If so, what are to consider, along with the pros and cons of using Orbeez instead of gel balls? 

Orbeez guns and Splatrball guns are both types of kids’ toy guns. Both of these toys use soft ammunition water-based beads, which are not harmful. SplatRball guns use gel balls, but what if you run short on those and they are not readily available for upstock?

So, can you use regular Orbeez for splatrball gun? There is not much difference if you think critically. Gel balls and water Orbeez beads are the same. Both are of the same size, slimy and soft, so it is okay to use Orbeez instead of water beads.

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Let’s compare gel balls with Orbeez and see if there is a possibility to use Orbeez instead of gel beads in a splatrball gun, as potential pros and cons. 

Can You Use Regular Orbeez for SplatRball Gun?

Orbeez vs. Gel Balls

You might have noticed that Orbeez and gel balls have so many aspects in common. Both are for soaking in water so that they can absorb water and become shiny, squish, and soft balls. There are also some differences that you must know before making a decision:

Size and Shape

Gel balls are a bit smaller than Orbeez; they are more round and uniform around the edges. These consistencies of shape and design of gel balls are for ensuring their safe launch through the firing mechanism. Regular Orbeez come in different sizes and shapes, and they are not as uniform, which might result in the malfunction of the gun.

Material Composition

Gel balls are carefully designed to shatter or disintegrate at the impact, creating a satisfying burst and clear thrill of the hit. Regular Orbeez are more flexible and will not disintegrate on impact; they are made up of durable materials. 

Safety Concern

Splatrball guns are for shooting gel balls with accurate velocity, minimizing the risk of injury. So, if you are using regular Orbeez, which is not especially for Splatrball, it might bring unintended safety hazards, including the malfunction of a gun.

Orbeez vs. Gel Balls

Can You Use Regular Orbeez in Splatrball Guns?

Ideally, it is not a good option to use regular Orbeez in splatrball guns. Doesn’t matter how tempting it may sound to experiment with new things but refrain from doing so; here is why:

Ineffective Operation

Orbeez might not adjust appropriately to the Splatrball gun’s loading chamber due to its irregular size and shape. In this situation, Orbeez can free the firing mechanism of the weapon. 

Reduce Gameplay Satisfaction

In Orbeez beads, you will not find the gel ball property of shattering on impact. Orbeez beads are stiffer and more durable, so they will not disintegrate, resulting in disappointment. 

Legal Issues

Toys and guns are safe if you use them with the correct ammunition, and it’s the legal way. Using cross ammunition can lead to many accidents and mishaps, which will cause you legal troubles.

Pros and Cons of Using Orbeez in Splatrball

Many youngsters and naughty kids are always trying new ways of experimenting with toys. This idea of using Orbeez in splatrball guns is one of them. Before doing any weird experiment, you must know its pros and cons: 

Pros of Using Orbeez in Splatrball GunsCons of Using Orbeez in Splatrball Guns
Easy availability in various sizes and colors.Reduced accuracy due to non-uniform shape and size.
Cost-effective alternative to specialized gel balls.Safety concerns as Orbeez may not shatter on impact.
Opportunity for experimentation and unique gameplay.Potential for jamming issues in the gun’s mechanism.
Easier cleanup compared to shattered gel balls.Reduced game satisfaction due to its non-shattering nature.
Adds visual appeal with vibrant, colorful Orbeez.Possible legal and regulatory complications.
Versatile; Orbeez can be used in other activities.Limited range and velocity, affecting gameplay performance.
Pros and Cons of Using Orbeez in Splatrball


What is a splat ball gun?

The Splat R gun is a kids’ toy that uses gel balls as ammunition. They come in both semi-auto and fully automatic modes. In full auto, it can shoot eight rounds per second at 200 fps.

What age is splat ball for?

Confident kids can use splatrball, which is eight or over years old. The shooting velocity of splat guns is high, so it is unsafe for kids younger than eight.

Is splatrball like paintball?

No, Splatrball is not like paintball; it has a lower hit impact, less velocity, and less pain than others. A paintball gun works 300 km/h, and splatrball is not even half of this speed. 


Concluding debate on whether can you use regular Orbeez for splatrball guns or not? No, it is not a standard practice to use Orbeez in splat guns. The first reason is that Orbeez beads will not satisfy the hit. The second reason is it might get stuck and cause an accident while firing. So, it is better to use gel balls. It will save you trouble and give you the ultimate thrill of play.

Have you ever experimented with using Orbeez beads in a splatrball gun? Let me know in the comment section.