Learn four tried & tested methods on how to get a free Orbeez gun without spending any penny. All you need to do is be attentive and socialize the events.

Orbeez guns are the basic part of many kids, teens, and adult games. In recent years, Orbeez guns have been more often seen in amusement parks and gaming arenas. Countless games use Orbeez guns and participants hit their target to win prizes.

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Other than amusement parks, you might have seen kids playing with Orbeez guns around the neighborhood. They are not harmful and are safe for kids to play. They are very much look-alike of real guns. However, buying an Orbeez gun can be heavy on your pocket if you have a low budget, ever thought of how to get a free Orbeez Gun?

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Follow this article till the end to learn various hacks to own an Orbeez gun without spending a buck.

Orbeez Gun Prices

There are different kinds of Orbeez guns, some are lightweight, and made of plastic for kids. These are usually cheap; you can also buy one for $5-$10. Orbeez guns that are particularly for adults or gaming purposes come with higher price tags. The table below shows some most famous Orbeez gun models and their prices. 

Orbeez Gun ModelsPrices
Uzi Orbeez Gun$59.99
Orbeez Regular from Amazon$19.98
R99 Orbeez Gun$49.99
Orbeez Gatling Gun$59.99
Scar Orbeez Assault Rifle $79.99
Orbeez M249$59.99
MP5K Extended Play Bundle$79.99
HK416C Automatic Splatter Ball Gun$169.98

According to my market research, Orbeez guns will cost you from $5 (cheapest quality) to $170 (high quality). Spending all of these dollars on just a toy gun is not wise. There might be ways to get it for free. 

Orbeez Gun Prices: HK416C Automatic Splatter Ball Gun

How to Get a Free Orbeez Gun?

The thrill of free products is always unmatched; imagine saving your money but still owning an Orbeez gun to flex in front of your friends. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it is possible many people are doing it and you can be one of them; I’ll tell you how:

Online Contest and Giveaways

These days’ interest is the basic method to get free products from all niches. All you have to do is maintain an online presence on such sites. Many toy store owners, manufacturers, and blog hosts offer giveaways via easy participation or contests. 

Join here: https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/3acx6d/has_anyone_won_an_online_gun_giveaway/

Follow all the pages with described features on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and X, and check their posts daily. Whenever you come across such an opportunity follow the steps and register yourself.

Review and Test Offers

Offering free products for testing or review is a common trend these days. Many toy manufacturers send their products to common people and ask them to be a part of their product testing. Join all the online forums, chat groups, and communities that focus on toy testing offers.

Then write and post some detailed reviews on products of that domain which will serve as a sample. The stronger your reviews are the more audience it will attract and companies will reach out to you too.

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Participate in Product Testing Panels

Toy companies run product testing panels, where anyone can sign up to test their product. They will ship you the product for free in exchange for your trial and detailed review.

To register for such panels, visit the official websites of your toy brands and look for links to join their testing panels.

Organize a Toy Swap

Swapping is another famous trend these days. You can organize a toy-swapping activity within your community. The participants will bring the toys they no longer use or need to exchange them.

You might not be able to swap for an Orbeez gun readily but you can calmly navigate through the event. Make many changes before ultimately getting your hands on an Orbeez gun. 


How much money is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns are of different capacities and models, although all of them shoot water-soaked beads with great force. An average Orbeez gun will cost you from $25-$59 and some expensive models go up to $200.

What is the world’s strongest Orbeez gun?

The most powerful Orbeez gun in the 2023 market is UnlocX, it is a powerful gel blaster. It is a 4 1 gel ball blaster gun with Blaster Pistol V1 and Blaster Pistol V2 and has 1800 mah battery capacity.

Do Orbeez guns look real?

Orbeez guns look very close to real guns; which shoot projectiles that are small colorful water water-soaked beads. These toys bear motorized mechanisms to suck up projectiles and shoot them with speeds of 100-200 ft. per second.


Well, now you have plenty of ways how to get a free Orbeez gun; all of these methods are tried and tested. Without spending a penny, you can have your own Orbeez gun-free through online contests, giveaways, product reviews, toy swaps, and as a participant in product testing panels. Keep an eye on such offers and get the benefit of a free Orbeez gun. 

Share your thoughts on which free Orbeez gun-obtaining method sounds most promising to you.