We introduce the finest cheap Orbeez guns currently available on the market. Once you go through this guide, you can make an informed decision. Whether it’s your first experience or a routine user, you may consider these budget-friendly Orbeez guns. Though these guns offer great value for your money, you can select any that catches your eye.

About Orbeez Guns

Orbeez guns are playful toys that shoot plastic balls known as “Orbeez.” These squishy softballs are accessible in various sizes and colors, offering versatile play options. Children love utilizing these guns and shooting their loved ones with harmless, colorful balls. However, This object enhances the fun-filled activity that encourages active play. 

Cheap Orbeez Gun

Therefore, these Orbeez guns are highly popular among adults and children due to their engaging and entertaining nature. They make a fun way to bond with friends in your backyard or an admirable gift for your child.

Furthermore, an important advantage of Orbeez guns is their complete safety. There’s no injury risk. You may only feel a mild sting if you hit at close range. However, various players find this sensation adds an extra thrill to the game. 

Top Cheap Orbeez Guns

Nerf-Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster Gun

The cutting-edge Nerf Pro Gelfire Orbeez gun fires softly and bursts polymer projectiles. It comprises a removable rechargeable battery and a 300-round hopper and can shoot up to 10 rounds in one second. Hence, it’s popular among young adults due to its high-performance blasting and MrBeast-inspired design.

Nerf-Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster Gun
Firing VelocityHigh-velocity
Firing Modessemi-auto and Full-auto
Ammo Quantity20,000 dehydrated rounds
Firing RateMore than 10 rounds Secondly
HoppAer Capacity300 games

Best Features

  • Quick Firing. This Nerf Pro Gelfire is one of the fastest Orbeez guns, firing up to 10 matches in a single second. It is based on a fully automatic mode and offers the easiest blasting. Meanwhile, its semi-automatic mode allows precise control of each shot.
  • Capacity: this gun with a 300-round hopper holds plenty of projectiles. This aspect enables it to have longer blasting sessions without frequent reloads.
  • Unique Design: The Nerf Pro Gelfire’s distinct design is inspired by the popular YouTuber MrBeast. It boosts its demand to fans of the digital creator. Its sleek red and black color scheme, tactical rails, and additional features make it stand out among other Orbeez guns.

Bottom Row of Nerf Pro Gelfire

  • Customizable and sleek design
  • user-friendly and simple controls
  • Safety feature with protective goggles and trigger lock 
  • Easily detachable rechargeable battery with a quick charging cable
  • It meets with a detachable barrel attachment, trigger lock, an extendable stock, tactical rails for personalized modifications, and protective goggles.
  • Protective goggles may be unfit for all heads
  • Limited (300) round hoppers access

CosmoxToys Sirius Orbeez Gun

CosmoxToys Sirius Galaxy Gel Rifle is a top-notch Orbeez gun, fully automatic and known for its impressive 220fps velocity. It can hold up to 1500 gel pellets, and its replaceable and rechargeable battery ensures sustained playtime. The kit comes with goggles, 10,000 gel pellets, and a charging cable. Hence, it’s ideal for outdoor and youth enthusiasts who love extended play sessions. 

CosmoxToys Sirius Orbeez Gun
Firing Velocity220fps
Firing ModesFully automatic
Hopper Capacity1500 gel pellets
Firing Rate13 shots secondly
Ammo QuantityHarder gel ammo, 10,000 Orbeez

Best Features

  • Top-notch Performance: This Sirius Galaxy Gel Rifle Gun propels Orbeez at remarkable speeds and becomes a high-performing blaster. It comes with 13 shots in one second with an average firing rate and a velocity of 220 fps. Eventually, this blaster guarantees an exciting gaming experience.
  • Inimitable Design: This gun showcases an edgy and unique design, keeping it apart from all other toy guns. Its cool and sleek appearance is enough to impress your gaming partners and enables you to stand out on the battlefield.
  • Durability: Sirius Galaxy has a durable construction, capable of continuing at least 150,000 shots. Its robustness can withstand rough handling, making it an excellent outdoor play choice. 

Bottom Row of Sirius Galaxy

  • Rapid firing rate and excellent performance
  • Simple loading process and enlarged capacity
  • Extended product lifespan
  • Perfect and comprehensive kit for a full day of gaming
  • The blaster may be challenging and weighty for younger players to manage

UnlocX Orbeez Blaster Gun

UnlocX Orbeez Gel Blaster is a versatile toy and innovative rifle that shoots Orbeez. Its impressive things for us are; assault, offering rifle, 4-in-1 design, pistol modes, and its blaster. 

However, it comprises high muzzle velocity and long-range capability, firing more than 11 gel balls in one second at 200 fps. The fully automatic feature of this gun is to allow continuous shooting by simply pulling the trigger. It is also powered by a convenient USB charging port and a potent rechargeable battery. 

UnlocX Orbeez Blaster Gun
Firing RateMore than 11 gel balls secondly
Ammo QuantityEco-friendly 7.5mm and 7000 non-toxic gel beads
Hopper Capacity700 rounds at the maximum capacity
Firing VelocityShoots up to 200 feet in one-second
Firing ModesFour Modes; Pistol, Blaster, Rifle, and Assault

Best Features

  • Versatile and Dynamic: This gun comes with four play modes for players. Hence, it keeps your gameplay fresh and exciting. It covers the varying modes, whether you can select pistol, rifle, assault, or blaster mode. 
  • Cost-effective and Eco-friendly: This gun uses non-toxic gel ammo that releases no mess and is environmentally conscious. Its 7.4V 1800mAh rechargeable battery saves you from spending money on disposable batteries.

