Orbeez guys are creating major hype in the United States, and parents and children are fond of it. The question is whether they are legal in the United States, especially California. Orbeez guns help kids with their motor development. But it is becoming a matter of dispute and disagreement.

Are Orbeez guns illegal in California? California has no exact say about Orbeez toys, but any toy guns that look like real guns aren’t legal in California. Due to some incidents, the laws have become very strict in California.  

Are Orbeez Guns Illegal In California?

The following article will give detailed and authentic information regarding the legality of Orbeez guns in California. Though the Orbeez is a toy gun, the states of America have their concerns. 

What Does California Law Has To Say About Orbeez?

There is no specific law of California regarding the Orbeez law that especially points out the Orbeez guns. Still, they are strictly against guns, which are replicas of rifles and accurate firearms. 

Toy Weapon in Public Places:

The gun laws in California are specifically for public safety. The rules aim to prevent dangerous situations that can turn into serious incidents and deaths. And the critical aspect is that the Orbeez toy guns fall under the category of toy gun laws. 

What Does California Law Has To Say About Orbeez? : Toy Weapon in Public Places

So, according to California law, any toy gun that is a replica or a carbon copy of an actual weapon is illegal in California; you can’t sell it or even manufacture and distribute it in California State unless the toy guns come with specific safety gun rules like having bright and vivid color. At the same time, the water beads don’t go in their imitation firearms because they have bright colors and are very different from the actual firearms. 

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The Difference Between two Various Toy Weapons:

There is a minor difference between the Orbeez guns and the airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are propelled by plastic pellets, whereas the Orbeez guns are soft and squishy balls. Airsoft guns are lookalike real guns. That is why they have more strict laws.

The Difference Between two Various Toy Weapons:

Which Areas Have Strict Restrictions?

There are certain areas where due to a few reasons, toy guns have stringent restrictions. In the regions where local laws may be implemented on the use of Orbeez guns which depend on the age, some specific regulation of toy guns, or licensing. 

The public places don’t allow alarms or toys resembling real guns. It is a must to avoid any confusion in public places.

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The international areas where the toy gun might or might not be legal. So before traveling anywhere, you must know the laws and regulations of that particular area. Even there are certain states where the laws are very different from the laws of California. 

Which Areas Have Strict Restrictions?


Is There Any Age Limit For Purchasing And Using Orbeez Guns In California?

No, California has no age limit for using or purchasing Orbeez guns, but parents should watch their children and supervise them during their playtime. 

Can You Play With The Toy Weapon In Public Places?

Undoubtedly, Orbeez guns are legal in California, but children should be very responsible in public areas. Always take care of others in public, and don’t use any unnecessary alarms. 


In conclusion, the whole article is very simple. The use of toy Orbeez are not straight illegal but yes, they have restriction in California so you have to take care of it.

Have a proper understanding and the laws of California and be very clear about the use of toy Orbeez weapons in public places because even those states that allow Orbeez guns will have different laws in public places. 

Are Orbeez Guns Illegal in California? But always remember the rules and regulations of the state change. For more recent laws from time to time, contact the legal authorities.