Are you also afraid of low battery? Well, what can you do? These days it is available almost in every electronic device or battery-operated machine and toy to get charged. But you can make it less frustrating by properly charging it. 

Today the topic of discussion is the charging capacity of the toy which is very famous which Orbeez toy gun is. How to charge Orbeez’s gun or splatter ball gun? The answer to the simple question is also very simple. Just plug it into the charger for a good 2 to 4 hours if the gun is electric. If there is any other method of keeping the battery full. Read it in the manual. 

How to Charge Orbeez Gun? (How Long Does An Orbeez Gun Take To Charge?)

It’s time to explore the toy and its battery. 

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Orbeez Toy Gun with and without Batteries:

There are two types of Orbeez guns, and the charging capacity and method depend upon the type and the model of the gun, which are as follows:

 Manual Type:

There is no battery or charging port for the manual gun. You just have to fill the Orbeez and shoot. 

Electrical Type:

There is a reservoir inside the Orbeez gun for the Orbeez to hold. The electric motor helps to bring out the Orbeez from the gun either with high or low speed depending on the shooter.

There are also some guns which are electric guns that have the feature of automatic firing along with multiple firing modes and adjustable ranges for shooting. 

Orbeez Toy Gun with and without Batteries:

Ways to Charge Manually and Electrically:

Like the types of guns, the charging time depends on it. 

Toy Gun without Battery:

There is no charging time for the Orbeez gun, but since the gun is manual, the size of the Orbeez gun should be very accurate and adequately soaked so that the gun can function correctly.

With Battery:

It would help to charge the electric gun before using it because it has a battery. The charging of electric guns depends upon the different models and brands. Generally, charging the battery entirely takes nearly two to three hours. 


Never overcharge the gun because these toys can get easily damaged due to overcharging. And it also reduces the battery time of the gun. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your charging within the limit, which will help with long-lasting batteries. 

How Can You Enjoy Without Getting Frustrated?

Isn’t it an interesting question and a much-needed one? So to answer the question, go with the very straightforward steps which are as follows:

Usually charging is a very frustrating process isn’t it? But the toy Orbeez weapon charging isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is simply shut the toy off and double-check it.

Then, to further go with the procedure of charging, locate the switch connect the cable and the switch, and leave the gun there for a good 2 to 4 hours for a complete and full battery. Once you see the completion of the process, disconnect and enjoy. 

Ready to Test the Toy Orbeez?

Following are the steps to test the Orbeez gun and its working after the fully charged. The steps are as follows to make sure the gun is working correctly. 

Fill the Gun with Gel Beads: 

Follow the instructions in the manual to load the amount of Orbeez within the safe limit. Don’t overflow the Orbeez which can damage the gun.

Ready to Test the Toy Orbeez? : Fill the Gun with Gel Beads: 

Start Up: 

After filling the Orbeez, it’s time to turn on the gun. All you have to do is to push the power button. 

Ready to Test the Toy Orbeez? :  Start Up: 

Shooting System of the Toy:

It’s time to test the fire system of the gun. All you have to do is to press the firing button and check the system if by any means things so wrong check the manual.

Ready to Test the Toy Orbeez? :  Shooting System of the Toy:

Accuracy of the Toy Gun:

It’s time to shoot. Target the object, keep a safe distance from it, and pull the trigger. It will tell you whether the gun is properly working or not. 

Final Check: 

It is very important to enjoy with the same spirit that you had at first, but only if your toy weapon is working properly. and to make it work, you need to have the final check of any residue or particles that can worn off the toy and remove it simply for future destruction of the game. 

Ready to Test the Toy Orbeez?


In conclusion, by considering the two factors such as the name of the Orbeez toy gun and its manufacturer number and categories of Orbeez gun, you can have a long time to invest in playing with Orbeez gun.

The answer to the question How to Charge Orbeez Gun? Is the 2.5 to 5 hrs. Maximum to complete the process? To play without frustration charge the gun because it takes hours to charge. You can play happily without frustration. Moreover, cleaning and testing the gun before using it is essential and ensuring not to overcharge it.