Orbeez gun bullet cost is not as much as you think. They are cheap depending on size & type; a packet can last longer than other toy gun ammunition. 

Orbeez are toy guns that resemble real-life guns pretty closely. They have caught the world of kids playing by fire for a few years. Almost every kid in the USA knows what an Orbeez gun is and how it works. Other than that, Orbeez guns are part of many shoot-and-win games at carnivals and amusement parks.

Orbeez guns are mid-range toys; their price depends on the gun model. Some are cheap, costing tens of dollars, and some advanced-design guns go up to a few hundred dollars. The same is true with Orbeez gun bullet cost; they are cheap. You can have kilograms of Orbeez bullets in just a few dollars.

Orbeez Gun Bullet Cost

Let’s learn more about the Orbeez bullets, how they are used, their types, prices, and usage period. 

What are Orbeez Gun Bullets?

As serious as it sounds, Orbeez gun bullets are as adorable as colored candies. These are tiny hard beads made of a highly water-absorbent polymer sodium polyacrylate

When you soak them in water for a few hours, they absorb water and grow about 100 times their natural size. Then, they turn into soft, squishy, colorful, water-filled balls with brightly reflecting surfaces.

Do All Orbeez Guns Use the Same Bullets?

Not all the Orbeez guns need to use the same size of Orbeez beads. Most use regular 7 – 8mm (approx. 0.3 inches) bead size. This is the smallest and most widely used in several Orbeez gun models. These are strong and do not break even when shot out with full force and struck with a surface.

The developed and more recent model uses larger 10mm (approx. 0.39 inches) beads. These beads are not as firm as the smaller ones, and they split and break when struck with a surface. 

So, when you buy an Orbeez gun, make sure to buy the right size of Orbeez beads that go with it. Generally, the ammunition size is present on the packaging of the Orbeez gun.

Do All Orbeez Guns Use the Same Bullets?

Different Types of Orbeez

According to the nature of Orbeez beads, they are of different kinds, like regular Orbeez, neon Orbeez, and many more. Each of them has unique features and prices; let’s see what they are:

Orbeez Bullet TypeFeatures
Standard Orbeez– Soft and squishy
– Non-toxic and safe for all ages
– Expands when soaked in water
– Affordable and widely available
Neon Orbeez– Bright and colorful
– Glow in the dark after exposure to light
– Same soft and safe characteristics
Rainbow Orbeez– Multicolored beads
– Offer a visually appealing option
Biodegradable OrbeezEco-friendly and decompose over time
Safe for the environment
Retain the soft texture of standard Orbeez.
Large Orbeez– Bigger size for a unique shooting experience
– Soak and expand to a large size
– Provide a different tactile feel
Ice Orbeez– Stay cool to the touch when soaked
– Fun for sensory play and hot summer days
– Share the same safety properties as standard Orbeez
Different Types of Orbeez

Price of Orbeez Bullets

One advantage of using Orbeez beads as bullets in a gun is that they are too cheap and everyone can afford them. If you buy them once they can last longer and you can enjoy playing for a long time with the money spent.

 After searching various Orbeez selling websites, I have prepared a table of approximate prices of different Orbeez rates. 

Orbeez Bead TypeApproximate Price Range (per pack)
Standard Orbeez$10 – $15 (pack of 1,000 or more beads)
Neon Orbeez$12 – $20 (pack of 1,000 or more beads)
Rainbow Orbeez$9 – $18 (pack of 1,000 or more beads)
Biodegradable Orbeez$13 – $18 (for a pack of 1,000 or more beads)
Large Orbeez$10 – $15 (for a pack of 100 or more beads)
Ice Orbeez$9 – $15 (pack of 1,000 or more beads)
Price of Orbeez Bullets


How much money is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns are not expensive; you can buy a fairly moderate Orbeez gun from $29 to a complex Orbeez gun at $59. If you visit a second-hand toy store, you can secure yourself a good Orbeez gun for even fewer bucks.

What is the strongest Orbeez gun you can buy?

UnlocX is the most powerful Orbeez gun, capable of shooting 11 rounds per second at the speed of 200 feet per second with a 1200-1800 mah powerful battery range. 

Are gel guns for kids?

Yes, gel gunUnlocX is the most powerful Orbeez gun, capable of shooting 11 rounds per second at the speed of 200 feet per second with a 1200-1800 mah powerful battery range. s are for kids, but ensure all the safety precautions are followed. Their projectile is weaker than air-soft guns, making them a better option for kids.


Orbeez gun bullet cost is not much, they are cheaper depending on nature and size. Regular-sized Orbeez are cheaper than the large Orbeez; the size depends on the type of Orbeez gun you have. Before purchasing Orbeez beads for your gun, carefully check the manufacturer’s instructions on the gun package so you get the right size of beads.

Using the wrong size Orbeez beads in your gun can impact its functioning, blocking it permanently, so be careful!