Do orbeez dissolve?

When creating excitement for children during bath time, Orbeez is a toy that immediately comes to mind. Parents love these gel beads because they can expand up to 100 times their original size when exposed to water. The secret behind Orbeez’s growth lies in its unique blend of materials that activate upon contact with water.

Can Orbeez melt/dissolve or break down in hot water or stomach? let’s find out

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While many may assume that these toys are disposable, you can reuse them a few times before dissolving them. But how long exactly does it take for Orbeez to dissolve? This article will provide the answer and offer safe methods for disposing of them.

Factors Affecting Orbeez Dissolution Time

Factors Affecting Orbeez Dissolution Time

  • Water Quantity: Orbeez dissolves best when dissolved in a large amount of water. As directed, you must add enough water to grow the beads a hundred times bigger, which can take up to four hours. To dissolve or shrink the beads fully, it may take 24 to 48 hours.
  • Moisture Absorption: If Orbeez does not come into contact with water, it absorbs moisture instead. It makes them a popular decorative choice, but it can take up to two years to dissolve.
  • Soil Mixing: Orbeez are generally mixed with soil in pots. This method allows the beads to absorb water from the soil and regulate water levels. However, the beads may not dissolve for up to 9 years.

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Ideally, you should wait for Orbeez to dissolve before throwing them away in the trash. You should keep them in a sealed container if you intend to use them as moisture absorbents. You should also remove them from the soil before disposing of them if they are in a pot with soil.

Do orbeez dissolve
Do Orbeez Dissolve?

Effective Ways to Dispose of Orbeez

Orbeez are a popular toy for children and adults alike, but it can be challenging to know how to dispose of them properly. These beads are reusable, meaning they can be grown, left in the sunlight, and shrunk back to their original size. However, after a few uses, the beads will start to dissolve. Here are some effective ways to dispose of Orbeez.

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Utilize Them as Plant Fertilizer

One of the best ways to dispose of Orbeez is to utilize them as plant fertilizer. As Orbeez absorb water, they make an excellent method of providing water for your plants. By adding them to the soil of your plants, you can ensure that the soil stays wet and the beads gradually release the water for your plants. In this regard, many residents buy Orbeez.


  • Collect the Orbeez you want to dispose of
  • Ensure they are dry; if not, leave them in the sun to dry
  • Place them in your plants’ soil
  • The Orbeez will keep the soil wet and gradually release the water for your plants.
  • Monitor your plants’ growth and water level regularly.

By following these steps, you can utilize Orbeez as plant fertilizer and, at the same time, get rid of them safely.

Effective Ways to Dispose of Orbeez
Effective Ways to Dispose of Orbeez

Orbeez Trash Disposal

Orbeez are a popular toy that can be easily disposed of in the trash, as they are biodegradable. However, following the correct steps is essential to ensure safe disposal and prevent harm to others and animals. Here are the steps for proper disposal of Orbeez in the trash:

  • Leaving Orbeez in the sun causes them to release water and shrink back to their original size. Hence, they can be disposed of safely in the trash.
  • Place Orbeez in a plastic bag once they have shrunk and seal it tightly. This way, the beads won’t leak water and cause harm to people or animals.
  • Place the plastic bag containing Orbeez in the trash properly.

Precaution: Orbeez should not be placed in a paper bag full of water since the water and beads will leak out, causing injury and illness to others and animals. To ensure safe trash disposal, follow the steps above.

Orbeez Trash Disposal
Orbeez Trash Disposal

Solar-based disposal of Orbeez

If you have used Orbeez for various activities, such as playtime with your children, and you no longer require them, leaving them in the sun is a simple and efficient disposal method. The Orbeez beads will release the water they have absorbed and shrink in size. Once the beads have shrunk, they can be safely disposed of in the trash.

  • Gather the Orbeez beads: Collect all of the Orbeez beads you wish to dispose of and place them in a clear and visible location.
  • Leave the Orbeez in the sun: Leave the Orbeez beads in the sun for a few hours. The sun’s heat will cause the beads to release the water they have absorbed and shrink in size.
  • Dispose of the Orbeez: Take the Orbeez beads to the trash after they have shrunk. Paper bags should not be used for the beads, as the water will tear through them, releasing them. If you want to dispose of the beads, put them in a sealed plastic bag.

As Orbeez beads are biodegradable, they will eventually dissolve. This method, however, prevents them from dissolving and harming others or the environment.

Solar-based disposal of Orbeez
Solar-based disposal of Orbeez


As a result, Orbeez make a versatile and fun toy ideal for various activities. If, however, you wish to dispose of them, you must understand that they are biodegradable and can dissolve within 24 hours to nine years, depending on the disposal method. As previously discussed, Orbeez can be used as plant fertilizer, left in the sun, or disposed of in the trash. You can ensure the safe disposal of Orbeez by following the steps outlined in this article. Don’t waste those Orbeez next time you have a bag lying around.