Various people join the Orbeez gun blasting hobby. Here, they can learn how to use Orbeez guns, especially helpful for beginners. Usually, the Orbeez guns are tools for blasting small decorative beads that are accessible in various sizes and shapes and can be found at different retailers.

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Nowadays, the revolutionized toy market has brought significant changes in Orbeez gun models. The most essential element in spending thrill time is to know the effective and simple way to utilize these guns. Meanwhile, their durability and entertainment value make them a worthwhile investment as Orbeez guns gain popularity online for hours of fun.

Hence, before purchasing these guns, we recommend you know the most efficient methods of using them. Afterward, you become able to make your best purchasing decisions.

How to Use Orbeez Gun?

How are Orbeez Guns working?

This toy firearm is designed to shoot small water-absorbent beads. As you know, these beads are crafted from a polymer material capable of absorbing water. You’re able to prepare your toy for use, and you must soak these small spheres in a water-filled container. Over a few hours, they expand to approximately 7-8mm in size.

Therefore, the appropriate functioning of an Orbeez gun relies on a spring-loaded piston. That piston accomplishes the air pump to generate air pressure. This pressure is used to drive the water beads out of your firearm’s barrel. 

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Furthermore, these gel guns exhibit a muzzle velocity of roughly 30-50fps, which is significantly lower than the frequency of an airsoft gun. That’s why these Orbeez gel blasters are considered more secure for use by adults and even by younger ones.

While hitting the target place, the water beads burst and disintegrate into tiny fragments. These fragments are eventually dissolvable in water because they are water-soluble. Hence, this gameplay contributes to the environmentally friendly nature of Orbeez blasters.

Detailed view on how to Use the Orbeez guns?

  • First, gamers need to load the water beads into the Orbeez gun’s magazine
Detailed view on how to Use the Orbeez guns?
  • Uplift the spring piston that’s having an air pump
  • Pull its trigger and release the piston 
Detailed view on how to Use the Orbeez guns?
  • After releasing it, the piston’s air pressure drives the water beads from the Orbeez gun’s barrel. When these beads hit the target, they burst
Detailed view on how to Use the Orbeez guns?
  • The fragments from the gel beads disintegrate and dissolve in water

However, the Orbeez guns offer a relatively safe and eco-friendly form of entertainment suitable game. This gameplay provides an enjoyable way to have fun for all ages while also promoting their physical activity.

How can you prepare and use your Orbeez Gun?

There is a step-by-step guide for using and setting it up:

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  • Go through the Instructions: You must start by carefully reading the provided instructions. Usually, this step is vital to guide you through the specific setup process for your Orbeez gun model. 
  • Hydrate your Gel beads: You must soak your beads in water and prepare them before use. The required soaking duration may alter according to the type of gel balls. These beads must require 4-6 hours (maybe overnight) to be soaked.
  • Load Gel Beads into the Magazine: The Orbeez gun’s magazine is the compartment that stores the water beads. Different guns may have varying magazine types, so ensure you understand how to load the specific magazine your gun uses.
  • Insert the Battery: Various guns rely on a battery system to power their air pump. Now, you can locate the battery compartment that is typically situated in the blaster’s handle and insert the battery.
  • Activate your Orbeez gun: You can see a switch turn it to the “on” position (usually located at your gun’s side).
  • Target and Fire: On activation of your gun, you can set your targeted position and then shoot away.

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What’s the optimal approach for utilizing an Orbeez gun?

You first ensure that your guns are clean and protected from any leakage. When you’ve used them, the gun should be thoroughly dried by tissues. If you don’t care for your toys and use them without any instructions, it may end up harmful. 

However, if you neglect the proper storage practices or fail to clean your gun adequately. It can result in gel beads absorbing moisturization from the environment, which leads to potential damage. So, these defective water balls can cause harm to the Orbeez gun.

What's the optimal approach for utilizing an Orbeez gun?

Are there any potential risks while use Gel Orbeez Firearm?

Although Orbeez guns are generally safe, there is one primary concern to be aware of. You should closely supervise your children during play to prevent accidental ingestion of the gel beads.

It’s because these can expand in the kids’ stomachs and potentially lead to blockages. Furthermore, if they use their guns improperly, it can cause serious injury or breakage for kids.

What are the tips for Orbeez Gun Usage?

You need to go for these unique tips for using an Orbeez gun:

  • Select the right Orbeez gun from the accessible options that suit your preferences
  • Load your gun with colorful and varied beads that are easily found at craft stores
  • Point the gun at your desired target and gently squeeze the trigger to release the small ball, which will adhere to your targeted surface
  • You can stay creative by using different colors and sizes of Orbeez to craft captivating designs and effects
  • After playing, remove the beads from the surface with a cloth
What are the tips for Orbeez Gun Usage?

Is it possible to reuse Orbeez guns?

Absolutely, Orbeez guns come in various price points, yet they remain reusable.

To do so, you have to simply refill the magazines with Orbeez and pump them again for shooting practice.

Final Thoughts

Orbeez Guns brings coordination improvement among communities, outdoor fun, and practicing for your aim. Hence, after going through our detailed information, you’ve learned how you can use these guns safely. Now, you’re capable of purchasing your desired Orbeez gun and initiating your outdoor gaming activity.