Adventurous teenagers are always up for trying and experimenting with new things. Especially when you run over actual supplies, you think about considering other options. Paintball is a thrilling option and recreational activity that uses biodegradable, non-toxic paint-filled pallets. 

What if you run out of paintball pallets? In such a situation, can you use Orbeez in a paintball gun? There are many vlogs on the internet where you see toy gun enthusiasts experimenting by changing the ammunition on firearms. The thing is, it is safe to use Orbeez as paintball gun ammunition, and what are their consequences?

AttributePaintball PelletsOrbeez
MaterialGelatin shell with dyeSuper absorbent polymers
Intended UsePaintball sportsPlay and decoration
Impact on HitPainful, leaves marksSoft, minimal impact
Size17.3 mm diameterVaries, but generally around 10-14 mm when fully swollen
SafetyRequires safety gearSafe for children under supervision
Environmental ImpactBiodegradable, but can take time to decomposeNon-toxic, but not biodegradable

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Can Water Beads/Gel Ball Guns Be Used in Paintball?

Let’s learn more about the possibility of using Orbeez in paintball guns. There are differences between the pros and cons of this experiment.

Orbeez are water-absorbent beads that can be used in Orbeez guns, decoration items, and sensory play for kids. However, using Orbeez in paintball gun comes with safety challenges and technical issues:

Regular Orbeez beads are smaller and rounder than paintball pallets. The difference in size can lead to issues with loading and firing them through a paintball gun. Also, the impact after shooting will not be the same as shooting paintball pallets.

The firing mechanism of different toy guns is designed to fire specific types of ammunition. The air pressure and the firing velocity are according to the particular ammunition; paintball pallets have thick shells, while Orbeez has a softer and gel-like structure. 

Paintball guns fire with force, so when you use Orbeez in it, they might break due to extensive pressure and impact. It can also damage or jam the firing mechanism of a gun.

As I have talked about velocity above, paintball gun firing velocity is according to paintball pallets. So, when you use Orbeez, there is a high chance that their irregular and soft structure will affect the trajectory and overall performance of the paintball gun.

The Feasibility of Using Orbeez in a Paintball Gun

While handling toy guns that shoot projectiles at high speed, you always need to consider safety first. While using Orbeez with paintball guns, you must keep these safety concerns in mind:

Paintballs break after you fire them and spread colors, making an eye-pleasing view. If you use Orbeez, they will not violate this quickly, and the whole point of the paintball gun will become useless. The not-breaking element can also cause hurt if it hits a person.

Paintball goggles and other safety equipment are for saving players from the impact of paintballs. So, if you are using Orbeez, the paintball eye protection will not work well because Orbeez does not break on impact.

Paintballs are harmless; that’s why they do not have any ban on them in public places. If you are using Orbeez in paintball guns, then you cannot use it in public places. Orbeez imposes public threats because they do not disintegrate after firing.

Paintballs are biodegradable, while Orbeez most probably are not. Using non-biodegradable materials causes harm to the environment and the species living in it, which is not acceptable.

Safety Concerns of Using Orbeez in Paintball Gun

Using Orbeez instead of paintballs might sound adventurous, but before you decide to experiment, go through these pros and cons:

Cost-EffectiveSize and Shape Mismatch
Less MessFiring Mechanism Issues
Reduced Impact ForceReduced Accuracy and Range
Easy CleanupSafety Concerns
Eco-Friendly (biodegradable)Regulation Compliance Issues

What can I use instead of paintballs?

Gel blasters are an excellent option to use instead of paintballs. The gel blaster pallets are made of water-absorbent polymer that is biodegradable and is not harmful to humans and animals.

Does Orbeez work for gel blasters?

Yes, they can work for gel blasters, but make sure that you use the right size of Orbeez in gel blasters. Gel balls are smaller than regular Orbeez and are more round.

Is paintball more painful than airsoft?

Both guns use different kinds of pallets in terms of material, structure, and impact. Paintball pallets are more impactful than airsoft ones. The pain factor depends on which place they struck you, the distance, and which kind of clothing you are wearing.

Wrapping up the discussion on whether you can use Orbeez in a paintball gun or not. It is not a standard practice to use Orbeez in paintball guns as they are different in size, structure, and purpose. Paintball pellets disintegrate when they strike with the surface, while Orbeez fails to do so, which makes the purpose of paintball guns useless. Other than that, using Orbeez comes with many severe hazards, so you should avoid it.

Let me know in the comment section if this discussion helped you understand why you cannot use Orbeez in paintball guns.