What if you can’t find it in a toy store? Well, check out the list of options to easily buy an Orbeez gun without fuss. 

Orbeez guns, also known as gel ball blasters, have become famous in the past few years. Social media played an important role in increasing the popularity of Orbeez guns, and now, regardless of age, everyone wants to own at least one Orbeez gun.

The question that remains itching is where they sell Orbeez guns. In many states of the USA and the world, law enforcement bodies have restricted their rule for using, selling, and buying Orbeez. That’s why you might not find Orbeez guns at many toy stores, which can be frustrating.

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In this article, I will tell you some options other than walk-in toy stores where they sell Orbeez, and you can buy them. 

Where Do They Sell Orbeez Guns?

Where to Buy Orbeez Guns?

Buying an Orbeez gun in some places in the USA is not a piece of cake. You go to a toy store, pick a firearm, and pay the bill. Some states in the USA have tough rules or bans on purchasing and selling Orbeez guns. 

That is why I have prepared a list of all the options you can consider for buying an Orbeez gun.

Toy Stores

In States where Orbeez guns are not banned, you can buy Orbeez guns from toy stores. These stores are official sellers of many Orbeez gun companies and have the latest models. 

Online Retailers

Online retailers are another famous and convenient option to buy Orbeez guns. They have a large number of options to choose from and compare between prices. Shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, and many others have a large stock of Orbeez guns that will be delivered to your step without mess.

Customer reviews on the product will give you a clear picture of the product working, authenticity, and service of the store.

Where to Buy Orbeez Guns?

Sporting Goods Stores

Large sporting stores with multiple support equipment on the retail price and bulk might have Orbeez gun stock. It is for the customers interested in buying in bulk to open their own Orbeez shooting set-up as a small business. 

Local Hobby Stores

You might be wondering if it is even an option to consider local hobby stores for Orbeez guns. Yes, these small hobby stores have hidden gems related to various games and unique hobbies. So, there is a high chance you will find an Orbeez gun there if you have checked everywhere else.

Manufacturer’s Website

Another fuss-free option is buying an Orbeez gun directly from the manufacturer’s website. Nowadays, almost all toy manufacturers have official pages where you can directly buy the stuff. 

Sometimes, manufacturer websites offer deals, discounts, or bundle buy offers that will save money. 

Second-Hand Markets

If you do not mind buying pre-loved items, search for an Orbeez gun in a second-hand toy market. There are many walk-in toy thrift stores where you can get a good-conditioned Orbeez gun. 

You can join Facebook groups that sell pre-loved toys. It will help you seize the opportunity to buy a good-condition Orbeez gun.

Where to Buy Orbeez Guns?

USA Laws Regarding Orbeez Gun Sale

Keep in mind these laws of Orbeez gun sale and purchase to save yourself from any law violation:

Age Requirement

In some states, toy shop owners are required to see your ID to confirm your age. You must be 18 or older to purchase an Orbeez gun.

Orange Tip Requirement

The Federal Ministry has made it compulsory for any toy guns, including Orbeez, to have an orange tip inserted in their barrel. It will help authorities to differentiate between a toy gun and a real one from a distance.

Public Use Ban

In many cities and states in the USA, the display of Orbeez guns in public is under ban as it might cause panic and fear among citizens due to recent incidents involving Orbeez guns. Using Orbeez’s gun in public is considered a law offense with serious penalties.


What is the price of the Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns have different prices depending on the model and capacity. You can purchase an Orbeez gun for between $15- $30; if you go to advanced models, they can be bought for $200. 

What is an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez goes by another name for gel blasters, toy guns that shoot small water-absorbent beads. They work with a high air pressure mechanism that pulls in water and creates high-pressure air to fire Orbeez.

How long will Orbeez last?

It depends on how you store them; if you store them in a water container, Orbeez can last up to several months. Keeping them in the sun or open air will destroy them in a day or two. 


Now you know where they sell Orbeez guns with several options. Aside from walking toy stores, you can purchase it from online shopping websites, manufacturers’ official websites, second-hand toy stores, local hobby shops, and bulk retailers. Remember the laws your local law enforcement authorities devised to avoid any consequences.

Let me know which option sounds more good to you in the comment section.