Do you want to maximize your fun? Let’s learn how to make an Orbeez gun. Orbeez is gaining much popularity due to the overall design of the gun.

How to make an Orbeez gun? Well, before making the gun, you should know the basics of Orbeez. The water beads used in the gun are tiny beads that take time to grow. It’s a jelly-like ball that comes in different sizes and shapes and provides limitless creativity.

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The following article will show you the procedures to make the Orbeez gun and all the possible ingredients you need to enhance your creativity and have some fun by creating Orbeez guns. 

How to Make an Orbeez Gun

Materials and Tools Needed to Make the Orbeez Gun:

You must have the following tools and materials to make the Orbeez gun. These are as follows:

  • PVC pipes (multiple diameters)
  • PVC connectors (elbows, tees.)
  • PVC glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic bottle with cap
  • Drill with bits
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Orbeez (multiple packs for maximum fun)
  • Water
Materials and Tools Needed to Make the Orbeez Gun:

Methods to Make An Orbeez Gun:

To make a great Orbeez gun, you need to understand each step and follow it very carefully. The following are the steps:

Building Of Base Structure:

First, you need to use the PVC pipes and connections.

Orbeez gun making with peipes

Now, by cutting the PVC pipes up to the required length of your size and design.

Then, it would help if you made the framework by building the pipes with tees and elbows.

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Now, apply the PVC glue to the point of joining and fix them, which makes a solid framework.

Now dry it. 

Construction of the Firing System:

Now, construct the Orbeez gun firing system. All you need is the chamber to contain the Orbeez and a device that can forcefully release the Orbeez from it.

Firing sytem for orbeez gun

You have to attach the more extended section to the framework.

To make the Orbeez loading pint, make the hole at the bottom.

Attach the PVC elbow or tees to function as the outlet for the firing system.

The tee has to join with the upper end of the chamber. 

Including the Trigger Mechanism:

You have to connect the shortest PVC pipe to the outflow of the chamber to include the new triggering system.

Making orbeez gun at home

It will be the Orbeez gun barrel. Make the hole by using the drill into the pipe for the trigger.

Insert the PVC (short piece) into the hole tube as an extension.

It will be a trigger extension. For maximum gun operation, use the hot melt adhesive to bond it so the trigger can pull and hold easily. 

Orbeez Gun Loading and Firing:

Now put the Orbeez into the reservoir of the rifle.

Put the Orbeez and water into the plastic bottle to grow ultimately.

By removing the bottle cap, fasten it to the chamber having loading holes.

Compress the bottle and fill it. And firmly secure it again.

Hold on to the pistol firmly and aim the gun at your target.

Pull the trigger, let the compressed air out, and move the Orbeez forward; while playing, you can notice how vibrant the sphere soars. 

Safety Measures for Making the Orbeez Gun:

Following are the safety measures to make the Orbeez gun. Remember, safety always comes first, so if you need to choose, always go for safety; it will help to reduce severe incidents. 

 Adults Supervision:

The first and foremost step is to supervise your child during each step, and he should understand the danger of the procedure.

Even keep an eye on them when they play. And make sure everyone around them is safe.

The target aim of the Orbeez gun towards people and animals isn’t permissible, and it will only bring harm.

Select the right target, like impact-resistant stuff or specific areas.

Wearing Safety Prop for Your Eyes:

If you are playing or fighting with the Orbeez gun, or any other activity that includes shooting, you should wear safety glasses for that.

So that the chances of your eyes getting damaged become minimal. 

Proper Handling:

When you use the Orbeez gun, hold it very firmly and keep it under your control.

Protect your surroundings always, and never aim recklessly. 

Cleanliness and Storage of the Orbeez Gun:

Clean the wipe water spilled on the floor when using your Orbeez gun so people don’t slip.

Please ensure the firearm is safe and out of reach of young children so that no one can misuse it. 

Safety Measures for Making the Orbeez Gun:


In conclusion, if you follow the above steps of how to make an Orbeez gun? Then you will transform your fun with creativity and make a great Orbeez gun. The whole procedure is captivating and engages your child in exploration.

You can spend hours making the gun and then playing with it. You can upgrade your gun, keeping the safety precautions that will give you so much to experience and a journey full of exploration, fun, creativity, and a brand new Orbeez gun made by you.