Don’t you think that the Orbeez gun provides ultimate fun? Whether it is a rainy day, a summer day, or even a windy day, Orbeez guns provide great fun with long hours of playing and shooting with friends. Being one of the most famous toys available on the market, did you wonder how fast do Orbeez guns shoot?

The gun is very user-friendly because it has a comfortable grip and the barrel is filled with gel balls. It is indeed the most popular toy available on the market and is trending with several affordable and accessible choices.

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What is special about the Orbeez guns?

Orbeez guns are safe to play with. The gel balls do not hurt anyone, but they are soft and squishy in structure. They are also referred to as “airsoft guns,” with additional sound effects to make the play more interesting. Orbeez guns are special because they are available at a reasonable price and are made of durable material.

How fast do Orbeez guns shoot?

Orbeez guns shooting time

There is no doubt Orbeez guns are fun to play with because of the colorful balls. Let’s see how far your colorful ball can go when you have one of the best Orbeez guns, as shown below.

  • Electric Gel Ball Blaster Splatter Kit

It is available with 10,000 gel beads and shoots at a speed of 100 balls per minute.

  • Splatter ball Brum Automatic Orbeez Gun 2022

This special and unique shape gun is available with 50,000 gel balls. It throws gel balls in three different modes with a range of 50 to 65 feet.

  • M416 OENLOL gel ball blaster with semi-auto and full auto functions

It consists of a double-tube gel blaster that shoots brightly colored balls with a range of 65 feet. 20 balls are shot in a minute with a sound effect, bringing great fun.

  • Splatter Ball Blaster with Water Ammo and MP5 Toy

With 30,000 gel balls and super shooting ability, it can shoot almost 10 balls every 2 seconds. The shooting distance is 60 to 70 feet.

  • Gelfps Gel ball blaster

It is available with 30,000 gel balls to enjoy the wild play. For wild firing, this Orbeez gun shoots 10 balls every second with a firing range of 100 feet.

  • Gel Splat ball Blaster Electric

The electric splatter ball orbeez gun can shoot at least five balls every second. Its minimum range is 32 feet straight, while its maximum range in a throw line is 60 feet.

  • HGOC Gel ball Auto Splatter Gun Outdoor activities

The upgraded design of the gun is powerful and works at an incredible speed—1000 rounds per minute with a range of 60 feet. It has a long range and powerful abilities.

  • Caissa Electric Gel ball AKM-47 blaster

With 20000+ water gel balls, it throws 20 times more gel balls, bringing ultimate fun to the kids. It is appropriate for kids aged 12 or above. However, the range of the Orbeez gun is 65 feet.

  • MP5 Electric gel ball Blaster

With the 35000 gel balls, the electric gel ball blaster’s shooting speed is very good. It enables kids to shoot 300 gel balls in a minute. Its shooting range is very long and goes from 45 to 65 feet, giving an absolutely fun experience.

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How fast do Orbeez guns shoot?

Orbeez guns are designed to fire small gel balls, also known as ping pong balls. Even after 8 hours in the water, their size varies between 0.08 and 0.12 inches. Most of the Orbeez guns have the ability to shoot almost 100 balls every minute. The electric or rechargeable Orbeez guns can shoot 1400 balls, which proves to be entertaining and intriguing for long hours.

Are Orbeez guns safe to use for kids?

Orbeez guns are reliable and safe to use for kids because they fire soft gel balls at high speed to hit the target. Even though these guns are accurate and have a high rate of fire, they are not dangerous to children. The gel balls, even if hit with force, are not painful. They can never cause harm because they burst when they come into contact with any surface. It is, however, best to supervise orbeez gun play.

MP5 Electric gel ball Blaster

What are the advantages of Orbeez guns?

How fast do Orbeez guns shoot? The answer to this question determines the playing time and makes the game more entertaining. The benefits related to Orbeez guns cannot be ignored because they develop hand-eye coordination. It motivates the children to stay active and physically fit. Moreover, it is entitled as a social tool that helps kids play with each other.

Can kids play with Orbeez Gun indoors?

Orbeez guns are safe to play with because they just shoot water-filled pellets. It is easy to play with but is not considered a toy. So, most people do not consider it safe to play indoors. Even though it does not damage surfaces, it is best to avoid it and take precautions while playing.

How fast do Orbeez guns shoot?

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Each gun has its unique features and functions, but every kid wants to know how fast do Orbeez guns shoot? Most of the shooting capacity and range are mentioned above, but the average range is from 60 to 65 feet with 6 to 7 balls per second. They possess a large reservoir that can be filled with gel balls for hours of fun. So, if you are looking for some shooting fun for your kid, this is one reliable option.