Gel ball shooting is gaining popularity within the community of airsoft enthusiasts. However, the rising confusion among players has become: Can airsoft guns effectively fire Orbeez? Regarding this, the vital aspect is to understand the Orbeez gun and airsoft guns.

Both Orbeez blasters and airsoft guns are extensively used in military-mannered shooting gameplays. Orbeez blasters utilize gel or water pellets, often regarded as a safer alternative to plastic projectiles. Meanwhile, Airsoft guns are firearm replicas that discharge plastic pellets. These guns provide the proper firearm instruction, and these seem like film productions due to their realistic appearance.

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What are Airsoft Guns?

The military simulation sport where you can use specific guns to shoot plastic or rubber pellets at your opponents is taken as an airsoft gun game. However, these guns are categorized by their power source: spring-powered or gas-powered Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs). These are designed for low muzzle energy. Despite resembling real firearms, airsoft guns feature a distinctive bright orange muzzle.

However, plastic pellets, typically 6mm (0.24 in) in size, are accessible in various weights according to the gun type. For example, spring-powered guns operate at lower speeds (250 ft/s or 76 m/s) and use lighter pellets. Contrarily, automatic electric guns have higher velocities (400-600 ft/s or 122-183 m/s). These guns are benefited from heavier projectiles for improved accuracy and range.

Eventually, Airsoft guns shoot at 350-500 ft/s (107-152 m/s). There are various upgradable options for increased accuracy, velocity, and capacity. Their pellets are available in both biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. The biodegradable pellets are composed of polylactide (plastic polymers), though they are the more expensive.

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Are Gel Orbeez Guns identical to Airsoft Firearms?

These guns aren’t very similar. Gel Orbeez guns are considered toy entities, while airsoft guns are taken in professional sports. 

Gel Orbeez Guns and Airsoft Guns Differences:

DifferencesOrbeez GunsAirsoft Guns
EquipmentInexpensive and lightweightEasy to High-end range
Shooting mechanismBattery-powered motor systemGas or spring-powered
Game typesMultiple, usually is team-basedLegal to use in various states, restricted in some regions in terms of age limits
Safety concernsCarelessness ends in eye injuryCarelessness ends at eye injury
US Legal StatusCarelessness ends in eye injuryLegal for entertaining usage but may restricted under federal law
Projectile size7-8mm (diameter)6mm (diameter)
AmmoWater or gel beadsPlastic  tiny balls
RealismLess realisticHigh range realistic
Projectile materialSuperabsorbent polymerABS plastic or others

Can Airsoft Guns Shoot Orbeez?

Yes, airsoft blasters are capable of shooting the gel Orbeez. These firearms are constructed to fire 6mm plastic pellets that are identical to Orbeez. However, your airsoft gun is quite capable of shooting the gel beads as well.

Officially, Orbeez is not recommended for airsoft guns. Because these beads are softer, airsoft guns may get jammed due to Orbeez usage. Still, if you’re willing to utilize these guns for your Orbeez beads. You must protect your guns by frequently cleaning them before and after playing.

Therefore, it’s worth noting that not all airsoft guns are suitable for gel ball shooting. Effective gel bead shooting requires a great airsoft gun designed for velocities exceeding 400 fps. It’s because the higher fps values translate to improved accuracy and range of the gun. 

So, to elevate your gel beads gaming experience, you need to find higher fps ratings airsoft guns that can grant you a competitive advantage. This airsoft gun enables you to shoot with greater precision and enhance your performance in gel ball games.

You need to know the cautions, as excessively strong airsoft guns can cause gel beads to burst upon impact, posing safety risks. Meanwhile, low-powered airsoft guns may end at accurate gel bead shooting.

Well, we recommend you own the ideal airsoft firearms that can provide you with an exhilarating experience. It offers an improved and accurate enjoyable time to you. 

What are the serious concerns related to Orbeez’s shooting by airsoft guns?

  • Orbeez shape and size
  • The power and pressure of the gun
  • Safety risks
  • Legal implications

Final Verdict

You are proficient in shooting Orbeez with your Airsoft guns, but not all airsoft guns are recommended for this purpose. It’s because the water beads may destroy your realistic and expensive airsoft guns. You can use these guns and Orbeez for fun activities but not for a longer duration. 

For a better experience, if you’re an enthusiastic player of blaster toys. You must keep your Orbeez and plastic balls separate for your Orbeez guns and airsoft guns’ security and longer lifespan.

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