Do you want to enjoy your childhood games once again? Well, who doesn’t want it but it should be under complete safety and protection. Either you are playing with kids or adults. Because usually, toy weapons are normally good for outdoor games which may destroy the cars. 

Do Orbeez guns damage cars or can Orbeez guns break windows? The simple answer depends upon the speed of the Orbeez. These beads are very hard and can damage and crack the ceramics and cause deep scratches on the glass.

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Do Orbeez Gun Damage Cars? (Can Orbeez Gun Break Window?)

The following article will give information about car safety while playing with the Orbeez gun. So that parents can take proper safety measures.

How can you damage your Car?

Yes, it is clearly possible to get your car damaged while playing outdoor games like the Orbeez toy game.

If you are shooting with the toy weapon and somehow you unintentionally or during the enthusiasm while playing accidentally hit the car it gets damaged.

It will be more of an issue and will ruin all the fun. With the fast pace of the toy weapon, the vehicle may get broken or worn-off parts. Or there might be some scratches.  

How can you damage your Car?

Disadvantages of Aiming the Moving Car:

It is certainly not the best idea to hit on the moving car. You can certainly damage the car or someone may get hurt. Playing by hurting someone or damaging any object isn’t funny at all. Here are a few tips to take when you play around with the cars:

Safety Measures:

  • If you want to enjoy your game, you must not point out the car. Instead, you can randomly hit something or target the safer one. 
  • Don’t get too close to the vehicle while playing. And don’t hit on the ground.
  • Never let the kids play alone. The damage could be more than you can ever expected. Other than that the laws will apply to the kid as well. 
  • Be happy while playing with the toy weapon and keep your kids in safer hands to avoid future destruction for your family. 

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Disadvantages of Aiming the Moving Car:

Are the Windows Breakable?

It is not easy to break the window of a car with an Orbeez gun but shooting the Orbeez at full speed may damage the window or may cause some other serious issues of denting of a car etc.

Usually, the temperature glasses are used to cause resistance against the shattering and breaking down. The Orbeez gun still leaves a mark anywhere on the car if hit forcefully with high speed. 

What do Parents Afraid Of?

Parents should supervise their kids and they should asked politely to stay away from the cars and not hit the car intentionally with high pace.

Ask children to pick up the Orbeez on the ground near the vehicle after shooting. 

What do Parents Afraid Of?

Playing with Toy Weapon Destroying the Car’s Exterior:

Playing with the Orbeez gun is so much fun outside the house. These gel beads are so colorful that they provide fun to the younger children. 

Following are a few impacts that may affect the paint of the car:

High Range Shoot: 

There is a high chance of damaging the car when you hit the Orbeez at high speed. 

The structure of the Car:

The fresh coat of paint on the car’s surface may get destroyed by the Orbeez gun. Or if the car surface is smooth, it becomes more prone to car damage.

But if the surface of the car is rough then you may not witness the car damage. 

High Energy and Force: 

Larger Orbeez has more energy and force, so it’s better to have the small size of the Orbeez and the gun which is specially designed for the specific Orbeez gun. 

Although the car damaged by the Orbeez gun is very minimal and very safe to play around for a longer period of time.

Playing with Toy Weapon Destroying the Car’s Exterior:

Can Your Car Get Dip Easily?

Although the Orbeez gun is a harmless toy, it isn’t suitable purposely to hit any object but naturally, the Orbeez can hit a car and may damage it. But denting is very unlikely to dent a car. Usually, the lightweight object if hit forcefully will cause more damage. But they can’t dent the car.

Because it requires enough velocity which isn’t not possible with the Orbeez design. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt the car in other means. As said earlier, scratches on the glass, penetration in the metal, etc. can cause damage. So use common sense and all the safety measures to teach the kids and let them know the consequences. 


The conclusion of the article is completely suggesting you keep your play area away from the places where serious damage can occur. Like in the garage or the public places where you can stay away from your happiness to get ruined by some stupid mistakes.

Do Orbeez Gun Damage Cars? Or Can Orbeez Gun Break the Window? The answer is very clear and hopefully proven to be helpful for the readers.