Orbeez blasters are top-notch toys for adults and children. These guns shoot the tiny colored gel balls. Hence, like other toys, these guns may exhibit the malfunctioning. Usually, jamming your Orbeez guns is the common trouble. Fortunately, it’s a relatively solvable issue that most players have unjammed their Orbeez guns.

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How to Unjam a Orbeez Gun?

Why does my Orbeez Gun Jam?

If you’re a routine user of Orbeez toys, you may know that occasional Jamming is normal. If you’re encountering the frequent jams, it’s frustrating. Hence, to address this, start by examining your gel balls:

  • Age: How old are your water beads?
  • Gel type: Are you using the right gel balls for your blaster?
  • Hydration time: How long were the gel balls hydrated?
  • Suitability: Are the water beads suitable for your Gun model?

So, to minimize the Jamming, you can analyze the further causes of your gun jamming. 

How to Unjam a Orbeez Gun?

What are the common concerns of Jamming the Orbeez Guns?

You’re going to learn how you can unjam and protect your guns. Before that exclusive process, you must know why your guns are becoming the victim of blockage.

Regarding this, we’ve introduced the common causes of jamming the Orbeez guns. So, your understanding of these causes can assist in preventing future instances of Jamming. These are:

Varying Battery Voltage

Your Orbeez gun jamming is also attributed to the inconsistency of its battery voltage. Suppose your gun’s battery voltage fluctuates excessively. It may result in disruption of its functions and lead to jam. You need to ensure that you’re using a reliable battery with a consistent voltage to prevent this issue.

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Poor-quality Water Beads Accumulation

Jamming of your gun is also associated with your water beads quality. These gel balls may exhibit inconsistent water content or uneven sizes that lead to blockages in the barrel.

We recommend you purchase some top-quality water bead packs that are accessible at affordable charges now.

Magazine Overloading

One of the most frequent causes of blaster jams is the overloading of its Magazine. When you fill it beyond its recommended capacity, it causes gel balls to become stuck. You must understand your specified magazine capacity to prevent this issue.

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What are the common concerns of Jamming the Orbeez Guns?

Damaged Barrel

If your gun’s barrel is dirty or damaged, it may cause a jam in your gun. It’s considered a potential culprit behind gel blaster jams. This trouble causes misfiring due to obstructions. You should clean and upgrade your gun’s components before and after using it.

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These are taken as the common causes that result in jamming your Orbeez guns. 

How to unjam the Orbeez Gun?

Unjamming an Orbeez gun is quite simple. Meanwhile, you need to be careful not to damage your blaster or hurt yourself in this process. We’ve opened the step-by-step guide on how you can unjam your Orbeez gun:

Safety of Gun

Orbeez gun fans must know that they should keep protecting themselves at first. So, if your gun isn’t firing or jammed, never ever look down your gun’s barrel. Afterward, protect your toys and consciously examine your gun. Whether it’s secured and in better condition according to its manufacturer’s instructions. 

Remove its Magazine

If your gun comprises a removable magazine or clip, take it out. Now, you can extract any remaining water bead, and it helps prevent further beads from getting into the firing chamber.

How to unjam the Orbeez Gun?

Shake it or Barrel Clearance

While clearing your gun, our first approach is always to shake it entirely when it’s not shooting. If there’s a small error like more Orbeez are trying to be shot. By shaking, on Orbeez come out frequently. If it’s not working, then you must clean its barrel with a small rod and eliminate all beads.

Orbeez Gun’s Disassembly

Once you remove its outer casing your gun’s inner components will be opened forefront to you. Remember you are using the fine objects to disassemble it. It’s because if you apply any sharp object, it may damage your gun. 

Inspect Jammed Parts

Now, it’s quite easy for you to identify the damaged or jammed components of your gun. You can see that your gun’s barrel may block a broken spring or a gear obstruction due to Jamming. When you get the actual core cause of Jamming, you can tranquility address it now. 

Manually Remove Jammed Component

With the help of a toothpick or tweezers, you can pull out the defective component. Or replace it with appropriate and functioning components.

How to unjam the Orbeez Gun?

Replace inconsistent Battery with Consistent One.

If your battery voltage is fluctuating and now it’s jammed, you must ask the best quality company for your battery. The good battery provides consistent voltage and allows you to operate your gun conveniently.

Entirely address the Jammed Part. 

So, by using your mechanical expertise, you’ve fixed your gun’s jammed components. If you’re unaware of your mechanical expertise, you should contact any professional or our support time to fix your orbeez gun’s error.

Reassembly of your Gun

With the assistance of our experts, you’ve completely fixed your gun. It’s time to reset your gun after successfully rectifying the jammed component. So, settle it down conveniently and start your play.

Quick view on Unjamming the Orbeez Gun

  • Diagnose the troubled component
  • Maintenance (Small toothpick, lubricant, pliers, screwdriver)
  • Fixing the error
  • Go for professional fixation

How do you protect your Orbeez Gun from further Jamming?

Here are the most important tips that can prevent your gun from future jamming issues:

  • Purchase top-rated quality water beads
  • Avoiding sharp objects to clean your gun
  • Regular updates to gun
  • Maintenance of its Magazine and barrel
How do you protect your Orbeez Gun from further Jamming?

Final Thoughts

While playing with advanced toys like Orbeez firearms, it’s an essential and valuable skill to learn how to unjam your Orbeez gun. This skill can assist you in fixing all the errors of your gun, and you can protect your gun. So, once you face such jamming trouble, you can apply different tips to prevent your gun from Jamming. Your careful use can prolong your gun’s lifespan and add amusement to your gameplay.