Everyone likes to play with Nerf and Orbeez guns, including kids and adults. Both of them provide thrilling sensations and are an excellent pastime activity. What if you could merge both of them and enjoy the combined fun? Many people around the internet are doing this to enhance the thrill of the game.

Nerf guns shoot foam balls that are not harmful or cause any injury. They are safe to play with, and so is the Orbeez. So, how to make an Orbeez Nerf gun and double the thrill by trying something new. Well, it is a straightforward process you can do at home.

How to Make an Orbeez Nerf Gun?

I will guide you step by step so that you can make your own Orbeez Nerf gun, creating a unique addition to your Nerf arsenal. 

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It might sound weird or challenging to make an Orbeez Nerf gun, but it is not.it is a simple process you can do without a fuss. Gather the suitable materials for the Orbeez Nerf gun and start the process.

Before starting the process, gather all the materials in one place. The materials used in this process are easy to find in your home and will not cost you an extra penny.

  • Nerf Blaster: Get your Nerf blaster that you already use; if you don’t have an advanced one, simple ones will also work fine.
  • Orbeez: You can quickly get them online or from your local stationary/toy store.
  • Water: You need water to soak Orbeez before using.
  • Container: A large plastic bowl will do the job of soaking Orbeez. 
  • A syringe: You will need a large syringe that can load Orbeez into a Nerf blaster.
  • Hot Glue Gun: You will use it to seal the Orbeez chamber.
  • Take a large container like a plastic bowl or old paint tin.
  • Add a generous amount of Orbeez to pour water over them, enough almost to fill the container.
  • Leave the Orbeez soaked in water for at least 3-4 hours. It is much better if you soak them overnight. More soaking time will allow Orbeez to grow to its fullest and become squishier.
How to Make an Orbeez Nerf Gun? : Prepare the Orbeez
  • When you are sure that Orbeez are fully grown in size, then it’s time to load them. Use a large syringe to transfer Orbeez from the bowl to the gun. You can also use a plastic funnel to make loading easier and mess-free.
  • Load the syringe to the fullest with Orbeez to provide a satisfying impact burst after applying the force.
How to Make an Orbeez Nerf Gun? : Load the Orbeez
  • Choose the area where you will install the Orbeez chamber. Most people do it with the front barrel of the Nerf gun; it is the most straightforward to work with.
  • Use the hot glue gun and attach the syringe to the selected area, pure in glue, to make a waterproof seal to secure the syringe.
  • While attaching the syringe, ensure that the mouth of the syringe will be facing forward, mimicking the gun-like opening.

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Before taking your little experiment out on the playfield, don’t forget to test it at home. 

  • Pump the syringe with a little force, loading Orbeez into the chamber. 
  • Then, aim the shot at something safe, fire the Nerf gun, and observe how Orbeez performs after impact. 
  • Change the amount of Orbeez according to the requirement of your shot and desired impact.
How to Make an Orbeez Nerf Gun? : Test your Orbeez Nerf Gun

Now that your Orbeez Nerf gun is ready do not forget the safety considerations. Always choose the safe targets. Do not aim it at living things or fragile objects that can cause harm. Wear safety goggles and clothes that fully cover your arms and legs.

Is an Orbeez gun safe?

The Orbeez gun is safe if you play it with safety considerations. Do not target people, animals, birds, plants, or any sensitive object.

What is the name of the gun that shoots Orbeez?

The gun goes by the name Gel Ball Blaster and Orbeez Gun. A toy gun fires water-absorbent beads 6-8 mm in diameter as powerful projectiles. 

Is it OK to let kids play with Nerf guns?

Yes, it is OK to let kids play with Nerf guns. However, parents must supervise while their kids are playing, teach them the safety rules, and give them minor penalties if they break them.

With these simple steps, I am sure you know how to make an Orbeez Nerf gun. Gather your materials and soak Orbeez in a large container. Fill the ready Orbeez into the syringe, and bind the syringe loaded with Orbeez to the barrel of the Nerf gun with the help of a hot glue gun. Press the syringe and load Orbeez into the chamber, and you can aim at a safe point.

Let me know in the comments if you will try modifying the Nerf gun with Orbeez and if this procedure is easy to understand.