Due to the increase in collateral harm, while performing the Orbeez trend, many states imposed Orbeez gun law to ensure the safety of the residents.

Orbeez guns are popular among people of all ages as a new pastime. However, these guns are harmless and do not threaten a person’s safety as long as you play with safety protocols. Since last year, the Orbeez gun challenge has been ruling over social media. 

There is a chain of hashtags and videos where people perform these challenges without safety precautions. After getting reports on the harm caused by the Orbeez gun, local authorities were moved to get serious with the Orbeez gun law

Let’s learn more about the laws imposed by local authorities for safe Orbeez play and the owning of such objects. 

Orbeez Gun Law

Orbeez Gun: Harmful or Not?

If Orbeez guns are toys for kids’ play, then is there a chance of them being harmful? The Orbeez gun resembles real-life guns that use an air pressure mechanism to shoot projectiles with speed. It uses water-absorbent colorful beads instead of pallets. 

Although these balls are soft and not harmful, according to the manufacturers, it is not 100% true. Due to high-speed shooting, these softballs can threaten sensitive parts like eyes or facial skin. 

In the recent Orbeez shooting challenge trend, people use frozen Orbeez beads to make it harder. They aim for random objects to see the impact of Orbeez beads on them. While performing these challenges, many collateral damages were reported.

Orbeez Gun Law

With the surge in the Orbeez gun challenge, many incidents happened all over the USA. Where people got hit by frozen Orbeez beads and ended up having skin injuries. In a part of Georgia, two middle school boys hit a preschooler with a wound near the eye. 

Orbeez Gun Law

Florida reported many incidents where adults and kids got publicly hit while recording these challenges. California is no different; countless cases of Orbeez gun injuries have surfaced.  

So, the law took charge to stop this not-so-fun challenge by imposing legal action against such people. Let’s look at initiatives taken in different states regarding Orbeez gun laws, their possession, and use.

In Texas

Texas has no strict law when it comes to the possession of Orbeez guns. This differs from the other states; however, you must consult with your county law authorities for specific protocols regarding possessing Orbeez guns.

In New York

New York has strict laws regarding Orbeez or any toy gun that resembles real weaponry. It is compulsory to use an orange tip fixed on a toy gun’s barrel; it helps distinguish it from the real weapon. Orbeez or any other toy gun with no orange tip is illegal, and individuals can face serious charges.

In Florida

Florida also allows the possession of an Orbeez gun with an orange tip affixed to the barrel. It helps police discover whether it is a real weapon or fake from a distance. Owning a toy gun without an orange tip is a severe law offense in Florida. 

In California

The Californian state safety law prohibits buying or selling toy guns that look exactly like real ones. Although the Orbeez gun has soft beads with no potential threat, owning it in California is legal. 

In New Jersey

New Jersey law follows the same rule as Florida and New York: possessing fake arms or orange tips is necessary. The design of Orbeez guns is close to the real weaponry; this rule ensures their identification at first look.

Expected Law Offense Charges 

Orbeez guns and the challenge are unlawful in many parts of the USA. Here are the charges which will be imposed on the individual involved.

Charge CodeExplanation
9.16.010.Prohibits the use, sale, or possession of air rifles, air pistols, or similar devices 
9.16.020.Prohibits firing or discharging air guns, spring guns, or similar devices with propel bullets, pellets, or projectiles.
11-5-3Imposes penalties for simple assault or battery, with imprisonment not exceeding one year, a fine not of one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both.
11-45-1 (a)Defines disorderly conduct as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly engaging in fighting, threatening, or violent behavior.
Expected Law Offense Charges 


What does an Orbeez gun do?

Orbeez guns also go by the name of water bead guns or gel blasters. These toy guns resemble real firearms, designed to release Orbeez beads with high air pressure.

How much money is an Orbeez gun?

There are different designs and models of Orbeez guns; a regular one costs around $20-$30. If you want a better-looking, heavy-duty Orbeez gun, the prices go up to $200.

What is the world’s strongest Orbeez gun?

In 2023, UnlocX is the most potent Orbeez gun, available as 4-in-1 gel blaster guns, Blaster Pistol V1, and Blaster Pistol V2 styles. It can blast 11 rounds per second at a high speed of 200 feet. 


Every state or county has different Orbeez gun rules; in some, it is completely banned, some allow it with orange points, and a few have no defined rules. So, it depends on where you reside and the rules enforced by law authorities. Before indulging in such activity, consult your local authorities to know the protocols.

What are your thoughts about these rules and regulations regarding Orbeez guns? Do they need strict rules?

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