Orbeez guns are always a fun activity to play with and use in different games or for stress adjustments, as they are easy to bounce and squish. 

How to load an Orbeez gun? There are a few basic steps to load an Orbeez gun and specific safety measures for the Orbeez guns to grow. There are particular requirements that you may need for the Orbeez gun. 

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The following article will help you understand how to load and grow the Orbeez and the possible safety measures to load and play with the Orbeez gun.

How to Load an Orbeez Gun?

How to Load Orbeez Gun?

If you want to play with the Orbeez gun, you must understand how to load the gun. By following the primary and straightforward steps, you will learn how to play with it.  

Things You Need

  • Orbeez Gun
  • Orbeez

Methods to Load the Orbeez Gun:

Fill the gun with the Orbeez in it by simply filling up the compartment of the shooter with the Orbeez. Now set the gun for shooting.

Pull the trigger and aim in the direction you want to hit. Now press the trigger to shoot and keep it down until all the Orbeez come out of the gun. 

Safety Measures for the Orbeez Gun:

When your kids play with the Orbeez gun, prioritizing the kid’s safety is the foremost step. No doubt that the Orbeez guns are fun to play with, but they should be used very carefully. Following are the tips to keep your kid safe:

Recommended Age:

  Orbeez gun is not for toddlers; they are for kids who are above 12 year old. Younger than 12 can play with the gun under their parent’s supervision.  

Preparation Procedure:

 Before using the gun, it is essential to accurately grow the gel balls by soaking them in water for the maximum hours to attain the desirable size for the Orbeez gun.  

Storage of the Gun:

When you are done playing or not playing at all, it is better to keep it in a safe place and out of reach of the child. 

Safety Measures for the Orbeez Gun:


Make sure to buy a gun for the age of your child. Please don’t give them the gun of the older child. There are different sizes of Orbeez guns for other age groups. Choose the suitable model of the gun and the right brand of the Orbeez. 

Tips for Parents: 

It is the most crucial point your children should know the safety rules and follow them correctly. Teach them about the safety of themselves and the people around them. Younger kids need to play under the supervision of their parents.

Tips for Parents: 


It is simple steps, and to play it with more accuracy, it’s better to have a good gun of the right size according to the child’s age and the right brand of the Orbeez.

Because the lowest or poor brand of the Orbeez may damage your gun or may not grow fully, it is better to have everything accurately and then load the gun and, before that, know all the safety measures for the kids.