An Orbeez gun is considered a toy firearm that propels spherical, soft water bead projectiles utilizing super-absorbent polymer technology. You are going to learn its various other names, such as gel blast gun. This name may sound elaborate, but it does indeed propel these soft bullet beads through its barrel with force. Remember, it’s not a genuine weapon, but highlighting the Orbeez gun.

What is Orbeez Gun?

These exciting gun toys are designed to discharge small colored balls that are equal in size to grains. These balls have the capacity to expand while soaking in the appropriate amount of water. These balls are manufactured by specific water-absorbing polymer. So they must be immersed in water, where they expand to approximately 7-8mm in size after a few hours of soaking.

What are the Orbeez Guns Called?

What additional names are Orbeez guns called?

Orbeez guns are known by various names, with the most frequently searched ones being as follows:

  • Gel Blaster
  • Orbeez blaster
  • Water gel blaster
  • Gel Ball blaster 
  • Hydrogel blaster
  • Orbeez gun
  • Gelsoft gun 
  • Water bead gun

Gel Ball Blaster is also called by different names;

  • Gel shooter 
  • Hydro blaster
  • Hydro marker
  • Gel gun 
  • Water bead blaster 
  • Gel marker

Furthermore, numerous alternative names exist for this product, such as orbeez gun. Another fact is that there isn’t a universally established term for what to call an Orbeez gun. These guns rely on a similar mechanism and utilize identical ammunition (typically small gel balls like water beads or Orbeez beads). 

What additional names are Orbeez guns called?

What are the additional names for water beads or orbeez?

Orbeez guns blast the small ammunition. Hence, these colorful bullets are also called by plenty of other names:

  • Water bullets
  • Hydrogel balls 
  • Water beads
  • Gel balls (common)
  • Hydrogel water ball
  • Hydrogel beads

However, orbeez guns propel 6–8 mm (0.24–0.31 in) water orbeez and bring suitable gameplay for adults and kids. This gameplay engages all ages in entertaining gameplay without any harmful outcomes.

These gel balls are often commercially available as moisture-retaining products for pot/vase floriculture, gardening, and gaming. You’re able to acquire multifold hydrogel beads, but you must stay conscious while selecting them. It’s because not all orbeez are suited for everybody.

Hence, with varying models and types of Orbeez guns, it’s quite challenging for beginners to choose the best toys. However, these guns are pronounced by different names, and it is hard to pick the appropriate one. Here, we’ve enlisted various top-rated Orbeez guns with different names, and it’s easy for you to make a decision:

What are the additional names for water beads or orbeez?


NameCapacityAdditional FeaturesBlast ModesAutomate/
Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Full Auto20,000MrBeast brandingFull AutoAutomatic
Gel Blaster Surge XLN/AN/ASemi or AutomaticAdjustable Blast Speed
Tansar Gel Splatter Blaster100-200Comes with gogglesAutomaticAutomatic
Big Splatter Ball Electric Blaster150-200Electric poweredSemi-AutomaticN/A
Akvich Large Gel Plaster with Drum2000-4000Large Drum CapacitySemi or AutomaticAutomatic/
Large Gel Cool Ball Blaster M4A1N/AM4A1 designSemi or AutomaticN/A
CAISSA Electric with Gel Ball Blaster400-500Pink color schemeAutomaticAutomatic
2 Set Electric Gel Water Bead Blaster1000-15002-pack setSemi or AutomaticAutomatic/
GUNSTAR P90 Gel Blaster Pack2500-3000P90 designSemi or AutomaticAutomatic/
BincaBom Mp7 Electric Gel Ball Blaster200-300Mp7 designAutomatic PistolAutomatic
Hongvchang Gel Ball BlasterN/AN/AAutomaticAutomatic

What are the common types of Gel Guns?

  • Orbeez Gun Pistol (Glock orbeez guns)
  • Orbeez Rifle (Long Barreled gun)
  • Orbeez shotgun
  • Orbeez Gun Sniper
  • Orbeez Gun Machine (Submachine Guns SMG)(Light machine Gun; LMG)
  • Orbeez gun Automatic
What are the common types of Gel Guns?


Well, engaging in Orbeez blaster gameplay can provide a highly enjoyable experience, promote a positive mood, and offer enjoyable physical activity.

Though, it’s essential to know all possible names of this toy gun. Different companies and regions have mentioned the same toy with different names.

Ultimately, as a safety precaution, all gamers must first know the names of these toys. Then, all participants may wear safety goggles to protect them from the Orbeez gun’s high-speed projectiles.