Dogs have long been humanity’s closest companions, and this designation is well-founded. This act of owning a dog has been associated with elevated happiness levels. Furthermore, engaging in playful interactions with these four-legged friends is proven to alleviate stress. Dogs not only offer benefits to our mental well-being but also serve as a source of physical activity.

However, suppose you’re in search of a fresh way to engage with your friends, you must consider the Orbeez gel blaster as a potential solution. These vibrant and small gel beads are used in various fun activities. Though, these beads are entirely non-toxic, posing no harm to pets or children.

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It’s important to point out that polymers of beads are safe for living generations. Still, a certain concern arises when the dog consumes dry gel beads, and these beads have the capacity to expand within the stomach. 

Are Gel Blaster Balls Toxic to Dogs?
My cat ate a gel ball on the ground. Is it okay?
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Are Orbeez toxic to dogs?

Nearly every dog owner has encountered situations where their dogs get into things they shouldn’t.

If owner families are used to playing the orbeez firearm games, their dogs may take these orbeez.

CHECK: Are Orbeez toxic to dogs?

Furthermore, whether it’s getting unwanted items from trash or ingesting something during a walk, dogs are naturally curious beings.

What Occurs When a Dog Ingests Gel Orbeez?

When a dog ingests the gel orbeez, these tiny beads can expand within its stomach, potentially resulting in an intestinal blockage. While swallowed, these tiny balls are quite small. However, upon reaching the dog’s stomach, they come into contact with gastric juices, which operate similarly to water. The beads absorb moisture and swell significantly in size. 

As beads expand, they become unable to pass by the dog’s digestive system. Its stomach has the capacity to break down food into smaller fragments before it enters the intestines. However, it is equipped to handle such small. However, larger objects like Orbeez cannot navigate the digestive system due to their size.

Can You Eat Orbeez?

This blockage creates a serious issue, as it prevents the passage of both food and waste through the system. This situation may become life-threatening and necessitates immediate medical attention.

What Occurs When a Dog Ingests Gel Orbeez?

What are the symptoms when your dog’s Intestine is blocked?

If your dog has swallowed the Orbeez, it will expose several symptoms. Most of these symptoms will be associated with gastrointestinal blockage.

Hence, common ones are abdominal pain and vomiting. It may not poop due to gastrointestinal blockage. It may become aggressive due to pain in the stomach if you press its stomach.  

Various additional symptoms include behavioral change due to blockage. It results in whining, restlessness, dehydration, and may loss of it’s appetite. 

What step should I take if my dog ingests Gel Beads?

Once your dog takes these gel orbeez, act quickly to prevent potential intestinal blockage. 

Induce Vomiting

If your dog eats Gel balls, You can induce vomiting by using 3% hydrogen peroxide (1 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight) within 1 to 2 hours of ingestion. Hydrogen peroxide creates stomach foam, promoting vomiting in your dog. Then vomiting typically occurs within 15 to 30 minutes; repeat once if necessary. So, you must be prepared for a potentially messy process lasting up to 45 minutes. Besides this aspect, it’s preferable to the risks if your dog has taken Orbeez, which is causing a blockage.

Vet Visit 

When your dog ingests Orbeez, you must take these steps:

  • Vet consultation: We recommend you immediately visit the veterinary care, especially if you cannot induce vomiting in your dog. If you bring your dog to the vet within a few hours of ingestion without inducing vomiting, the vet will likely take action.
  • Diagnostic Tests: After several hours, your vet may conduct tests such as X-rays, MRI, blood work, or ultrasound. These tests may assess the possibility of an intestinal blockage. Ultrasound and MRI can highlight the blockage’s location.
  • Blood Analysis: Blood tests will help determine any adverse health effects caused by the blockage.
  • Treatment variations: However, the treatment for blockage depends on factors like the number of gel beads that are ingested and their location in the stomach. Some blockages can pass naturally; on the other side, others may require surgery or endoscopy.
  • Positive Prognosis: When your dog receives timely treatment for the blockage, the outlook is generally favorable. Hence, many dogs get a full recovery via these steps as well. 
What step should I take if my dog ingests Gel Beads? : vet visit

What is the effective way to prevent my dog from ingesting my gel Orbeez?

To prevent your dog from eating Orbeez, store them out of reach, like in a high cupboard. Dogs may try them out of curiosity, so you must keep them inaccessible is essential. Our personal experience with a Labrador showed that vigilance can prevent incidents. 


Therefore, if your dog has ingested the gel beads, there are certain risk factors, such as gastrointestinal blockage or other stomach problems. However, these orbeez are non-toxic but still risky if they expand their size and block your dog’s internal system. They absorb water (gastric juice) and expand, potentially leading to issues in a dog’s intestines. In this case, you swiftly go for veterinary contact ingestion is suspected.