As you know, Orbeez is very famous, and you may want to explore more about the use of it. They are squishy beads that usually come in different sizes, and their color is multiple. It is basically a jelly-like substance, so it takes time to grow.

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How Big Are Orbeez Supposed To Get For Gun? Remember, only some squishy beads are for the Orbeez toy guns. Usually, manufacturers have different sizes of the Orbeez, so it also depends upon the gun to decide which size is better for Orbeez guns. 

The following article will provide every detail of Orbeez and how big they can get to be the right fitting for the Orbeez gun. 

How Big Are Orbeez Supposed To Get For Gun?

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Are Orbeez Suitable for Orbeez Gun?

As said earlier, only some of the squishy beads are for the Orbeez toy gun which is also useful for enhancing the sensory skill of kids and the ornamentation, etc.

if you just randomly put the Orbeez inside the Orbeez toy gun, it will bottleneck the gun and may damage it.

Usually, it is common among the best quality guns to use the medium size ammo, which is almost 5 mm to 8mm in diameter, when they are soaked for a longer time. It might take a day to convert all the tiny beads into the big ones.

The dehydrated form of the Orbeez is approximately 2mm to 3mm. As for the beads which are of water, they are of different sizes, like trim, significant, medium, and others in larger size. Remember, these aren’t suitable sizes for the Orbeez gun; they will undoubtedly damage it.

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Who are making the Right Size Squishy Beads?

When you go to look for something of your choice, you will definitely get one but how?  Because they are manufacturing the needs of the people. 

Leading Orbeez brands are manufacturing the gel of the right size, which is specifically for the gun.

So you can find the gun and the Orbeez along with the ammo of the same size. It would be better to choose the same brand. But the brand should be good. 

Who are making the Right Size Squishy Beads?

How can you determine the Size of Orbeez?

There are the following factors that determine the size of the Orbeez that will help you to manipulate them to make it larger and faster to grow:

The Right Fit:

The most significant factor is the original size of the Orbeez, which will lead to the final size of the Orbeez after hydration. That is why choosing the right size of the original Orbeez is essential.

Soaking duration of Squishy Beads:

The soaking time is also significant; to grow the ball accurately, you need to give it time and leave it in the bowl to grow.

Sometimes it takes a day, and sometimes it takes almost 4 to 5 hours, depending on your chosen brand.

You need to know the timing of your Orbeez size to grow them the right size; if you leave them for hours in soaking, they will grow and grow more. 

Clean Water: 

The more pure water will provide more growth of the Orbeez size. Distilled water is the best gel bead to increase and reach the required size early.

Suitable Water Degree: 

The polymer of the Orbeez material expands more when they have a more heated water temperature. Because it speeds up the chemical process.

But don’t exceed the water temperature than normal heat water. The hot temperature will melt the Orbeez. 

How can you determine the Size of Orbeez?

Tips for the Right Fit:

Getting the right size of the Orbeez for your gun is essential for your gun’s safety, and it can save you from a lot of hustle, and you will get saved from a damaged Orbeez gun. Here are a few tips that will help you to get the right size of the Orbeez. 

Accurate Size of Squishy Beads:

The most crucial factor is the Orbeez ball size which will describe whether the size of the ball is practical. Read the manufacturer size for the Orbeez gun and get a similar one. 

The Right Adjustment:

The shape of the Orbeez ball should be uniform and round. If they aren’t spheres, they can easily damage the magazine of the Orbeez gun.

Once again, if the brand of the Orbeez is good enough, then it shouldn’t be a matter of discussion because the Orbeez gun is specifically designed for the balls of the Orbeez gun size. 

The Hardness:

The texture of the Orbeez gun should be hard enough to resist the impact of the piston pushing them out of the gun. Moreover, they should be soft enough to break up upon hitting and not cause any effect. 

Tips for the Right Fit:


In conclusion, the Orbeez gun has the right size available in different brands. How Big Are Orbeez Supposed To Get For Gun? The right size by the brands of Orbeez balls is the medium one, which one almost 6 to 8 mm In diameter.

Remember not to use the big or wrong side of the Orbeez because it will damage the gun and may block the hole of the Orbeez gun. The properties of the Orbeez are essential, and their soaking time also matters. So before buying the Orbeez, remember to know the right size for the Orbeez gun.