Do you intend to purchase an Orbeez gun to spend your free time with your family? Then make the fun time exciting with the best Orbeez guns of 2024. Games with the Orbeez gun increase excitement and help to keep the body active. However, for more fun and free time, it is critical to make the right choice. Indeed, these guns satisfy the desire to fire while causing no harm to anyone.

They surely suit everyone’s budget and are durable enough to last a long time. The rising demand for Orbeez guns has resulted in the release of several variants. Orbeez guns are now available on the market with exciting features, bright colors, and long-lasting powered batteries, which makes the selection difficult. If you need fun for the entire family, let us guide you through the exciting options.

Get to know the Best Orbeez Guns?

Finding the best Orbeez guns among the numerous products on the market can be a daunting task. We will assist you in finding the best gel blasters. So, dig in deeper and start with the Orbeez gun.

What will be the best Orbeez guns of 2024?

Orbeez guns are well-known toy guns that fire small biodegradable and non-toxic gel balls. The little gel balls break when they hit anything and naturally evaporate without leaving any color or stains. The gel balls are considered ammo for the guns; they come in various colors and are a bit squishy. They are kept in water for at least 8 hours to get to their desired size after getting hydrated.

Make a good purchase with the best Orbeez guns

There is no doubt that Orbeez guns are a good investment that enhances outdoor activities. All kids will get a chance to have a good time with this great purchase. So, get to know the best Orbeez guns.

1- Herisona Gel Orbeez Gun blaster

It is a reliable and great option for kids in their teens. It consists of an LED light that flashes with the trigger, giving a realistic experience. During the aim, the flashing light helps kids see and target more clearly. You do not need to worry about mildew buildup with the gun because it doesn’t soak up water.

The Orbeez gun shoots gel balls over a long distance, allowing you to blast with your friends. It is available with more than 40 gems that are loaded to shoot like real bullets at the enemies. The Herisona Gel Orbeez Gun is suitable for kids over 10 and up.

The bullets do not stick to any surface or leave any marks. The gun is available with a Herisona extra tube for practice in the basement, backyard, or living room. However, its bullets come out with more power as compared to other guns, but it is safe.

Herisona Gel Orbeez Gun blaster


  • It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • It is perfect to get rid of stress.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is portable and easy to carry.


  • Cleaning the Herisona Gel Orbeez gun will take some time.

2- Caissa Electric Gel Orbeez gun ball blaster

Caissa electric gel Orbeez gun ball blaster is everyone`s favorite. It has a sleek design that enables you to unleash colorful balls at the target. It uses water balls at a distance of 40 feet every second.

It is simple and easy to use. However, its capacity to hold ammo is large, enabling kids to practice shooting for long hours. The gun runs on a rechargeable battery. It provides excellent play opportunities for children, such as scavenger hunts for jewels and gold coins. It is truly a powerful gun that can launch gel balls nonstop to hit the target. The gun comes with two capsules. The balls and capsules can be reused to hit the target.

Caissa Electric Gel Orbeez gun ball blaster


  • It is ideal for both children and adults.
  • It’s a lot of fun for a long time.
  • It is fast and smooth to play.
  • The huge tank holds unlimited gel balls.


  • It has a loud voice.
  • Even the gel balls are loud when shot.

3- Anstoy-friendly gel ball Orbeez Gun

Anstoy is the optimal choice if you want your child to explore fun and enjoy some creativity. The real ball-shooting Orbeez gun shoots large, squishy gel balls 15 feet away. The gel balls are small in size, but kids aged 6 and older will surely have a lot of fun.

Anstoy-friendly gel ball is one of the best Orbeez guns of 2024. Kids can play with it indoors and have hours of fun. The balls are safe to use and are available in a variety of colors. The gun is easy to use and shoots with little effort. It is an excellent way to let go of boredom. However, the gun has a unique design and is eco-friendly.

Anstoy-friendly gel ball Orbeez Gun


  • The gel balls are made of eco-friendly material.
  • It is easy to load or reload the Orbeez gun.
  • Its design is very cool.
  • It is specifically designed for kids.


  • It is not much durable or long-lasting to use.

4- Fluorspar lighting gel ball Orbeez gun

If you are looking for a gel ball gun that suits kids aged 12 or older, the Fluorspar lighting gel ball gun is a perfect choice. It is great and optimal to have a top-notch shooting game. Its design is fabulous because it comes with fluorescent light and a dual-luminous absorbing shell. The great LED light feature adds excitement to the play.

The gun comes with 40.000 beads and over 10000 luminous beads, as well as infrared goggles. It comes in a transparent color so that kids can play horror games, especially at night.

