You might be aware that Orbeez gel guns have become the favorite toy for kids globally because it is quite different from other activities. But do you know that Orbeez guns cause so many injuries if they are not used properly? Yes, it’s true and it is necessary to get awareness about the Orbeez gun injuries as it is about the safety of your children.  

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According to the survey, teenagers are playing with these guns carelessly performing various innocuous-sounding experiments. This causes a lot of injury cases such as it can damage your eyes if fired offhandedly. Not only that but also you can fire the beads inside the gun at high speed which can be dangerous for people around there. 

Orbeez Gun Injury

Well, this is not enough to know about the Orbeez gel gun injuries. You must also learn about the proper usage and safety tips of the Orbeez gun that you can get in this post. Let’s start!

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What are the chances of Orbeez Gun Injury? 

Recently, Orbeez guns have raised concerns about water bead injuries, which can be serious if not prevented. These gel guns are filled with soft, colorful gel bullets and water pellets that you can fire at higher speeds. Gel blasting gun is the other name of these guns as they have utilized gel blasters in the manufacturing. 

What are the chances of Orbeez Gun Injury? 

The balls of Orbeez guns are non-toxic and biodegradable having no sharp edges to make them completely safe. In the United States, the trend of Orbeez gel guns has become common not only to children but also to adults. Mostly, adults use these gel-blasting guns in the clubs at high speeds which can be very risky for other people in the club. 

Although Orbeez guns have an innovative design structure that is according to the safety measures, they can be dangerous. Orbeez gun injuries have become a common concern of people before going to buy these bullet guns for children. 

If someone blasts with these blasting guns inappropriately or at higher speeds, there will be chances of scrapes. Also, this can cause other injuries such as bruises and cuts

Moreover, if these guns are not used under adult supervision, you can get severe harm that includes concussions as well as eye impairments. So, it is highly suggested that use these blasting guns following all the safety precautions and under supervision.

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Are Orbeez gel blasters painful? 

There are various kinds of blasting guns such as guns with plastic bullets and paintballs. When it comes to the Orbeez gel blasters, they do not hurt more than other playing guns. But they can be painful and irritating when hit with higher speeds.

In comparison to other toys like plastic bullets or paintballs, gel blasters are less uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that your level of pain or distress will differ depending on different elements. 

The following are the factors that will describe the level of pain due to Orbeez guns: 

  • Type of Orbeez Gun 
  • FPS (Feet per Second) 
  • Type of Orbeez 
  • Shooting Distance 
Are Orbeez gel blasters painful? 

What is the best way to treat Injuries from the Orbeez Gun? 

If a facial mask is not worn and Orbeez has shot from a low-power ball gun at a close range, it can be harmful. It could result in scratches and more serious injuries to delicate parts. 

The best method for dealing with Orbeez gun damage is to visit a doctor or emergency provider as soon as you can. This way, they can determine the level of the damage and offer the proper medical care. 

Also, you can treat small injuries like wounds, scratches, and bruises at home. For this, you can use over-the-counter drugs and natural treatments like cold packs as well as hot towels.

Tips to keep children safe from Orbeez Gun Injuries 

If you want to keep your children safe from all types of Orbeez gun injuries while playing, you can follow the tips given below:

  • You must instruct your children to not point the gun at the eye or any other sensitive part of the body. 
  • It is essential to tell kids to always shoot from a distant range. 
  • You should allow your kids to play with these Orbeez guns only under the supervision of adults. In this way, you can prevent any misshape. 
  • Whether you are an adult or it’s your child playing with the Orbeez gel guns, it is preferable to wear gloves, masks, and glasses. This will prevent any kind of danger from happening. 
  • You must educate your children to avoid hitting unknown people as it can hurt someone by hitting the bullets. 
  • You should tell your children to not show out Orbeez guns in public because it could spread fear.  
  • If you have loaded the gun, you must avoid sticking your finger within the chamber.
  • To prevent jamming, you must keep the rifle neat and devoid of dust.
Tips to keep children safe from Orbeez Gun Injuries 


Do Orbeez guns hurt more than airsoft guns? 

Well, how much pain you feel when using an Orbeez gun varies depending on the kind of Orbeez gun model you have. But compared to airsoft, the hurt and pain are significantly less.

How fast do Orbeez guns shoot? 

Orbeez guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This way, the power will vary based on the particular kind of toy. Thus, normal Orbeez beads have a maximum shooting rate of 200 feet per second.

Are Orbeez guns safe for children to play with? 

Orbeez guns are a type of playing gun that fires small bouncy balls composed of water-absorbing material. Children can safely utilize the Orbeez balls because they are recyclable, and unharmful if consumed mistakenly.


Now that you are aware of the Orbeez gun injuries I have discussed all the points related to the Orbeez guns. It is essential to take care of all the precautions to avoid all kinds of troubles and discomforts. 

You must teach your children to not hit directly on the face or any delicate body part of the body. This will prevent all kinds of hassles and discomforts. Not only that but also it is good to spread awareness about the injuries and risks related to Orbeez guns. 

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