effectiveness and strength. Then you must go for the expensive or best quality guns. However, you are able to check your table and make a perfect decision about the cost-effective gun. So, you may obtain a user-friendly and robust blaster with improved handling and trigger mechanisms easily.

Why it's essential to upgrade your Orbeez guns?

Final Verdict

Orbeez guns offer accurate and protected thrilling experiences for children and adults by using water or gel beads. You must learn the specifications of your gun’s model. Afterward, you may be able to upgrade it to shoot harder and target long-distance objects. However, it’s essential to buy from reputable sellers and choose specific features that suit your preferences and needs.