Bottom Rows of UnlocX Blaster Gun

  • Its impressive muzzle velocity and thrilling shooting experiences
  • Innovative 4-in-1 configuration offers diverse gameplay 
  • A durable battery and convenient USB charging make it long-lasting
  • This gun needs a longer period for charging than other cheap guns

SplatRball SRB1200 – M416 Orbeez Gun (Drum Magazine)

SplatRball SRB1200 is the water bead toy that fires the Splat balls. It contains a rechargeable battery and loads 11 rounds in one second with a rapid 210 fps fully automatic fire rate. Moreover, this gun is manufactured with Nylon composite & durable synthetic materials. It comprises high-quality ABS, and integrated blue LED light-up bars on both sides, giving it an innovative appearance.

SplatRball SRB1200 Full Auto Rechargeable Battery Powered Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster
Firing Rate11 rounds per second
Ammo Quantity1,200 water gel balls
Firing Velocity210 feet per second
Hopper Capacity1,200 round
ModesFully automatic

Bottom Row of SplatRball SRB1200

  • Higher (1,200) water bead capacity for prolonged play
  • Its rechargeable battery offers more than 5,000 shots on a single charge
  • Thrilling full-auto firing at 11 rounds per second
  • Its entire package includes a target, safety glasses, and a collapsible funnel
  • Revolutionary LED lights on both sides
  • Product accuracy is affected at longer distances
  • Its water beads are often jammed or stuck in the magazine

Additional cheap Guns

NLFGUW Electric Blaster

Firing ModesSemi-automatic
Ammo Quantity60,000 gel balls
Hopper Capacity600 Orbeez beads at a higher rate
Firing Rate5 rounds in one second that goes up to 66 feet
Firing VelocityN/A
NLFGUW Electric Blaster

Surge Gen3

Firing Modes2 blasting modes that enhance the whole combat strategy
Ammo QuantityMeets with a whopping 10,000 Gellets
Firing RateFully automatic (8 Gellets in one second) or Semi-automatic (single Gellet on one trigger pull)
Firing Velocity2 Barrels and adjustable velocity. Barrels: Orange (90 fps) and White (170 fps)
Hopper CapacityOne pre-loadable hopper that loads more than 800 Gellets
Surge Gen3

HIJJPS Blaster

Firing VelocityUp to 66ft per second
Firing RateNot specified
Ammo Quantity60,000+ Gellets
Hopper CapacityMore than 300 Orbeez beads
Firing ModesAutomatic and manual
HIJJPS Blaster

AKM 47 Gel Blaster ($49.99)

Firing Range50-65 Feet
ModelAKM 47
Magazine Capacity600-700 Gel Balls
Overall ToneBlue & White
Shooting Speed300 Shots Per Minute
AKM 47 Gel Blaster

M4A1 Gel Blaster ($49.98)

BatteryRechargeable & Powerful
Size6.3 inches x 22.8 inches
Firing Speed12 Shots Per Second
Firing Range15m
ModesAutomatic & Manual Firing
M4A1 Gel Blaster

Double-Barreled Gel Blaster Gun ($72.98)

Barrel TypeDouble Barrels
Firing Range75 Feet
MaterialHigh-Quality Plastics
MagazineDouble Drum Mags
Double-Barreled Gel Blaster Gun

FMG9 Folding Submachine Dart Blaster ($69.98)

Expand Size54cm
Collapse Size28cm
Biggest FeatureFoldable
FMG9 Folding Submachine Dart Blaster

Glock Orbeez Gun with Drum Mag ($59.99)

Firing Range60-120 ft
Power ModeBattery Powered
Glock Orbeez Gun with Drum Mag

Sky Marshal Toy Revolver ($49.99)

Unique Design6 muzzle
ModelSky Marshal
Firing Range50 ft
Loader Capacity600
Battery7.4V rechargeable
Sky Marshal Toy Revolver

M134 Gatling Gel Blaster Gun ($65.98)

Unique Design6 Muzzle
Battery7.4V Rechargeable
Firing Range50 ft
Loader Capacity600
M134 Gatling Gel Blaster Gun

Automatic M4 Gel Blaster Gun ($109.98)

Battery Type7.4V Rechargeable Battery
Firing Range65ft
MagazineExtra-Large;1500 Gel Balls
Automatic M4 Gel Blaster Gun

Key Facts of an Outstanding Orbeez Gun

When you hunt the finest cheap Orbeez gun, you should consider several crucial elements. However, the precise attributes are potency, power, accuracy, and range.

These attributes are essential to note, such as range signifies the distance of your balls that can be fired from your gun. Likewise, accuracy in landing on target potency dictates the firing rapidness and space it can cover while discharged. 

Furthermore, convenient Orbeez guns will feature adaptable settings, comfortable grip, preparation for diverse play styles, and a user-friendly instruction manual.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re willing to acquire your picture-perfect Orbeez fun, you must know that these guns have their limitations. Still, we recommend you choose SplatRball SRB1200 or Nerf Pro Gelfire X. You won’t be disappointed because these guns are officially tested and recommended. Hence, all guns are verified, cheap, and accessible, then offer an enjoyable experience for budget-conscious players.