Orbeez and Gel gun enthusiasts always look for enhanced impact whenever they shoot. They try several different techniques to make the gel balls harder and more impactful. Hardening the gel balls is one of the most anticipated methods for enhancing shooting impact.

Hard gel balls form satisfying impacts when shot at some surface. So, how to harden gel balls to increase their impact while striking with the surface. Well, many scientific and remedial ways exist to make gel balls hard.

How to Harden Gel Balls?

I’ll help you with tried and tested ways to make gel balls hard to enhance the impact, keeping safety considerations in mind. 

Safety Disclaimer

I know hard, impactful gel balls sound adventurous, but you must know the potential risks before moving forward. Originally the Gel balls were soft making them fun and not harmful. Using them in their original form is not harmful and has no potential threats.

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Modifying them and making them harder and more impactful can risk safety. Modifying them and making them a threat is also not appreciated by the laws. 

You can use these methods if you have a contained and well-supervised area for playing like some shooting arena. Going in public and shooting hard gel balls in the open can come with serious consequences by the law.

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Gel blaster : Safety Disclaimer

Methods for Hardening Gel Balls

These following methods will help you hard the gel balls, following the simple steps as guided.

Drying Gel Balls

One simplest and hassle-free method is to dry the gel balls. This method does not change the gel balls’ physical structure but helps to emit the extra water content. Gel balls with low water content automatically become hard.

  • When you strain the soaked gel balls, place them on a large tray in a thin layer with spaces between them.
  • Leave the tray in a dry and well-ventilated place for a few days (in the shade, not under the sun); they will become noticeably firmer.

Please do not leave them for too long in an open space; it will make them extra hard, which will break upon the shooting impact.

Methods for Hardening Gel Balls

Using Cornstarch

Corn starch acts as an agent to help gel balls become harder than their original tendency. Here is how you can do it using cornstarch:

  • Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with water until there is a slurry consistency paste.
  • Cover the soaked gel balls with the mixture and let them dry in well-ventilated areas. 

This method makes the gel balls harder without disturbing their structure and shape. However, note that impact can vary depending on the consistency of your cornstarch mixture.

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Soaking in Starch Solution

Using starch while soaking gel balls can also make them harder than usual with only water. This method is slow but grants effective results:

  • Take a spoonful of starch and mix it with a large bowl of water; it can be cornstarch or Tapioca starch.
  • Pour the gel balls into the solution for a relatively long time, 3-4 days at a minimum. Dry gel balls properly after taking them out of the solution.

This is a time-consuming method but will give you long-lasting and effective results without changing the structure of gel balls.

Soaking in Starch Solution

Using Solvents

Setup methods include using solvents like acetone to harden gel balls. This method has guaranteed results with potential risks that are not appreciated. Handling strong solvents is highly risky and they may harm your skin and health.

Avoid using such extreme methods and go for organic methods like starch. Anything that becomes risky is no longer a fun game, so consider your and others’ safety.


Can you freeze gel balls?

Yes, you can freeze gel balls; it will make them hard but brittle, too. Brittle gel balls have a high risk of shattering when they come in contact with a hard surface upon shooting.

Why is my gel blaster not shooting hard?

If the shooting impact of your gel blaster is slowing down with time, then there is a high chance that the return spring is not working properly. Either it is broken or not in the right position.

How long do gel balls take to set?

To grow the gel balls to their full size, at least soak them in water for at least four hours. For better results, leave them overnight, then strain them to drain all the excess water. 


With these methods on how to harden gel balls, you are now a pro. Using starch is the safest method. However, the whole hardening of the gel balls thing is not appreciated as it comes with many safety concerns and is not an ideal practice. So, it’s suggested to use gel balls as they are, in a not harmful way. 

Is it safe to use hardened gel balls or not? Let me hear your thoughts about the matter in the comment section below!