If you want an active, fun sport that enhances coordination and agility, you need to consider gel blasters. It’s also known as Gel guns or Orbeez guns, which are like airsoft, paintball, or Nerf guns. The notable fact of these guns is that they use water-absorbent gel balls instead of projectiles.

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What is the Gel Blaster?

These blaster guns shoot water-filled polymer gel balls, also known as water galls, water beads, gel bullets, hydrogel bullets, water bullets, or gel projectiles. These guns are also called hydro marker, gel soft, gel gun, gel marker, or gel shooter, and are toy guns similar to Nerf or airsoft guns. 

Gel blasters are accessible in battery-operated mode, manual, or spring-powered versions. They are an apparent alternative to paintball and use absorbent polymer water beads. You are utilizing the gel blasters, so often referred to as gel ballers.

What is the Gel Blaster?

However, these non-toxic, biodegradable gel beads expand to 7-8mm in water and provide an eco-friendly and protected way to simulate tactical scenarios.

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What bullets (ammo) are used in gel blaster?

Gel blasters use water-saturated gel balls that are similar to orbeez. These beads expand 100 times their size when soaked in water. These gel balls are 7-8mm in size, but on different brands, you can obtain the range from 6mm to 13mm. 

Contrarily to the durable pellets used in paintball or airsoft, gel balls are fragile and delicate. They are available in bags or containers and are soaked in water for a few hours before use. Furthermore, these Gel balls are inexpensive and easy to transport.

You can simply clean your gun’s surface since they are mostly water and breaks into biodegradable slush powder you’re your impact.

What bullets (ammo) are used in gel blaster?

Why use Get Blaster for playing?

These toy guns offer numerous advantages over traditional options like paintball or airsoft. They are biodegradable, more secure for usage, have minimal pain on impact, and leave no residue. Additionally, their tactical gameplay makes them ideal for team-based outdoor activities or military simulation. Furthermore;

  • Gel guns are safe toys to play with
  • They create no mess
  • Environmental friendly and non-toxic toys
  • Excellent alternative to toys such as airsoft and Nerf 
  • There is no risk of serious injury due to their lighter impact on targets

Safety and Legal Aspects

Blaster gun players must know that their legality varies globally, so you’ve to check local laws. While these guns are usually safer still, you may wear protective gear during your gameplay. These protective gear include eye protection during play to avoid injury.

Safety and Legal Aspects

How does Gel Beads Blaster work?

These guns are harmless as they use water balls instead of foam projectiles or hard plastic beads. However, in Blaster, they rely on the plunger tube for compressed air usage, and their gel ball ammo is non-toxic.

When you fire the bullet beads, these beads maintain their form initially and then burst upon impact of the target. This process makes the game enjoyable and protected for all players.

However, players of all ages prefer these fantastic guns to spend their spare time in various regions globally.

Best Gel Blaster Guns

This toy gun is used in CQB-style shooting battles, resembling a rifle. It utilizes a coil spring-loaded piston air pump to propel gel beads.

The Gel Blaster M24 is a popular model that is appreciated for its removable accessories, extendable handle, and manual bolt action. 

The buying guide for purchasing the Gel Blaster:

  • Range: You need to analyze the effective range of the gun to ensure it can hit your distant targets.
  • Grip: Blaster players can go for a contoured or striated grip for better handling in intense battles. It’s because an adjustable grip can enhance comfort.
  • Battery: Battery selection must match your Blaster’s requirements and come with necessary connectors.
  • Speed: If you’re willing to the fast-paced gel blasting action, you need to consider the firing speed, FPS (Feet per Second).
  • Dealer: You need to purchase your toys from a reputable dealer with good customer service and return policies. You must be conscious, especially while purchasing online. 
  • Durability: Your Blaster’s durability is essential for long-term usage.
  • Accuracy: You need to understand accuracy, barrel length, and inner workings to ensure precise shots.

Gel Blaster SURGE

This gun offers a great value. It’s an electric gel blaster with an adjustable pellet velocity (90fps to 170fps) and includes a rapid-charge battery. This gun has minimized the reloading time with an 800-round hopper. It comprises the features of both semi-automatic and fully automatic settings. 

Gel Blaster SURGE

Valken Gel Blaster Hopper

If you’re interested in an upgraded gun experience, you must consider Valken Gel, which holds more ammo than the stock hopper. It reduces the reloading time and enhances your Gel Blaster SURGE experience. 

Valken Gel Blaster Hopper
Valken Gel Blaster Hopper

Gel Blaster Gellets

Its gel beads are accessible in packs of 10,000. Meanwhile, its larger quantities (up to 175,000 rounds) are available for tournaments or group play.

Gel Blaster Gellets

Final Verdict

Gel blasters offer a thrilling outdoor gaming experience and provide an eco-friendly and safe alternative to paintball and airsoft. To enjoy them fully, you need to know their operation and essential safety measures. This guide equips you with all you need to start your gel-blasting adventure.

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