Orbeez guns use air pressure mechanisms to shoot projectiles, so are Orbeez guns safe for kids? Safety precautions are vital for the safety of your kid. 

Orbeez guns are constantly surrounded by controversy, making them new more often. These occurrences have peaked since the Orbeez challenge took over the internet. Although it is a safe toy to play with, what are the reasons that result in this kind of debate more often? 

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This colorful, fun-looking toy makes the playing experience for kids enjoyable, but are Orbeez gun-safe? This question always confuses parents. All kinds of toys come with instructions that the user needs to follow. When you don’t follow instructions, it will cause harm.

Are Orbeez Guns Safe?

Let’s discuss more about the safety issues with Orbeez guns so you will be evident by the end of this article.

Understanding Orbeez

Orbeez guns resemble real-life guns and are closely designed to give the thrill of shooting like a real gun. However, the ammunition they use is not harmful and comprises soft plastic beads that absorb water.

These tiny, colorful beads made of Sodium Polyacrylate are non-toxic chemically. They look like tiny compact beads, but when you soak them in water, they grow ten times larger than their original size. 

How Orbeez Guns Work?

Let’s learn about the mechanism of the Orbeez gun to have a clear picture. Orbeez guns have a chamber where you must put water-soaked Orbeez beads. The weapon uses a spring-loaded mechanism or compressed air to shoot Orbeez beads. 

When you press the trigger, Orbeez is launched with extreme force. This design allows kids to play with fun while keeping the safety in mind.

How Orbeez Guns Work?

How Can Orbeez Guns Be Harmful?

Orbeez are not harmful if you use them carefully with all safety considerations. Guns use an air pressure mechanism to shoot the beads, making them impactful. They can hurt you if they hit your skin or any sensitive body part, like an eye. 

In some reported cases, beads cause impactful injuries. Some people have lost their vision because Orbeez’s beat hit the eye. Orbeez bead hits from welts and wounds on the skin, too. 

Other than that, there are many cases where police mistook Orbeez’s gun for real arms and fired at the carrier. So, all of these incidents make Orbeez unsafe for public use or without a contained environment.

How Can Orbeez Guns Be Harmful?

Safety Consideration

If you wish to use Orbeez or use them to have a fun time with your friends and family, then you need to follow these safety protocols:

Eye Safety

The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and can be irreversibly injured. When guns shoot Orbeez, they impact with high velocity, damaging your vision. So always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes while playing with Orbeez.

Safety Consideration : Eye Safety

Careful Supervision

Orbeez might be labeled a kids’ toy, but you should not leave your kid unsupervised. Toys that fire projectiles are always a safety threat because you don’t know when something can go wrong. 

Safety Consideration : Careful Supervision

Target Selection Lessons

Teaching kids to use appropriate targets to shoot Orbeez guns is essential. Teach them that aiming at their fellows, animals, birds, and delicate objects like glass is prohibited. Instead, prepare targets that are safe to shoot at.

Safety Consideration : Target Selection Lessons

Age Recommendations

Orbeez gun packages have an age limit mentioned on them, so read carefully while buying one for your kid. Some guns shoot mildly and are for school-going kids, and some that shoot with high power are for adult game plays. Be sure you choose the right one for your kids to avoid mishaps.

Safety Consideration : Age Recommendations

Proper Maintenance

Safety while using is one part, and ensuring the tool’s safety is another. If the gun is not working correctly, then the risk of mishaps increases. 

Rule Chart

Make a colorful Orbeez rule chart that is easy for kids to read and display in their play area. Educate them about those rules and set minor penalties if they break them. It will create a sense of discipline and safety among your kids.


Are water gel guns safe?

Yes, they are safe to play with the proper precautions. Gel guns use soft water beads that cause a light sting if they hit your skin but can harm your eyes. So, while playing, wear safety glasses and covered clothes. 

What are Orbeez guns powered by?

The Orbeez gun works with an air pressure mechanism; it pulls in water to create extreme pressure that lets out beads at 170 miles per hour. This air pressure shooting also lets out an impactful sound.

What is the age recommendation for an Orbeez gun?

Orbeez guns are safe for kids 5+ but should not be left unsupervised. Teach them basic safety rules to play with projectile shooting toys for their safety.  


So, are Orbeez guns safe or not? Wrapping up debate on this discussion, we know that Orbeez guns are safe if you use them with safety regulations. All toys come with certain kinds of instructions that you have to follow. To make Orbeez playtime fun for your kids, supervise them and teach them safety antics. However, playing with them in public places is not ideal nor harmful.

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