Recently, the Orbeez shooting challenge has taken social media by storm: Instagram, TikTok, and everywhere. You must have observed teenagers running around with Orbeez guns, shooting and filming a video on the street or in a public place. In the modern age, once a particular activity starts trending online, everyone starts to follow it without proper knowledge.

Watching on your mobile screen gives an impression of fun and aesthetic activity, but there is more to it. This challenge seems fun-loving on screen but comes with potential hazards and legality issues that people are unaware of.

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So, stay with me till the end to know more about the trending Orbeez challenge, why it is popular, and the law enforcement stance on it.

Orbeez Shooting Challenge

What is the Orbeez Shooting Challenge?

These days, hashtag #orbeezchallenge is trending everywhere on social media, but what is it? The one performing the challenge fills their airsoft toy guns with Orbeez beads, which are gel or water beads. Some people even prefer them frozen to make beads harder. 

Then, the gun aims at some person or object, shooting Orbeez and seeing what impact it causes on a specific entity. Sometimes, the thing gets damaged, and sometimes, there is no effect, depending on the nature of that object. 

This kind of recorded video is shared on social media, forming an Orbeez gun challenge. Other people find those videos interesting and record one of their own.

What is the Orbeez Shooting Challenge?

Is the Orbeez Shooting Challenge Safe?

No matter how fun and colorful it might seem on screen, it is not something to follow mindlessly. Even though it uses a toy gun, the force with which the projectile shoots Orbeez beads makes them quite impactful while hitting the surface. 

This activity is unsafe to proceed in public places as it tends to cause significant damage. Many reports are recorded of Orbeez’s challenge of destroying people or their property. 

Orbeez Shooting Challenge and Mishaps

Since the trend started, many serious incidents have made it clear that it is not safe to practice such activity in public. 

In Florida, a ten-year-old kid and an adult got shot and bruised while a person was recording this challenge. Police identified the culprit and arrested him for child abuse and two counts of battery. Several incidents of Orbeez hits were reported all over the United States.  

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Orbeez Shooting Challenge and Mishaps

Orbeez Shooting Challenge and Law

Sensing the gravity of the matter, law, and enforcement started to retake serious action against those attempting this challenge. The challenge that started just as a prank can lead an individual to jail for the charges of assault. 

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Yes, charging a projectile toy against someone is a second-degree felony, which is an assault. If the attempt gets caught, they will end up in jail for committing such actions publicly. Police also used recorded videos to arrest the people performing those challenges with Orbeez’s gun in public.

Fox Ten Phoenix published a Police statement on the trend that states, “The guns are highly dangerous as they can shoot up to 50 miles per hour; the act is condemnable.”

Fox 13 Tampa Bay published a statement by the Polk County Sheriff: “This is not a kids’ game; this challenge has dire consequences.”

According to the statement of Issa Shahin, Dearborn Police Chief, published by Detroit Free Press, “I promise, if you do this in the city, you are going to get caught, and there will be severe consequences.”

These are just a few statements I quoted here to inform you about the matter’s seriousness. So, the Orbeez shooting challenge is not something fun or light to try; it can cause severe damage and penalties. 


What is the Orbeez shooting challenge?

In the Orbeez shooting challenge, the participants use their Orbeez-filled guns to aim at a person or some object and record the impact after hitting a video, which is then shared with their fans on social media, embarking as a trend.

What happens when you shoot an Orbeez gun?

Even though it uses gel beads or water-soaked beads, the impact of the shot is relatively high, and it can damage soft surfaces. If it comes in contact with skin or a body part, it will form blisters or injury.

Is there an Orbeez gun?

Yes, the Orbeez gun is quite similar to the actual weapon; it is a projectile toy gun that releases Orbeez beads up to 50 miles per hour, which is quite impactful and damaging.


Orbeez shooting challenge sounds fun and thrilling but has many negative sides attached. First, it is unsafe to target a person or an object using a projectile gun. It is a powerful tool that causes severe damage even with the soft balls loaded in it. Secondly, you are most likely to face charges by the police for attempting such a safety-compromising activity in public.

Orbeez guns should be used in contained and precautionary environments; share your thoughts on this challenge.