Fluorspar lighting gel ball Orbeez gun


  • It is available in a unique design.
  • Its design is exceptional.
  • It is famous as a cool LED Orbeez gun
  • Available in good packaging


  • It is expensive as compared to other guns.
  • LED lighting is bright only at night, but not very much bright
  • It is suitable only for kids age 12 or above

5- Gel blaster Surge Orbeez Gun

Gel Blaster Surge is a fun water toy and a powerful Orbeez gun. The gun has different four shooting speeds which can be adjusted according to the play. Kids love to play with this adjustable gun because it provides hours of fun with colorful gel balls. Gel blaster surge allows kids to fire or shoot the target in the desired direction. However, the gun is light in weight so that even kids at a young age can carry it and play with it without hassle. The transparent body enables kids to see when to reload the gun.

The gun has a trigger lock and is available in red and yellow colors. It is available at a reasonable price and enables you to select from various speeds. Thus, it is one of the best Orbeez guns.

Gel blaster Surge Orbeez Gun


  • It consists of a simple and unique design.
  • It enables to adjust the shooting speed according to the play.
  • It has a translucent body design.
  • The scope is detached to aim for the target.


  • Despite the fact that the design is simple, some people find it too simple.

6- Firbert Electric Gel Orbeez Gun

This Firbert Electric Gel Orbeez gun is a copy of the MP5 machine gun. It consists of a working hammer and a removable magazine. Its bullets or gel pellets are safe to use and cover a distance of 30 feet. The tank of the gun at the top is easily removed and is used to insert and refill the ammo. It has four clips that come in handy to play the next round.

It entirely looks like a MP5 submachine gun. The red light at the front side is pushed to shoot the pellets which go at a distance of 18 feet. Thus, the Firbert electric gel Orbeez gun is great for children age 5 years and above. It comes with soft balls so that kids can have a good time.

Firbert Electric Gel Orbeez Gun


  • It is safe to use, especially for kids.
  • It has good shooting speed.
  • Proves to be an ultimate outdoor game choice
  • It has a rechargeable battery.


  • Regular cleaning of the gun is necessary.

7- JM-X2 Gel ball Orbeez gun

JM-X2 gel ball Orbeez gun comprises two shooting modes. It can be switched between automatic and manual. With just one click, kids can switch between the modes. The two modes of the Orbeez gun are perfect for experienced users and beginners. The gun has a large drum at the top that can hold more than 1500 balls so that kids do not need to reload the gun after some time.

JM-X2 Gel ball Orbeez gun


  • It has two shooting modes that can be switched between manual and automatic.
  • It has a large drum that can hold the maximum number of gel balls.
  • The Orbeez gun is certified by ASTM, CPSC, and CPC.


  • Manual shooting mode is difficult for kids to handle.

8- Coriardo Gel ball Orbeez gun

This is one of the best Orbeez guns available, with three different shooting modes. The shooting modes are automatic, burst, and single, with a high range of 70 feet and a maximum of six shots every second. The product is available with 60,000 gel balls and infrared goggles to safeguard the eyes during shooting.

Kids need to follow the safety rules while playing with the Coriardo Gel ball Orbeez gun. It needs two to three hours for a complete charge, and it is good to wear goggles at all times during the game. For a good-sized ball, soak the balls for at least 5 to 6 hours.

Coriardo Gel ball Orbeez gun


  • The color of the gun is bright.
  • It comes with a huge number of gel balls.
  • The goggles help to protect the eyes.


  • It is a powerful toy for the beginners
  • It is suitable for kids of age 7 or above
  • Gel balls need time to be of full size.
  • LED lights are not bright

Things to consider to buy the best Orbeez guns?

Before buying the best Orbeez guns, there are several factors to consider. Almost everyone looks for a reliable and long-lasting option. It is relevant to consider the factors according to price, performance, and durability. The combination of all these aspects will help to provide a unique and best product. So, get the assistance you need and make the best choice.

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The latest popular toy is all over the internet. It comes in different colors and types. It is important to consider the quality of a product before buying it. Better quality will help to get the most from the purchase and enable to enjoy the item for a longer time.


Orbeez guns are usually made of plastic and rubber. They are not very long-lasting and will not last more than 4 months. However, the latest models of Orbeez guns are made of high quality and last a long time. Even the new model is flexible and can stand good pressure without breaking. Thus, the durability of the Orbeez guns makes them worth buying.

Things to consider to buy the best Orbeez guns of 2023?


It is great to consider the reviews of the latest models of guns. They are used by adults as well as children. These guns are available in various sizes and colors. The prices vary according to the features, models, and manufacturers. So, to get the best deals, look for the best deals and read the reviews.

Final thoughts

It is overwhelming to select the best Orbeez guns, but the buying process entirely depends on the needs. Make sure to buy the Orbeez gun according to the age of your child. If your child does not have any firing skills or cannot handle a heavy or automatic gun, go for the simplest one. The latest complicated versions are suitable for teenagers.

Every child has their own taste and considers the best Orbeez guns according to their needs. The Orbeez gun market is constantly evolving, with new brands and models being introduced. So you will find some cool choices. All of them are worth recommending and are made of great quality. Don’t forget to mention your favorite choice below in the comments.