Orbeez beads are soft water-absorbent balls, raising the question of their durability. They are for mild play, but what happens if they come in contact with a rigid surface? Does it break apart, or will it remain intact? If they fail, do Orbeez guns make a mess, which I should clean?

I know that these questions are most frequently asked. Although manufacturers claim that Orbeez beads remain intact even if they strike a hard surface. But is it the truth or a marketing strategy to give you peace of mind?

Well, I have answers to all your questions: if Orbeez creates a mess, how can you clean it without breaking a sweat? 

Do Orbeez Guns Make a Mess?

Risks of Orbeez Making a Mess

Orbeez structure is not something that will break easily and form a mess. A very elastic and durable polymer is used in making Orbeez. The primary purpose is to keep them intact even when shot with high impact. 

When they hit a hard surface due to their bouncing properties, they bounce off and do not break. On soft surfaces, they slip off easily. Overall, there are pretty low chances that Orbeez will make a mess. 

Impact of Orbeez on Different Places

While discussing the potential mess that Orbeez can cause, you must know the type of impact they form. These plastic beads will give a different result while striking with another surface. 

Impact of Orbeez on Different Places

This knowledge is essential for choosing an appropriate cleaning method depending on the surface. 

Surface TypeImpact Outcome
Hard SurfacesMinimal to no damage; may leave temporary marks.
Soft SurfacesBeads may embed; they require careful extraction.
Water BalloonsBalloons burst, creating a contained mess.
Target BoardsControlled impact, minimal damage.
Trees and PlantsNo harm to surfaces; beads may hydrate plants.
Skin and ClothingNo harm; beads may feel cold or wet.
Water and LiquidsBeads submerge, creating a tactile sensation.

Cleanup Process to Avoid Mess

A proper cleaning process is also essential to avoid mess. Sometimes, following the wrong cleaning process is the reason for the mess. So, I will help you with the proper Orbeez cleaning process so you can avoid mess next time:

Gather Supplies

You need some primary material for starting the cleanup process, like a broom or vacuum cleaner, a dustpan, a bowl, and a rough cloth.

Pick the Beads

If the Orbeez beads are scattered after hitting a hard surface, they will likely be intact. Use a broom to sweep them in one place, making picking easy.

Handpick the Beads

Usually, these beads are flexible enough and do not get shattered. If that’s the case, pick them with your hands and collect them in some container or large bowl.

Cleanup Process to Avoid Mess

Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner if the beads are not intact and disintegrated into smaller parts. Attach the nozzle part to the vacuum head and point at Orbeez. Ensure the vacuum nozzle is dry and clean so Orbeez does not get stuck.

Strainer or Colander

Discarding beads with water content can be a bit tricky. So, use a strainer or a colander to drain the access water; this way, you will dry beads, making your discarding process easy.

Dry the Beads

Even after strains, you will see the water content in beads. So, to dry them properly, spread the dots on a cotton cloth or a paper towel. Leave them under a fan or sun to make them completely dry.

Discarding the Used Beads

If the beads are biodegradable, you can throw them in the trash can; if not, follow the plastic waste discard process recommended by your local cleaning facility.


Do gel blaster guns make a stain?

No, the beads used in these guns are incredibly slippery. So, when they come in contact with a surface or your clothes, they roll off instantly, leaving no stain.

Does it hurt to get hit with an Orbeez gun?

No, it doesn’t hurt if you get hit with an Orbeez gun, as they use water-absorbed soft beads. At most, it will cause a little sting If it comes in contact with your skin, although you need to protect your eyes while playing with them.

Does gel blaster leave marks?

Usually, if you use them casually, they will not leave any marks on the surface or your skin. If you make them hard by freezing them, then they are capable of causing severe harm, which is also against the safety rules.


You have a proper answer to your query: Do Orbeez guns make a mess or not? They do not create a mess or break apart easily because they are made of a flexible, durable polymer. If they break or disintegrate into smaller pieces, use the proper cleaning process to remove them from any surface. 

Have you ever faced problems cleaning Orbeez beads? Let me know in the comment section below!