As we know, Orbeez guns are so much fun; kids love them too. The Orbeez beads are colorful and squishy, creating an exciting sensory experience. However, you might be wondering why is my Orbeez gun not shooting. The shortage of water content in the gun storage and old water beads are some of the most common causes of Orbeez guns not shooting. It’s crucial to know the sources of this issue for a seamless gaming experience.

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The main component of Orbeez guns is the firing process. The weapon is typically loaded with tiny, water-absorbing spheres called Orbeez beads. In order to provide pressure to the gun’s chamber, a plunger is pulled back. The plunger is released when the trigger is squeezed, causing the Orbeez beads to move ahead. When these beads are compelled out of the gun’s barrel by the pressure of the plunger, it makes for an exciting shooting experience. 

Reasons Why The Orbeez Gun Is Not Shooting:

Here are some of the major reasons why the Orbeez gun is malfunctioning and not working properly at times.

You Have Outdated Water Beads

The water beads in Orbeez guns becoming outdated is one of those that are frequent causes of failure. Extra absorbent polymer beads used in Orbeez’s construction can absorb three hundred times their weight in water. But these beads may stop absorbing water, harden, and become useless after time. 

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You might try squeezing your water beads to see if they are too old. It’s time to substitute for them if they feel hard rather than soft. If you’re unsure of the age of your Orbeez, you can look at the expiration date printed on the packaging.

You Have A Filthy Gun

The fact that Orbeez’s guns get dirty is yet another frequent cause of failure. The nozzle of the water gun may become clogged with dirt and debris over time and stop discharging water. This would make it challenging for the rifle to fire accurately.

Take a tiny brush to clear any dirt particles from the nozzle of your Orbeez gun. You may additionally utilize a moist towel to clean the gun and get rid of any dirt or grime.

Low Battery Life

If your Orbeez gun is battery-operated and not firing low battery power could be an issue. Check the battery compartment to make sure the power sources are not empty. If so, swap them out with brand-new ones and try hitting the Orbeez again. 

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Mechanical mistakes could also cause shooting issues. Look over the gun for any obvious imperfections or signs of damage caused by use. If you see any damaged parts or mechanisms, you might need to get in touch with the manufacturer to discuss your options for repair or replacement.

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Utilizing Or Handling The Orbeez Gun Improperly

The Orbeez gun may occasionally stop working due to misuse or improper handling of the toy. Ensure that you are using the weapon in accordance with the instructions manual. Many Orbeez guns may require one or both of the actions of fueling the pump or pulling back on the tip of the plunger before they may shoot effectively. 

Take a look at the user manual to understand the proper way to use it. Additionally, be careful to follow the gun’s instructions and avoid employing excessive force or pressure, which could damage the internal workings and affect your shooting.

The Gun May Not Be Properly Pressurized.

If your Orbeez pistol isn’t firing, it can be because the pressure inside the gun isn’t right. This may occur if the fluid level is low enough or the gun hasn’t been used in a long time. To solve this, you’ll need to replenish the pistol with water and check that the water quantity is appropriate.


How often should you clean your Orbeez gun?

Cleaning your Orbeez gun on a regular basis is a good idea, particularly if you utilize it frequently. You can clean the nozzle of any particles of dirt with a little brush or toothpick, and you can clean the gun by wiping it off with a moist towel.

Is it possible to use any water bead in an Orbeez gun?

No, it is not possible. It would be best to utilize only the kinds of water beads included in your Orbeez gun’s instructions. The gun could break if you use the wrong kind of beads.


Toy guns deteriorate over time, much like other mechanical gadgets do. Now you know why is my orbeez gun not shooting. The Orbeez guns typically start to malfunction after a while, but it’s not like the problematic problems start right away or soon after utilizing the gun. Returning the pistol to the vendor is the best course of action in this circumstance. Otherwise, maintaining your gun is essential to ensure the proper operation of the orbeez gun.