Are Orbeez safe to eat? What will happen if your kid swallows Orbeez? What will happen if your kid swallows Orbeez accidentally? Know this & a lot more!

Orbeez guns are from a long time in the toy market now. It is a fun toy that has become the central part of kids’ play at home and gaming arenas. These colorful bead-emitting toys are safe according to the manufacturer and you can trust your kid with it. 

can we eat orbeez beads ? here is article about it

Orbeez are colorful, small-sized water-absorbent beads that seem quite attractive for kids. If you have an Orbeez gun at home and are thinking, are Orbeez safe to eat in case your kid swallows it accidentally?

As a parent or teacher, I understand your concern; a child’s safety comes first. Let’s talk more about the edibility of Orbeez beads and whether they are harmful or not.

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Orbeez: Are They Toxic?

Orbeez are small, colorful, bead-like structures; the user has to soak them in water for a few hours before using them. They have eye-catching colors; a toddler might mistake them for candy.

are Orbeez water gel balls toxic to eat?

If we unwrap the manufacturing science of Orbeez, they are made of sodium polyacrylate polymer. This polymer is a basic component of many other products like diapers, gardening manure, and water-retaining agents. So, when you put small beads in water, the polymer retains water, swelling ten times in size.

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Risk of Eating Orbeez

Now you know that Orbeez uses synthetic chemicals in its making, which are not edible. You must look out for your kids not to swallow Orbeez bead because it is capable of causing:

Is eating orbeez risky? lets find out

Choking Risk

Orbeez swells when they remain in the water and expand in size, so if the kid eats an Orbeez bead, it might swell. The expanded bead will block the digestive or breathing tract, resulting in a choke.

Chemical Content

Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer that is not for consumption. Although it is not a toxic or lethal chemical, its ingestion can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort or irritation. (Refer)


They will absorb water content in the stomach and intestine as water absorbent. It will lead to indigestion, stomach ache, and dehydration, worsening the situation. (Refer)

Allergic Reaction

It will cause severe allergic reactions in individuals who are allergic to any of the chemicals in Orbeez. These infections can be itching, skin reddening, or severe stomach or digestive tract pain.

Symptoms of Orbeez Ingestion

You must practice extreme care if your child likes to play with the Orbeez gun. It is highly sensitive because it can lead to several health issues. If your child is showing any of these symptoms like these, then seek medical help hurriedly:

  • Refuse to eat any food or juices
  • Vomiting more frequently
  • Struggling to breathe or wheezing
  • Coughing is more frequent
  • Complains like chest tightening, chest heaviness, or abdominal pain
  • Constipation with a regular diet
  • Abdominal swelling or soreness
  • Feeling dehydrated and drinking more water

Orbeez Suitability Age and Hazard Warning

It is not only about Orbeez but any toy you buy for your kid; you must see its warning label. Every toy comes with a certain suitability age and hazard label on it. 

If you look at the Orbeez pack, it is mentioned that it is away from kids under three years of age. Some packs have 5+ labels, meaning kids above five can use them.

Safety Tips

If your child plays with Orbeez, then as a parent, you can practice these precautions to ensure the safety of your child:

  • Keep Away from Toddlers: If you have infants or toddlers along with preschoolers, ensure your kids under five stay away from Orbeez.
  • Do Not Eat: Train your kids that Orbeez is just for play and not to eat. Teach them that these are harmful substances that will cause discomfort if they eat.
  • Proper Disposal: When your kid’s playtime is over, scour the surface to check for any remaining Orbeez. Collect them and dispose of Orbeez beads according to the local regulations.


What should you do if you eat Orbeez?

Orbeez are dissolvable in stomach acid as they do not form clumps or stick around. However, if you are feeling any pain or breathing problems then go to a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

Is it OK to eat water beads?

No, it is not OK to consume water beads; although these are not toxic they are capable of causing serious health issues. In some cases, they cause fatal issues by blocking the intestines. 

How long will Orbeez last?

If you keep Orbeez in an air-tight container immersed in water, they will last from two weeks to months. Keeping them in open air or sunlight will only last a day.


Wrapping up the discussion on are Orbeez safe to eat, it is clear that Orbeez are not edible. They contain water-absorbing polymers which are harmful to the gut and overall health. If your kid is experiencing breathing problems, complaining of stomach pain, refusing to eat, or vomiting, you must seek medical help.

Always practice safety precautions when your kids are playing; share your thoughts if you practice any other safety precautions than these.