While playing with Orbeez guns, no one wants to end the fun so soon. It is essential to charge your Orbeez gun fully to make sure that the fun keeps going on. Keeping its battery to the fullest, how long does an Orbeez gun take to charge? The charging time of the Orbeez guns depends on the model and battery size.

There is a large variety of different Orbeez guns produced by different manufacturers. Advanced Orbeez guns have high-power batteries, which take longer to change. Regular-performance Orbeez guns have batteries with less capacity that take less time to charge.

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How Long Does an Orbeez Gun Take to Charge?

In this article, I will help you learn more about Orbeez gun batteries, their charging timings, and ways to maintain battery health.

Types of Batteries and Recharge Time

As I have discussed above, there are different kinds of batteries based on power and material. It is important to know the type of battery your Orbeez gun has. 

Changing the battery will drain soon while playing, and overcharging the battery will impact the battery’s health. So, you must do the job carefully without causing any harm to the gun. 

AA Batteries

AA batteries are one of the common types that Orbeez guns contain. If your gun has rechargeable AA batteries, they need one to two hours for full charge. If they are disposable alkaline AA batteries, you must replace them once the gun stops working.

Types of Batteries and Recharge Time : AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

Some kids’ Orbeez guns use AAA batteries, which have less power than regular AA batteries. Rechargeable AAA batteries also take up to one to two hours while charging while disposable ones must be replaced.

Types of Batteries and Recharge Time ; AAA Batteries

Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Advanced Orbeez guns usually found in public gaming arenas have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These are long-lasting, and recharge time is quicker than other batteries. These high-power batteries take half an hour to be fully charged.

Types of Batteries and Recharge Time : Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Built-in Rechargeable Batteries

Some high-power Orbeez guns have built-in rechargeable batteries, just like your cellphones using a USB cable. The charging time for these batteries can differ depending on power and size. Usually, the recharge can take between one to three hours. 

Types of Batteries and Recharge Time : Built-in Rechargeable Batteries

Power Banks

The charging gun can be an issue if you are out in the wild on Orbeez fighting with your friends and family. In such a situation, you can use a power bank. Charging the Orbeez gun through a power bank instead of a power source can enhance the charging period by one-fourth.

What Makes Orbeez Gun Battery Last?

In case you forgot your charger or other power source at home, guns shut down in the middle of a fight. Such a mood spoiler. To dodge this bullet, let’s see which points you can practice to enhance battery life.


Batteries are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures; if it is too hot or freezing, the gun’s battery will drain out faster. Store and use your Orbeez guns at moderate temperatures to maintain the health of your batteries. 

Play Timing

If you have long game time, your battery will wear out soon. First, it will start draining quickly, impacting the battery’s health and weakening. If you like to play for an extended period, charge or replace the batteries soon.

What Makes Orbeez Gun Battery Last? : Play time

Charging Routine

Make a proper charging routine like an expert. Know the science of your battery and charge it for a defined period. Usually, the charging period is written on the manual or packaging; if not, do research or ask the shopkeeper

Battery Type

Check if the batteries in your Orbeez gun are alkaline or Lithium-ion. Both have different charging requirements; lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and take less time to charge. Alkaline batteries take more time and have a short life span.  

What Makes Orbeez Gun Battery Last? : Battery Type


How long should I charge my gel blaster gun?

Gel blaster guns are electric toys with rechargeable batteries. The charging time depends on the battery, so it’s written in the manual. Generally, regular gel blaster guns take one to two hours to charge.

How long does the battery last on a splatter ball gun?

If you fully charge the splatter ball gun, it will last till 5,000 shots. However, it depends on the battery’s health; if your gun is old, it will last less. 

How long does it take to charge a splat ball gun?

The manual comes with explicit instructions for battery charging. It has a high-power lithium-ion battery, so it takes around 4 hours to charge fully.


Now you know how long does an Orbeez gun takes to charge? The charging time depends on the type of battery and its charging requirements. Usually, kids’ Orbeez guns use alkaline batteries; they take 1 to 2 hours to charge and sometimes three. Advanced Orbeez guns have lithium-ion batteries that take less time to charge and are long-lasting. Regularly check battery health; do not undercharge and overcharge them; both situations harm the battery’s health.

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