When your favorite toy gets stuck or starts to troubleshoot, nothing sadder than that. The world seems frozen and boring, and there is nothing good in life. If it happens to be your fun-granting Orbeez gun, the sadness gets multiplied by ten. Well, don’t worry, I have got your back.

If your gun is not working and you are wondering how to fix an Orbeez gun, then first of all, you need to diagnose the problem. There can be different reasons that your Orbeez gun is not working. 

How to Fix an Orbeez Gun?

Stay with me till the end of this scripture to become a pro in identifying troubleshooting issues in Orbeez guns and how to fix them.

Different Issues in Orbeez Guns & Fixing Them

As I have discussed above, different issues can lead your Orbeez gun to malfunction. Your gun might be facing a jamming issue, leaking issue, or faulty launch. 

Firing Issue

There might be a chance that Orbeez does not come out when you shoot, a spark is improper, or the distance is shorter. This is due to malfunctioning of the firing mechanism; follow these steps to fix:

  • Check the Orbeez Size: Check the size of the Orbeez that you are using; some guns require small Orbeez, and some require big ones. Follow manufacturer instructions for choosing the right Orbeez bead size. 
  • Check the Plunger: Unwind gun parts and see if the plunger is in normal condition; debris or broken Orbeez might be stuck. Clean the plunger thoroughly and apply a thin film of lubricant. 
  • Air Pressure: Check if the gun’s air pressure system is working properly. If the pressure is low, tighten the components or replace them with spare parts.
  • Reassemble: Retain the parts to their original position and test the gun. If the gun is still faulty or not working, then take it to a toy repair facility in the toy store. 

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Different Issues in Orbeez Guns & Fixing Them

Jamming Issue

If you pull the trigger Orbeez is not shooting; instead, it is making a shaky sound. In this situation, there is malfunctioning in the trigger mechanism, or something can be stuck there; let’s fix it:

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  • Remove the Magazine: It is evident that the issue is in a chamber, so the launching is halted. First, remove the magazine or clip from the gun to access the Orbeez chamber.
  • Check for Obstructions: Thoroughly check if the chamber has any obstructions. It can be a broken or stuck Orbeez, dirt, and debris. To remove these blockages, use a thin, long, and non-metallic tool.
  • Clean the Barrel: If the gun has a removable barrel, then remove it and clean it thoroughly. For this purpose, you can use a blow dryer or stiff bristle brush with a long handle.
  • Lubrication: Once you clean all the obstructions, it’s time to apply lubrication. For smooth working, use a thin film of liquid lubricant on parts like the plunger.
  • Reassemble: Once the lubrication is set, put back all the gun parts and test it. If it is not working yet, then move on to the possible fault.

Leaking Orbeez

As you know, Orbeez beads have a large content. If you see water dripping from your Orbeez gun while handling or shooting, then there is a leak in your gun that needs fixing:

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  • Empty the Gun: Release all the loaded Orbeez from the gun and place it in a dry place to dry it from inside. 
  • Inspect the Seals: Leaking can occur due to damage in the seals, so disassemble the gun as much as possible and observe the potential damage on the seal. If the seal has a crack, apply plastic fixing glue and let it dry.
  • Seal Maintenance: If there is no damage and all seals are perfectly fine, apply silicone grease or petroleum jelly to protect the seals.
  • Reassemble: Once the inspection and fixing are complete, place back all the parts and reassemble the gun. Reload Orbeez and see if there is still a leakage or not. 
Leaking Orbeez


Why is my gel blaster not firing?

One main reason your gun is not firing is due to the fault in the return spring. It can be rusty, incorrectly positioned, or lose its strain. Other potential reasons are a broken t-piece or air-seal issue.  

What are Orbeez guns powered by?

Simple Orbeez guns use a water pressure mechanism to fire Orbeez. Advanced Orbeez guns use batteries to power the firing and shooting mechanism. 

How do Orbeez guns work?

Orbeez guns have a motorized mechanism; it sucks up projectiles and shoots them out of the barrel. These guns use different batteries depending on the power and function of the gun. 


Once you find out the issue, you will know how to fix an Orbeez gun. There are three most common issues: jamming, leaking, or firing. Once you identify the cause, follow the proper protocol to fix the issue. Assemble the gun properly, lubricate it, and test it to ensure its proper functioning. 

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