Freezing water beads is a common dilemma that everyone faces, and this query is often asked on many platforms. Orbeez enthusiasts are eager to try new techniques and methods to make the game more enjoyable. Especially when Orbeez guns became a trend, the question of freezing Orbeez beads also started to surge.

So, can you freeze Orbeez to make them hard to hit? Well, yes, you can, but how? Talking about the chemical and physical state of Orbeez, yes, you can freeze them because they have 90% water content in them. Freeze Orbeez enhances the fun when you freeze them, but there are some downsides to it, too.

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can you put orbeez in the fridge?

Let’s explore more about the frozen Orbeez, and also learn the pros and cons of freezing Orbeez with safety considerations.

Freezing Orbeez is no big deal; it is a simple process, and anyone can do it. Orbeez is made from water-absorbent polymer that is tough when dry, but after soaking in water, it swells. Beads absorb the water and retain it in their structure.

First of all, soak the packet of Orbeez in a large water bowl overnight. It will allow them to absorb a good amount of water. Then, strain the excess water and let the Orbeez air dry for a bit in a shady and well-ventilated place. 

Spread them in a tray with a single layer and place them in the freezer for at least two hours. The water content in Orbeez beads crystallizes, forming ice, and voila, now you have frozen Orbeez beads. 

How Can You Freeze Orbeez?

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It is not a standard practice to freeze Orbeez as it comes with hazards. Well, what happens when you freeze Orbeez, let’s see:

The texture of the contained water inside Orbeez changes when you freeze it as the ice expands in size of the original water, which makes Orbeez’s shape expand, too. Their brittle structure also results in breaking upon impact.

Freezing Orbeez fully takes a lot of time, from hours to days; the more you freeze them, the more they will become hard. The reason is the insulating properties of beads, which makes them take more to freeze than a glass of water.

As I have discussed above, the structure of Orbeez changes when you freeze them. It takes away their elasticity and makes them brittle. Brittle Orbeez has a high chance of disintegrating on impact. 

If you want to experiment, then you can go for fun sensory play with frozen Orbeez by putting them in a bowl. Other than that, you can use them with water balloons to fight on a hot summer day.

What Happens When You Freeze Orbeez?

Frozen Orbeez are not ideal to play, especially when the kids are involved. Here are a few safety considerations that you must follow while playing with frozen Orbeez:

If your kids are less than eighteen, then supervise them while they are playing with frozen Orbeez. They should not target their fellows or put frozen Orbeez in their mouths. 

Orbeez are small in size; if a child swallows it, it has a high risk of choking. When they are frozen, the choking hazard becomes more serious. It can lead to shortness of breath and tightness in the chest.

If you want to freeze Orbeez, then only use plain water. Please do not mix it with any other chemical or solvents; it is highly forbidden as it comes with many hazards.

Unique Sensory ExperienceTexture Change
Aesthetic AppealLonger Freezing Times
Creative Craft PossibilitiesPotential for Breakage
Cool Ice Cube AlternativesSupervision Required
Potential for Therapeutic UseChoking Hazard
Fun and EntertainingLimited Reusability
can you put orbeez in the fridge really

Can water gel beads be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze Orbeez gel beads and use them for various purposes like decorations, sensory play, pain ice packs, and reusable neck cooler patches. 

Can I freeze Orbeez and shoot them?

Yes, you can freeze them, but shooting with frozen Orbeez is against the law. The freezing process makes them hard projectiles that can cause severe harm if struck with skin or objects.

Can I use Orbeez as ice?

Yes, you can use water-absorbed Orbeez. Take the amount you want, put it in a zip lock bag, and freeze it for 30-60 minutes. You are good to use it as an ice pack to relieve muscle pain. 

You have got an answer to your question: can you freeze Orbeez or not? Yes, you can freeze Orbeez, but keep in mind that it is not ideal practice. Freezing Orbeez will alter their true shape and make them lose elasticity. Their brittle structure will break easily on the slightest impact after firing. Keep in mind the safety considerations if you are handling frozen Orbeez.

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